Kim Soo Hyun Confirmed for I’m a Psycho But It’s Okay and Reportedly Paid Per Episode Highest in K-drama History

I didn’t even know Hallyu top star K-actor Kim Soo Hyun wasn’t fully confirmed yet for this drama but good to know with the news this week that now he is. His first K-drama in 4 years and his first comeback acting project since military enlistment will be tvN drama I’m a Psycho But It’s Okay. He plays a mental hospital nurse who has been taking care of his autistic older brother since their parents died when both boys were young. He doesn’t have grand dreams or thinks his life will get better, he just wants to use his meager salary to let his brother be fed and sleep well each day. The story is about this man who rejects love because of his tough family burden and the romance with a fairy tale writer who doesn’t understand love because of her emotional stunted growth. K-ent is also reporting that Kim Soo Hyun’s per episode salary is the highest in K-drama production history so that’s quite a deal landing him. The leading lady is reportedly Seo Ye Ji and the drama is from the PD of Encounter (Boyfriend) and Incarnation of Jealousy with the writer of Jugglers.


Kim Soo Hyun Confirmed for I’m a Psycho But It’s Okay and Reportedly Paid Per Episode Highest in K-drama History — 50 Comments

  1. Bae yong joon was paid 250k usd per episode of legend. Even lee byung hun was paid 130k used per epi for mr sunshine considering he is one of biggest stars for 3 decades, a top movie superstar and great drama record. . Ksh might earn around that but i see no one touching bae yong joon all time record. 250k usd per episodes. n frankly real income in endorsements n events. A drama needs to be hit for constant flow of cfs

    • ksh real eyes r those cf deals and this drama needs to work big time. He had already had 50 plus endorsements back in 2013 to 2015 so its not like he is hurting for cash lol.. Plus yeah if lee jung suk with average rating earned over 100k , ksh will never be paid less than him anyways. 150k usd might be payment per episode which is great for k drama. But a star like ksh can earn 1 milion usd per cf . that is what he and his agency must be looking for.

    • Didn’t that director end up going bankrupt and committed suicide? Still 200-250 mil per episode is unreasonable because the staff and crew do majority of the work and don’t even get 1/10th of that.

      • oh that is terrible… i saw the ratings and they were 30%, so i thought it was blockbuster. And was sold out overseas bcoz of bae yong joon who was hallyu king back then. Anyways i was just correcting that ksh hasnt beaten the record

      • If it is the PD I’m thinking of it was due to financial difficulties incurred in the production of Faith.

  2. i Read allkpop article. There are reporting 200 million won ( 167000 us dollars ) salary. Which is second highest of all time . I cant believe even till to this day bae yong joon legend record is untouched. 250k usd. And i didnt even account inflation for that. Noone had broken that record even after 13 years. Anyways still second biggest paycheck is huge. That is nearly 2.7 million usd for 16 episodes. If it is a hit, he can earn that much with 3 endorsement deal alone lol. such a king, I hope drama become massive hit

    • It’s not concentrated on romance, so I worry if it will achieve a Pan Asia success. Nevertheless, it’s a sure domestic hit like the Producers.

    • @kim sy korean endorsements can pay well over 1 million dollar to top stars. And at one point he endorsed over 20 korean products. so he will be fine with korean success

      • @adyjunjihyun, well, how i wish he will not settle in domestic success coz everything is gauged on a global scale of success. That’s why a lot of international celebrities are on Netflix nowadays because it’s a global television. So, if LMH’s KES drama happens to be an international hit, KSH will be at mercy for being a second fiddle hallyu king.

        Anyways, it’s not yet happening. Let’s see what the future holds. KSH, fighting!!!

      • @kim sy lee min ho n ksh co existed back then in 2013 craze though lmh was already a big name for 4 years. So they can co exist but yeah lmh drama is bigger draw internationally right now. I dont like the pd of ksh tbh.

    • Same thoughts. It seems like a drama which will achieve domestic success only, not a Pan Asia success, which is however, be likely seen in LMH’s KES drama.

  3. Gosh! Now can Seo Ye Ji just accept or decline and put those of us waiting for her answer to get on with life. How hard is it? Just say yes or no? Either that
    or the investors want a bigger name instead as FL hence the delay. Arghhh MOA anyone when PSH was cast she was wasted playing second fiddle repeatedly crying and chasing HB. Now do you really want a repeat of that fiasco? KSH is the mega star in this drama production and this is his story so let’s attune our focus on his character’s journey since he’s getting paid bucket loads for it.

    Now I’m wondering how the script is going cuz that’s where the attention should be at. Crew and cast won’t be the issue it will be some half arsed drama script of 16 episodes that is my major concern. Actors are only good as the words on the page. The screen writer Jo Yong has to bring it since her only credit is Jugglers. I’ve got a migraine now and I’m going to watch Jugglers to form my own opinion.

    This is a roller coaster of epic unknowns just for one drama and as a fan of both actors who I adore massively I don’t think I can last to the first ep screening with all this damn uncertainty it’s gonna drive me psycho instead ?

    PS: I’m ecstatic yet ambivalent about KSH and SYJ being cast together kinda like waiting for exam results the nervousness yet excitement that consumes you but kinda hoping like hell its good news.

    • if female lead is a side show and flower pot, no top actress like shk or jjh or 90s gen kim tae ri will accept it. But starring in it can be great for seo ye ji. Well they have signed same agency so agency might want them in same show

  4. 200m/ep is too much. Seeing this article trending in naver for 2 days, and knetz absolutely not liking it. The PD and the writer is just average, not in KES or shin wonho level. I dont understand why he set his price that high. Because hallyu is pretty dead rn, he has big popularity in china but china wont buy anything from sk anymore. He is even not hallyu king, we know its LMH and SHK, and he got pay more than them.
    And eventho he is a good actor, he absolutely not in LBH’s level. He never carry his own drama.
    Thanks god he is not my bias anymore, if he still my bias I’ll worry about his future. The competition between kdrama is pretty big in 2020. Now we get cloy and later KES’s drama, then there’s LBH. Just hope this drama wont end up like REAL. Knetz is so ready to attack him.

    • He doesnt carry his dramas? Sorry what? He is much bigger star than ur pbg n better record. His record includes 4 blockbuster dramas last decade. What r u even talking about. Even without china k drama he can earn a lot outside china. For eg legend of blue sea recovered its budget from overseas sales even without china. N ksh can see it like lmh.
      But problem is if script is bad and ratings dont deliver, it can backfire him

      • Sorry, Why you bring PBG in here? Do you think I care?
        Which part of my comment you don’t understand. He never carry his own drama: There’s 4 main leads in dream high, kid’s actors take care of TMETS, MLFTS is JJH drama, and there’s 4 main leads in the producers. He absolutely not on LBH’s level.
        LOBS is 2016 drama, hallyu still big that time. And thats LMH and JJH in one drama. KSH is pretty alone in here.
        The last drama who get sold in every countries is Encounter. And even after that, they still give ‘everything’ to Japan.

      • @ Tiani Oh yes KHS certainly carries his dramas because he is the other main half LEAD actor in TMETS and MLFAS. You can’t surely be denying his existence? That’s like saying Encounter is just SKH drama alone and PBG was insignificant or Secret Garden was Ha Ji Won’s drama and HB was second fiddle to her. KSH is worth his weight and for whatever reason alone he must have a lot of investors confidence who are willing to pay top dollar for his return but it’s a huge risk and I’m certainly nervous but hey regardless I’ll still be supporting him whatever way the drama goes good or bad. It won’t stop me from being a fan. That’s just me though. Same applies to PBG , SJK, JCW, LMH etc..I’ve enjoyed their works to date and will continue to do so.

      • lmao my love from the star was both his n jjh equal contribution. Producers was sold on his name. Iu hadnt carried a sibgle drama back then. encounter was sold on song hye kyo name then not park bog um. I m bringing pbg bcoz when u call him big star n deny ksh success, thenh it is called hypocrisy. Ksh drama record is breath taking and reason producers r paying hum that much. Industry knows better than u. yes he is not lee byung hun . But park bo gun is neither ksh n lee min ho when both have given bigger dramas than him. Pbg competition is lee un suk kim woo bin types. Not actual megastars like kim soo hyun lee minho. dream high suzy iu never were on his level anyways. It was ksh who made biggest impact. Moon embarcing the sun was sold on his name. Han ga in was just a cf star.
        kim soo hyun carries his drama. Dont be a hypocrite n define ur criteria as some sort of fact. Pd agress with me not u who r paying him that much bcoz they think he is worth it

      • @tiani encounter was sold on song hye kyo name. Who became big star in 2000 compared to pbg in 2015. He needed senior actress ike shk to sell it. And secondly investors think he is worth to pay more than pbg or his female leads. Then their opinion matters who r investing in it. Imagi ne crediting suzy n iu for dream high success, and same for mets when han ga in drama record isnt even close. Only jjh was on same level of ksh n it was equal contribution.
        He carried his drama. same with lmh whereas pbg need actress like shk! Go on

      • omg imaging crediting kids for moon embracing the sun? even kids will laugh at u. same here he had blockbuster movie. did kids carry it lmao? It is known as KIM SOO HYUN drama not kids. Atleast be rational. Lol discrediting ksh impact and success. Fact remains 2010s was his decade as top drama actor. Keep making excuses. Pds disagree with u!!!

      • @ginger crunch I’m not discredit him from all his drama, the fact he never carry his drama alone. There’s always other big stars in the same drama with him. And yes thats my point, Its doesnt matter what int fans think, Knetz not think that he is worth the cost. His article trending for 2 days with total up votes 10k. everyone knew. If this drama flop or just get average rating, they will attack him. Just hope the best of him.

      • @ady you are PBG hater, I’m too lazy replying your comment. I’m not interested with hater. Don’t need act like you are holy or something I saw you talking bad about KSH before. you’re just a troll.

      • @tiani, from what I can see from the naver article, the comments are not dissing him or saying he’s not worth it, but worried that the production crew is not fairly compensated. In fact, top comment with over 11k upvotes acknowledges he is a good actor.

        These comments show up anytime a top celebrity’s salary is reported, including LBH, who you consider on a different level.

        If the drama doesn’t do well then he won’t be getting the same pay check next time, simple as that. Stop worrying about actors you don’t care for.

    • Actors don’t set their rates nor does being on a poll on what is representative of Korea to foreigners. I bet kimchi is on that list, but that doesn’t mean kimchi is going to reach top dollars at the market.

      TvN and investors are not charity, if he is not worth that much, there is no way they are cutting that cheque.

      • @hi bye thanks for saying this. No way pd will pay him if he wasnt worth it. If he is getting 170k usd per episode, bcoz producers n share holders wanna pay it. They are not doing a charity. And miss tiani trying to discredit his 4 dramas and then got nerve to say pbg carries his drama.. Then reply was sold on whole cast. Love in moonlight was sold on story and then encounter has song hye kyo who is bigger star than pbg . she hit it big in 2000 whereas pbg in 2015. so pbg banks on female lead like song hye kyo

  5. He’s the most paid actor in korea. All his dramas were successful. He got more $$ than hyunbin since years ago. Gosh… why so serious? It’s not like he doesn’t deserve it.

    I will always support him. Well done baby, well done. Stay calm and do your best.

    • Around 100-120mil i would think. Cos MOA was a dud considering the per episode cost. Then again its a netflix production so maybe more

    • If lee jung suk with 10% dramas got over 100k usd. No way ksh , lmh and hb, gong ypo will get paid less than lee jung suk n park bo gum with better drama record. These 2 are not on same level n get paid over 100 k. When drama will air, we will get his salary idea. Also lmh is known to get profit from overseas sales like ksh. Bcoz their names sells dramas to many countries.
      Anyways to work with kim eun sook writer, top actors can take salary cut too because it will be wise move career wise in long term anyways. Bcoz if king becomes massive which it most probably will, he can go on stop fiming any drama or mobie for another 4 or 5 years and live on endorsements alone. Lol

      • @adyjunjihyun Do you have any problem with LJS? What’s wrong with you? The guy is peacefully serving his military duty. Why are you putting him down? He is doing okay and will do well in his career. He can carry his own drama well without media play and starpower of co-stars. He has a huge fanbase in both SK and overseas. Take a look at his Instagram followers.
        Why are you hating him that much? Just peace!

      • Its not hating. it is his fact. its dramas rating are not on level of park bo gum let alone kim soo hyun and lee min ho. If he gets paid 100k per epi, no way these 2 will get paid less than him

      • @karall, I don’t see how adijunjihyun is putting down LJS. It’s true that his dramas are never huge hits like the others. He has a big Ig following but those followers mostly don’t contribute to his drama ratings so naturally his commercial value isn’t going to be as high.

  6. I feel bad for all the rising stars and rookies who don’t even get a fraction of this and are unable to breakout into big budget productions because these people won’t give up their seats. Younger stars in their 20s except for PBG must be getting so little. Yet idol actors like Suzy and IU get paid 70+ million just because they have their idol fans who will buy everything they sell.

    • So u want these actors who started from nothing and has reached this place to gift away the chances? These actors ( not idols ) has earned it. Lee min ho kim soo hyun song joong ki all started with small budget dramas and then gave hits and earned the pay checks as well as big dramas and best producers and directors. rookies have to prove with small dramas first. lee minho, kim soo hyun , song joong ki didnt get things on platter. They started with side kicks and small dramas. If rookies of 90s gen are not on their level, how it is their fault? Big budget producers are not going to gift drama to unknown actor. Whereas regarding idol actresses and actors, i agree, especially suzy who is faiing to give hit drama . Pay check will reduce but iu is giving hit.. But dont berate the 3 guys i mentioned. They have earned those dramas. If rookies want kim eun sook drama, they need to have their boys over flowers or innocent man or dream high first. And they have failed to do so. Whereas these guy have earned it. Period! Feel bad for rookies but talk that to share holders. They are not doing charity and if audience dont watch them, then u cant help it

    • Also add park seo joon. Played side roles n made his way to top. Itaewon class is doing great and a big movie lined up. Cf king. He earned it slowly

    • @Nabi – do not put Suzy and IU in the same category. Suzy is out. IU deserves everything she earns. Stick with the topic with actors only please.

      • This! Some commenters on this blog have such a hate boner for IU.. did she piss in their soup or something? Girl steadily worked hard for what she has now, participating in critically-acclaimed My Ahjussi and now has a commercially-successful drama in Hotel Del Luna. Despite the criticisms she received early on her acting career, she truly turned things around. Unlike some other idol actresses/actors, IU has receipts to back up her current popularity and high income, don’t get me started on her tremendous success as a singer in her home country.

    • Funny how they reacted this article few months back.. not realizing it will be a smash hit overseas now… The power of KSH not only in SK but now the rest of the world love him even now because of this drama through Netflix..

    • Right.. I believe you it’s a smash hit beating their cloy and lmh and the rest of the rivals.. did they predict the future seeing how this drama is doing now overseas??????

  7. Funny how they reacted this article few months back.. not realizing it will be a smash hit overseas now… The power of KSH not only in SK but now the rest of the world love him even now because of this drama through Netflix..

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