Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung Confirmed for Rom-com Drama Convenience Store Morning Star

This will definitely be a much discussed casting but I think it’s one of the more probably combinations considering the popularity of both. Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung are confirmed for the upcoming rom-com drama Convenience Store Morning Star, based on a webtoon and jointly financed by US channel Lifetime in its first K-drama production. Ji Chang Wook is the awkward convenience store boss with Kim Yoo Jung as the weird and odd tempered clerk. Both are coming off low rated last dramas, hers with Clean With Passion for Now and his in Melt Me Softly, so a hit would be greatly welcomed I’m sure and totally possible as long as the story and directing is good.


Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung Confirmed for Rom-com Drama Convenience Store Morning Star — 108 Comments

    • You said it! People commenting about the age gap is necessary for the webtoon haven’t even looked at the source material other wise they’d be more outrage! There’s an entire scene of him jerking off to her clevage! Wuuut! Not only that this is on some random cable channel which has no rules or prohibitions on censorship!

      • @moot You’re really pathetic and Mz Koala why are you allowing these clowns leverage to post like this? The damn webtoon will be modified and definitely toned down for the screen so what’s with all the dramatics? Gosh keep it tame for the readers here. Is that too much to ask for?

      • Who said it’ll be modified? SBS wouldn’t have kicked it off if they were planning to modify it. You must think you’re the only sensible person and everyone else is just making stuff up. Go online to see what knets are saying. There isn’t a single positive comment from them.

      • @Truth Do I look like I give a toss about Knetz and their opinion? I want to see a drama with KYJ and guess what my good fortune JCW signed up too so that’s a double whammy early Christmas pressie for me! It’s SBS and a reliable Director even better after seeing Punch, Whisper and starting The Fiery Priest I’m keen as. Soompi and K Pop commentators are genuinely positive too only exception is here on KP where all the trolls and their wart hog personas start stampeding against KYJ. Keep it up your curiosity of this drama will get the better of you.

      • No surprise about the negative comments, even if the drama will be obviously toned down for TV, it will start out with negative press and PR because of the source material. Korea’s misogynistic, male fantasy webtoons have such a bad rep online and not just in Korea. they are just terrible across the board.

      • this drama will surely be a hit. this will get more than double digit ratings. dramas shown in SBS usually get high vieweship ratings. thats why SBS is eagerly colaborating with lifetime channel.

        She has midas touch. she excels in everything that she does. she is the best actress of her generation.
        Watch out, JCW And KYJ bts in youtube will also get million views. thats how popular KJY is.

      • Trash webtoon with a sick plot. Rating will be less than 1%, and may even be double digits starts with 0 and with a decimal point in between. LOL.

    • Oh my goodness this cannot be the webtoon I’m thinking about…what were these 2 thinking?! Especially JCW with his very close proximity to a recent scandal…and KYJ…don’t even know where to start….wow even if it was a basic romance drama I would not be into their pairing but this is so much worse!

  1. I think the fans who accept this pair are even weirder than the people who cast them. I get you want to support them in whatever they do but this cast is seriously wrong and so so so bad.

    • @strawberry Yep that’s me I’m weird as so what’s your problem? Glad KYJ and JCW can ‘act’ in a ‘drama’ together aye it’s all confirmed and if you’re beef is because of the age difference then you must be living under Mt Everest. Get with the times you’re infatuated under that guise of so called dislike geez do you know what acting is?

      • I wholly support you Ginger Crunch. What’s wrong with all the big gap age haters? Are you all selectively blind? Joo Sang Wook and Kim Bo Ra has a 17 year age gap in romantic drana Touch drama airing now. He is 41 while she’s 24. Have people also forgotten that Yoon Sang-Hyun (b.1973) as second male lead in Shopaholic Louis is 22 years older than former child actress Nam Ji Hyun (b.1995)? His character was in love with Nam Ji Hyun’s Go Bok-Shil. Don’t forget too that Ha Ji Won is 13 years older than Kang Min Hyuk in Hospital Ship. So that does that make her a female paedophile, you idiots? It’s acting. I haven’t seen any of KYJ’s dramas so I am going in with a fresh pair of eyes. I will watch the drama now just to see what’s the fuss about.

    • Her sane fans already left the fandom after her last drama. The only ones left are the blind delulus who don’t want to admit that this is problematic.

  2. @Bb @Kimmy piss of seriously if that’s all you can manage. Why do you have to sexualise her like that? And I hope Koala removes your posts because you 2 are definitely 2 sandiwiches short of a fricken farm yard picnic.

  3. I like the cast. Both are legal age so its fine with me. I had issues with love in moonlight bcoz she was a kid back then.
    Anyways i want this to be hit for hoth. Especially ji chang wook. He deserves it

  4. Is she trying to build a sex kitten image for herself?? Her team obviously hates her. Every single person on naver told her to turn in down but they still went through with it.

    • @Blaze Yeah sex kitten guess that’s a compliment where I stand. KYJ is a chameleon and her character for this drama is touted as 4 dimensional so that’s got to be exciting. KJY was selected as the promotional model for AFK Arena check out her look there she’s definitely rocking the sex kitten vibe you crave for.

    • Whats wrong with sex kitten image? Kim hye soo a top actresa has that image too . She is actress and can build any image she wants. Actresses do nude scenes too if demand of script asks for it. Not big deal

  5. Thank you @adyjunjihyun you’re about the only one offering support on this post but anyway off topic have you read of any news on our gorgeous JunJiHyun and her casting in ‘Kingdom’ Season2?

    • People here have issues with age gap but i dont. Actors r of legal age n noone forced gun on their heads. And frankly A list male leads are always in 30s n 40s compared to female stars. Hence the age gap and big projects will have top most stars
      Both need a hit drama.
      Regarding jjh no. She just appears for events n cfs. She had hotel del luna offered but she refused . Sigh! Alien movie from thieves director and her agency said they are looking but not confirmed. Never heard about it again.so dont know about that she has 2 hit movies with same director who is friends with her and btw with over 12 million movie viewrs went to theatre for each movie. She is highest paid movie actress so her comeback will be epic. Now rumors r about kingdom2 and 3. But jjh has yet to confirm. I mean i would enjoy my life too when i earn over million dollars per cf and shoot 15 to 20 cfs even on hiatus. I hope she doesnt becomes another lee young ae who didnt do drama for 12 years bcoz she also had lot of cf money. Thats lot of money lol. But i wish she makes comeback fast

      • Oh thank you @adyjijunhyun for the update because I read way back she filmed the last episode for Kingdom 2 but that was it. Nothing else but because she’s one of my all time favourites any news is good news.

  6. To all the KYJ anti fans who use this forum to drop your anti KYJ sentiment

    Yeah too true I’m a KYJ ‘delulu’ too except the difference is I know what I like and KJY is definitely an actress with clout and a helluva lot of talent pity the majority of you posting your so called opinion borderline dislike here are so obvious you’re anti fans from Year dot either that or terribly insecure. If you don’t like her personally or her acting fair enough but your reasons are shamefully shallow and it’s obvious so be honest and say why instead of taking pitiful potshots because I’m gonna keep calling you out. Oh and another thing if you’re constantly changing your username don’t you get bored writing the same muck under a different alias?

    • @JCW111
      yes. because KJY is a very popular young actress. she has a large fan base. Expect that the viewership rating for this drama with JCW is more than double digits. Regardless of the plot, story line, her popularity alone can make this drama successful.

      • More than double digits? You sure know how to exaggerate. Do you know what rating KYJ got in her last drama Clean with Passion?

      • Ji Chang wook badly needs Kim Yoo Jung to recover from MMS poor ratings. He needs somebody like her, who is very good at acting. at 20, Kim Yoo Jung’s acting is at par or even better with the seasoned Korean actresses. Lucky JCW, he will have a chance to work with KYJ in this project. their chemistty would be exceptional, because KYJ is the chemistry queen

  7. I still don’t get how so cheap comments people think about her.
    This shows how your thinking is ,you people.
    Such disgusting comments !!!

  8. I wish they cast lee beom soo or cha seung won as the main lead. Can you just imagine the CHEMISTRY? Its just ACTING but I would really look foward to the kissing scenes and make believe that they are in an equal loving relationship even though he could play her dad but is instead playing her BOSS. Im soooo loking forward to the scene where he first meets her in her SCHOOL UNIFORM (i.e a dress code for CHILDREN) and forms a crush on her- AWWW im just squealing at the hotness and romance of the almost but not pedophelia ness of it all! I just love age gap ROMANCES the bigger the gap the better. This drama is going to be another mega hit like my first best drama GOBLIN where my ultimate fantasy of being a highschool girl and shagging a ajhusshi was realised. Drama gods can we have a middle school girl age romance with an older man next time? PLEASE! as you cant you see society is so liberal and accepting of people with paraphelias now.

    • @Fan Go watch Eungyo that will fulfil your predilections for older man – younger girl relationships. The story goes a 70year old male poet falls for a high school student girl. It’s 129 minutes long but it might stretch your imagination and go past your bedtime. And it’s paedophilia not paraphelias aye? You know what an adult is though and what legal age is I hope because that whole trying to be funny post wasn’t even. Try again please because that was simply put idiotic.

      • this drama will surely be a hit. this will get more than double digit ratings. dramas shown in SBS usually get high vieweship ratings. thats why SBS is eagerly colaborating with lifetime channel.

        She has midas touch. she excels in everything that she does. she is the best actress of her generation.
        Watch out, JCW And KYJ bts in youtube will also get million views. thats how popular KJY is.

  9. Visually she looks 12 and he looks 35 plus his wannabe smoking scandal and being notorious for hooking up with all his female co-stars. Nope no danger of predators here.

    • @CCD -You’re dreaming. Jealous much? Visually she looks stunning definitely older then 18 years he looks late 20’s. Nope I can’t see a problem with their pairing. Next.

    • @CCD -You’re dreaming. Jealous much? Visually she looks stunning definitely older then 18 years he looks late 20’s. Nope I can’t see a problem with their pairing. Next.

      • @CC Yes I love and follow KYJ however don’t mind the expressing of opinions here just when the recurring posts start to get vulgar and make crass insinuations that I’ll start replying back because it’s upsetting to a lot of KYJ fans not to mention unhealthy to read denigrating the posts for example the idiots above who wrote about her chest. I’ll leave it at that.

  10. She and her sister Kim did not take it slow when they transition to leady lady roles. Now, people are bothered because a lot of older men have already tasted their young sweet lips, and we can’t deny that these men once got a boner when they did those kissing scenes with these ladies. So, disgusting. Why is Korean entertainment is so fascinated for this kind of pairing

  11. Whoa, the crazy comments on this article
    I like both leads. Never heard of the web toon so don’t know the source material.

    If Lifetime is backing it, pretty sure it will be rated General audience romcom.
    Korea still watch TV as a family. I am pretty sure the actresses family would not let her take on this drama if it went sleazy, not all actresses want that route, especially since she is already well known.

  12. Personally, I’m uncomfortable with this pairing even though I know nothing about the source material. I don’t know why KYJ keeps getting paired with actors miles older than her. Yes, I understand they are just ‘acting’. But there will still be plenty of skinship it’s not like it’s a thriller or even a saguek with limited kissing and hugging scenes! Maybe to my mind I still perceive her as a teenager, instead of a woman in her early 20s? In that case, it’s mission accomplished for her, because this move will make more people see her as an adult as she sheds her childhood image. I still wish she was paired with an actor closer to her age.

    • We keep using just acting to justify obvious power imbalances not just for age but also for gender. Normalizing this kind of attitude is extremely problematic and I’m so tired of this just acting argument. It does not make anything ok. She is just 20 not 25 just 20 means her brain isn’t even fully developed yet.

  13. I like both artist individually but not yet as a lead pair. i tried to read articles/forum regarding the webtoon so i guess i’ll pass this one. not my cup of tea especially for two artist i actually like.

  14. JCW turning down LUCA and take this one? lazy guy. And KYJ? There’s a reason why people, even her fans, dont want her to take this drama.

  15. Yikes. An adaptation of this shitty webtoon is what these two chose after their failed dramas? Should have just waited for a better offer, especially JCW who just finished MMS and doesn’t have the best of public images right now. As for KYJ, girl truly deserves better. I find her the best acting-wise among the three Kim former child actresses, but her drama choices recently are questionable and really put a halt on her rise in popularity after Moonlight. It’s unfortunate.

  16. I like both actors. I understand why JCW doesn’t want a SF drama after Melting Me that was a disaster… I don’t know the webtoon. But I don’t have issue with the pairing. They both have a great chemistry with their costars.

    People should stop seing KYJ as a teenager, she’s not anymore. She’s a young adult free to do what she wants.

    • I bet everyone blindly rooting for this drama based on who the actor and actress casted NEVER EVEN read a single paragraph from the source material.

      Perhaps do so first before crucifying everyone else for their disbelief and cringed out opinions. Its an r- rated webtoon more infamous for its content than famous. Rant all you want, its ONLY korean viewers that matter end of the day. Power of their nielson boxes. This is a bad choice for them both… yet again. If you call yourself fans than you should recognise artistes can make bad decisions too and these two especially cannot afford another flop back to back. Especially JCW than KYJ. The leading man space is already tightening with the return of kang haneul, kim soo hyun, Lee Min Ho, and a slew others returning soon like Park Hyung Sik while contesting younger leading men who all completed army like park seo joon, jung hae-in, yoo seung ho etc. In Korea hes more in category of choi daniel, choi jin hyuk etc. That means top roles don’t go to him. Another flop will push him further down. Im not sure how playing a sleazeball and opposite an actress who looks more 17 than her real age is gonna help his portfolio or rather a webtoon os such infamy will bring in excitement. In fact these days his f*** it attitude is not helping to raise his image rather he is giving fans a bizarre case of identification crisis. I though LUCA was a terrible fit but this is much worse. P.s – Not sure why but since casting news of Kim Rae Won vs Lee Dahae for LUCA was announced, I am feeling renewed excitement for the show rather than blah when I read the premise. Tells you that casting really makes or breaks a show and 2nd most important factor outside of a killer script

      • You are cruficing two actors for a drama that doesn’t exist for now… Ratings mean nothing in quality. Be Melodramatic was one of the best Kdrama of 2019 and its ratings were very low.

        JCW is a model for Calvin Klein, I don’t think he has to care about other actors.

        It’s an adaptation on a public channel, there will have change in the story, it was already said. The PD had one big succes in 2019, so I can understand that the actors want to act with him.

  17. I love Yoo Jung and i want to see her amazing acting but she picks strange projects & costars lately after MTES. It sounds like Clean with passion 2 with another old dude. Whenever KYJ and Kyung Sang kissed, i felt just wrong & felt like she is dying inside to finish shooting.

  18. Can they cast them together as a pair in a different project? I don’t worry about age but I don’t like the webtoon source. It’s not good unless they revamp the entire story. They might as well write an original story.

    I love you ji chang wook but please choose a different drama after the past several projects were less than good. I love you Kim Yoo Jung but I don’t want to see Cleaning with passion the sequel, choose a different genre please. Like a straight up melodrama or romance. No more rom com dramas for a spell.

  19. I think that both of them choosed to act in this webtoon drama because of the director.
    Just to remind you all that we live in 2020… smoking scandal , age gape, … WTF . PLease stop living in the past !!

  20. All the negative commenters here. Talk only after you have have watched the whole drama. Right now, it’s all conjectures and speculations. Do you honestly think SBS will air a soft porn type drama? Get real. This is just the same negative talk when Crash Landing On You’s main plot and setting were announced. Lots of people ridiculing the NK setting & paragliding accident, how are the PD and writer going to pull it off? Silly premise, blah, blah. Even Ms Koala has her reservations but CLOY is doing incredibly well now despite 2 breaks in airing. Let’s not pass judgements until after the drama airs. Then you can criticise all you want, fair enough.

    • The comparisons are not logical because crash is an original script. This drama will be adapted from a webtoon source, so it will still follow the storyline for the most part even though it eliminate most of the adult scenes if not all of them. The story of the webtoon already isn’t good unless they completely rewrite it which they should.

  21. To all the Ji Chang Wook doubters and haters, he has become the FIRST Korean actor to be chosen as a global model for fashion brand CK Calvin Klein. According to the soompi article, they chose Ji Chang Wook because he fits their young and modern brand image. Even though his last drama flopped, he still has enough star power and popularity for international fashion houses like CK to pick him for endorsements. Given his image has taken a hit with the associated Burning Sun scandal, it seems he can still garner attention to do CFs. Interesting that CK didn’t pick other 1987/88 babies like Lee Min Ho, Seo In Guk, Choi Si Won, Jung Il Woo, Lee Seung-Gi, Kim Soo Hyun, Jung Hae In, Park Seo Joon.

    • I don’t think anyone is hating on him at least I don’t think so. They’re just worried about his career.

      I only worry about him not having opportunities to receive good acting projects because of past choices in projects. I don’t care what ads or cfs he receives.

      • I actually feel for JCW’s mum as she is a single mum with an only child. If he makes poor choices in dramas and not being offered good projects, at least he can support himself and his mum with money from ads and CFs. Sigh, I guess it’s the motherly protective instinct in me that want the best for JCW and empathy for a solo mum.

      • I didn’t know that about his past. That is tough. I’m sure he already has a lot of money in the bank. If he gets good acting projects, it will surely increase his payments for cfs. So I hope he receives better acting projects in the future because honestly I have little to no hope on this project except that I love the pd last project fiery priest. So I hope he can bring his A game in this show as well.

      • the fiery pd is really good, the drama has this rhytim that make you love it.

        directing really change everything, iirc Love in the moonlight has a simple story but what makes people fall is the directing choices and how it makes people feels the drama even if they all know where he story is going to go.

      • i agree. no one is hating him. i m a JCW fan thats why im here. i just would like him to choose good drama. we just dont want him to see his career go down hill. we would like to see JCW as a seasoned good actor not just a popular celebrity.

    • Lee min ho sjk ksh jas earned alresdy so many millions from their pan asia cfs. They dont need calvin for koney. Plus happy for jcw but dont drag others

      • @adyjunjihyun, sorry I mention your oppa LMH. It was wrong of me to mention others though I am not putting them down. Just genuinely curious about the selection process, not downplaying others. Thousand apologies. Calvin Klein is famous around the English speaking world. Imagine a Calvin Klein billboard ad of Wookie in Times Square, New York or Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood would trigger millions of potential female fans curious about this good looking Korean actor and then they would search for his dramas in Netflix. Ka-ching, hit the jackpot. So happy for him.

      • BTW, I also truly, totally adore all the 87/88 babies that I have mentioned. I am a very greedy ajumma, hehe. Otherwise I would not have mentioned them.

    • No one is hating on him. Actaully, im his fan. I watched Healer, SP,and MMS. I really liked the 1st two, healer and SP but not MMS. As a fan of JCW, I would really like to see him in quality drama
      i would like to see him act for a long time.
      sorry but i dont have a good feeling about this drama. will be this another failure for JCW project rating wise? if this drama Flops the effect orvthe damage would be more on JCW than her partner. JCW and his mangement? what are you thinking? to glorious- work to get good projects for JCW.

  22. First I have no problem with age gaps because I totally enjoy Search WWW with big age gaps in real life with two of the main couples and age was not even brought up as an issue with the initial casting and their actings were daebak. I am now enjoying Touch, they are such a decent couple without much lovelines yet but it is evolving nicely especially when JSW is soooo handsome and KBR is a good compliment to his character flaws. However for this drama, my main problem is the script. This webtoon is R-rated, plot sucks and is very disgusting. For those in support of the casting, you should worry about the storyline and the writer first. Both leads have had poor scripts just recently, do you want history to repeat? Good Luck.

  23. Quick, cancel the drama! People have read the scripts of all the episodes already. PD also told them personally how he is going to shoot all the scenes. Lifetime channel will drop their financing coz they believe commenters have expert advice. Don’t want their first project to lose revenue. Next, JCW and KYJ’s managers should be fired and their agencies dumped for allowing them to pick a career suicide drama. Lastly, the drama will be cancelled altogether because of the negative publicity and indecent webtoon content. Cannot shoot this kind of drama, too salty for the eyes. Die.

  24. I think many people don’t like KYJ and JCW then everyone seems like gather here.
    Personally I am tired to projecting what I thought the drama could be because until it’s here, we don’t really know where it headed.

    Look at hyde jekyll and me vs Crash Landing into you, both by hyun bin and how the initial response vs how the drama actually accepted when it aired.

    For the age gap, they chose it themselves, she is old enough to understand it. WWW has early 20s guy with early 30’s girl and no one said a thing.

    I hope the drama is good drama, better drama always make a better year.
    If the webtoon isn’t a good drama, I hope the drama make it better.

    Also, isn’t Kim Soo Hyun does ghost drama wih taecyon when she is underage and now, I see people reccomend the drama.

    It feels a little bit weird that KYJ who is 21 scrutinized for her choices at work.

    About the r-rated webtoon, idk china has been doing the BL into not-seemingly BL yet keep getting the popularity. It’s all about the story, not the r-rated scene. We aren’t talking about HBO here.

  25. I know comparisons aren’t good but I’m just going to say it. Kim Sohyun’s management have done a better job with her career. She’s starred in good dramas with Male leads who are in her age group (or at least not giving off weird vibes). I dont know what’s happening on town KYJ, you’d think with the reaction people had for ‘Clean ‘ her agency would be more careful with her next casting, but no, they pair her up AGAIN with another 30 something. Honestly the age doesn’t bother me, but I really just want to see my baby girl in a nice youthful romance. Shes super young and should be milking that. Shes my favourite between the girls and I just want to enjoy her work.

    • Clean was supposed to be with Ahn hyeo seob who is younger and look more younger but the male lead changes, how can people just say this without considering the circumstances of the drama.

  26. People need to move past the fact that KYJ is no longer a child. She’s an adult who is capable of making her own choices. Since when was there a drama that was adapted from a web toon where everything was EXACTLY the same? The answer is never. Things will be changed because that’s how it’s always been. Stop blowing shit out of proportion. Smfh.

    • Clean with Passion is a nice piece of shit blown out of proportion with an Uncle as male lead. This webtoon is already a R-rated shit and will be more shitty if the writer likes porn. Of coz KYJ as an adult can certainly do R-rated script. The more the merrier.

  27. I don’t know how I feel about this yet. Will wait for the first 3 episodes to come out, let’s see…. I do hope though that the role is suitable for

  28. This is great. Finally something to forward to instead of all the disgusting, unnatural, noona dramas kdrama is making at the moment!

  29. OMGoodness!!! Filthy words, foul languages in some comments, they looked like comments from a troll user using different names. Hey Troll user, your comments are not going to hurt anyone, they are just an awful representations of yourself/”selves”(do not forget to take your medications). Find yourself another host, Kim Yoo Jung is here to stay and she is going to excel in her profession through good or bad. But you, disgusting troll(s), you shall be forever living in the dark, being pathetic behind your keyboard and be wasted away. All these jealously and bitterness soon consume your heart and your brain. KIM YOO JUNG is bright, beautiful, fresh, talented and humble, yet she could be sexy and sassy if she wanted to.

  30. The writer of the original webtoon has wrote on Instagram saying that the drama will have lots of changes and won’t be close to the webtoon, so people can give it a rest and wait for the drama to come out.

    Imo, Ji Chang-wook is visually better than Yoon Kyun-sang despite being the same age. So I am really worried about the visual compatability of this pairing. I too feel that Kim Yoojung should pick a different role, but perhaps she wants a do-over considering how bad Clean with Passion For Now was. I look forward to this.

  31. Why??? When is my girl Kim Yoo Jung going to get a drama worthy of her talents? Source material is crap, and once again she’s paired with an old man instead of someone near her own age-ugh! I really wish she had stayed way from this project. She so talented, why must she continually go for mediocre? Why isn’t she receiving the better scripts?

      • JCW is OLD as compared to a 20 year old no matter how you look at it. Do not be delusional like all the other Oppa worshippers.

  32. PD shoud stop pairing such big-age-gap stars in ! Some are even like uncle – niece more than just siblings to do flirting ?
    Like they’re trying to fool viewers!! Such things should stop disgusting the world!!!

  33. How can a baby-faced JCW be an ahjussi? Wow, the hater trolls are coming here big time since it’s Friday night. Children, just cool it. The definition of Ahjussi is a middle-aged man or married man which is close to your parents’ generation. If all the Korean actors over age 32 are ahjussi then so many ajummas like me would be so happy we get to marry them, lol.

    • @Kimchi Ajumma Hello sis, I gave up back at post 40 but somehow this particular discussion thread is ongoing and reading the comments is whoa!

      The age gap and webtoon content for the drama has certainly ignited the responses and fair enough it’s an opinion and welcomed but it’s far fetched to call JCW ‘old’ at 32 years old – geez for gosh sakes I’m half a century I Best be a relic or ancestor at that rate or the PD has ‘paedophile’ tendencies that’s why after The Fiery Priest he wants to oversee this drama to fulfil his fanasty – KYJ is an adult 20 years old and not a child so I did a quick screen grab as a courtesy for the lil munchkins above to show them the definition of a child is.

      ‘Legally, the term child may refer to anyone below the age of majority or some other age limit. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child defines child as “a human being below the age of 18 years unless under the law applicable to the child, majority is attained earlier”.
      https://en.m.wikipedia.org › wiki
      Child – Wikipedia

      Anyone remember’My Mister’ back in 2018 with IU and Lee Sun Kyun the age difference there was 18 years between the leads and the outrage when that was announced I’m surprised there wasn’t a petition to the Blue House over that casting. But then again it ended up being a masterpiece and well received.

      Furthermore The webtoon author ‘apologised’ via IG to try and dispel fears and to say he was not involved in the script and that the drama would be modified for the screen and you know 40 million subscribers that read his webtoon must be all perverted and amoral because they enjoy this explicit R rated content and oh the horror it’s going to be adapted for the screen now with a old man and child. Gosh that’s hilarious a creative apologising for their work? Then again South Korea is the land of the never ending apologists.

      JCW and KYJ accepted and confirmed if you’re distraught then I’m sorry (see even now I’m apologising as a fan of the cast and drama) K dramaland bigwigs have spoken I can’t offer a solution to your angst except to say please keep posting so that we can get this to a 100 and over like @ Get to 100 said.

      Thank you for your input and contribution.

      • Kia ora sis. Well said Ginger Crunch. All those who protest and cry about this casting, proceed to your safe room and get counselling. Don’t come out till the drama finishes or else you will get triggered unnecessarily by the press cons, promotions and stills of posters being dropped. Stock up enough food and water too for the duration.

  34. Not sure how this post has so much comments. Either both of them actually very popular or haters just here. I am here so the comment can reach 100

  35. Still not at 100 yet so I might as well join in the fun. It’s fun to read the comments here. I don’t see many hate comments, just many uncertainties and worries because both leads recently have flopped. Let’s see how the rating is for this one. It can’t be less than 1%…

    • @jenny. you are mistaken. these two did not have flopped dramas. they are hoth very popular actors in korea so their drama usualy receive high viewership ratings. they have large Fan bases. if have seen their respective IGs, each has ton of followers. Expect this drama to get double digits rating.

  36. let’s eat popcorn..nyum nyum. i heard it will be airing in sbs fri sat drama. her fans for sure will dance in joy now since after all, this sbs slot frequently has a higher rating.

  37. @JCW111
    yes. because KJY is a very popular young actress. she has a large fan base. Expect that the viewership rating for this drama with JCW is more than double digits. Regardless of the plot, story line, her popularity alone can make this drama successful.

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