Gong Hyo Jin Incurs Controversy After She Pleads with Fan to Stop Posting Her Old Works

This seems like such a weird thing to do and I sorta get the blowback on it. K-actress Gong Hyo Jin, coming off what may be a career banner year with K-drama When the Camellia Blooms got her the KBS Drama Awards Daesang, is in the cross hairs of K-netizens this week after she posted a comment on one of her fan’s SNS account. The fan posted a video clip of her old drama Sang Doo, Let’s Go to School and Gong Hyo Jin actually responded and asked the fan to please stop posting videos of her old works. She said please twice and overall the request seems bizarre and actually counter productive to a devoted fan sharing positive things about her online. Netizens criticized Gong Hyo Jin for the request and entitled to make such a request, and whether it means down the road even her recent dramas will be old works and people shouldn’t be posting about it. Gong Hyo Jin later apologized and said she was simply shy about her earlier works being shared because of her lack of skill back then. The fan also posted that she wanted to support Gong Hyo Jin, wasn’t insulted or unhappy with the request, and was sorry this has caused negative attention on Gong Hyo Jin. Sigh, perhaps everyone stay off social media for now.


Gong Hyo Jin Incurs Controversy After She Pleads with Fan to Stop Posting Her Old Works — 18 Comments

  1. She is a public figure. She chose a profession where her looks work will be accessed and pointed out. She choose this career. If she is so ashamed of work done on her face, then she shouldnt be celebrity in first place. People respect her as an actress but this behaviour sounds entitled. Fan didnt committ anything wrong posting clips of her work. Entitled celebrities r turn off like her.

  2. I really think that celebrities should not become too overly occupied with Social Media as it cant be good for mental health. Being bombarded by all sorts of opinions and comments which are constantly needing to be taken in good and bad in is obviously too much to be handled.Stay away from it and dont become obssessed is my opinion.We have seen the consequences of its effect too much in the business recently.

  3. She should’ve played it as a joke or something and thanked the fan for staying with her after all these years. The fan was such a good sport though it might’ve hurt him/her.

    • What do you expect from an actress who demands fans use a filter before shes willing to take a picture with them. Fans are taking issue with the use of the word 제발. Which was repeated twice in her clarification post. Its a term used to denote “I’m on my knees begging you” kind of feels. So it came across pretty sarcastic and condescending. The fan actually went through over 200 hours of video to cut that tribute clip for her so yes – her attitude stinks. I like her work as an actress but I doubt I will like her very much in real life

  4. Fans should just limit to sharing photos of dramas actors were headlining.Sharing photos from really old dramas are too much.

    Worse are when fans sharing old CF or advertisement photos with products actors are no longer promoting. E.g. CF of beauty products that the actor endorsed from 10years ago but since then had stopped endorsing these products due to harmless ingredients used in the products. However some fans still posting photos from old CF. Or, an actor endorsed Coke or Pepsi 10 years ago, now has become an ambassador of good health and well being, yet fans keep posting photos or cf of these colas product.

    Whatever GHJ reasons for pleading not to post photos from old dramas, is reasonable. Just focus on the present, old dramas esp the the really old ones, won’t give her any advantages. They have past their expiry dates.

      • Nothing wrong with her original works. She was recognised as a super rookie from the get go and appraised then for being an actress with good acting chops rather than visuals. Calling a spade a spade – its the plastic surgery she has gotten since then (eyelids + nose bridge job) that she is trying not to highlight. Once you place the past productions with her current ones, its glaringly obvious. I just wish she will set those insecurities aside as till today, its her quirky yet stylish fashion sense and her acting abilities that people love her for. Never the visuals. So no big deal. If its so sensitive, pull a Park Min Young and just admit and move on. Its very laughable to say “past acting not up to par”when its so obvious her true reason for the call out. Also – she could have just dmed him. But she had to be bitchy and made sure the world knew she didn’t like it. It backfired big time on her really.

      • If you compare her features in the old photo used by Ockoala in this post and her current photos, you find no difference though, except as a whole she has gotten more mature. Gong Hyo Jin is probably the most natural amongst Korean celebs. If she had surgery, geez her doctor must be terrible one as nothing has changed to her.

        If ever she had prominent single eyelids, she must have done the surgery when she was little or before her debut. And definitely her nose bridge is still low if you look at her in her dramas, (may a look a little higher in prints as magazines are photoshopped big time).

        Though I won’t be surprised if she does botox regularly as even male actors are even doing it.

      • Her eyelid and nose job are super obvious in its ok its love where the director opt to close up on the actors faces. Like I said its no big deal. But this episode showed fans her ugly diva side. Plastic surgery or not. In korea, we are so adept to PS faces that one look we know what’s done and what’s not. Like BTS jungkook. He just did his lids but only international fans must argue it to death. Kinda annoying when PS is a weekend stint in this country.

  5. I would say, get over yourself, be thankful and understanding of your fans who adore you (as opposed to me not being able to watch her cringy, very-concious- of-herself acting). Did I say get over yourself?

    • Never liked her as an actress , she has a round tomato face and annoying. Only could like her if see her as a supporting cast. There are way better actresses than her and prettier.

  6. Too bad. I thought she’s rock’n’bold but obviously anyone who works in k-ent suffers from the same disease: their past, whatever that may be.
    A few or more surgical procedures on your faces is very common I guess. Get over it, Miss GHJ. Unless you think that no botox means better performance which is usually correct.

  7. She should be thankful that there’s a genuine fan who truly love her and work so hard to appreciate her past works. Nothing should be ashamed of. Telling her/him to stop posting your old dramas means that you didn’t appreciate your self.

  8. Talk about a storm in a teacup. The fan to whom the comment was directed wasn’t offended by it, so why is everyone else up in arms about it? Meanwhile, there are other celebrities who truly commit crimes and grievous offenses and they are not receiving one tenth the hate that she currently is. We all know that GHJ has a sassy side to her. And it’s not a crime to be a diva. She’s certainly earned the right to do so, so let’s move on, shall we?

  9. Here in the US, it’s better for the entertainers not to be on FB, Twitter or whatever they use. Way too many hateful/jealous people out there.

  10. MistyEyes. I agree with your comments. She look natural to me, i don’t see any enhancement or whatever. I like her for her honesty.

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