Crash Landing on You Episode 14 Hits 17.705% Ratings, 4th Highest tvN Drama of All Time

There are two more episodes left so it’s only a question of how high the ratings could possibly get next week. This week’s episode 14 of Crash Landing on You hit 17.705% after episode 13 dipped slighting from last week’s high. Clearly viewers are addicted and tuned in live to watch which is what a good show can still do, bring in people who don’t really watch dramas regularly anymore but will watch something worth checking on. Episode 14 obviously didn’t off female lead Se Ri but did get Jung Hyuk and his squad plenty of heartache. It did out her snake second brother and wife so good riddance to them but the North Korean crazy is still out there and gunning for Jung Hyuk like a scorned wife. I was actually more interested in the North Korean developments, from Comrade Al and Dan finally taking their relationship to a more candid place (kiss!!) to Dan’s mom learning that Jung Hyuk doesn’t love her daughter and maybe it’s best to disentangle everyone so that people can pick the right choices.


Crash Landing on You Episode 14 Hits 17.705% Ratings, 4th Highest tvN Drama of All Time — 13 Comments

  1. Odd episode need to pickup next week and dont decrease. The 14 episodes has combined rating of 155%. It needs 37% to go to 192%. So average of season will end up over 12%. Reply goblin skycastle sunshine all managed between 12 to 12.9%. So massive success. And it has less episodes than three of those. So that is great achievement. Also there goes excuse of flop drama fans who say joone watches dramas. People watch if content is good
    Also i read hyun bin also hold chinese citizenship. That will be turning point for him bc9z north korean elite holds dual citizenship of china as well as nk. Writer is smart if it is true. Possible ending can be reunion in switzerland as neutral country

  2. Some r saying writer has smartly given hyun bin dual citizenship of china n north korea which will play in his favour later . Very smart search n secondly using switzerland as neutral country is another benefit.i hope odd episode ratings dont decrease next week so final episode can easily cross 20%. Even reply goblin sunshine failed to do so and average of whole season can cross 12% if it manages 37% in last 2 episodes taking 16 episodes rating to 192% and plus it doesnt have 20 episode advantage of sunshine reply and skycastlem so it is very big achievement and also people watch dramas if they ate well made and feature actually A list stars. If your fave failed to do well, then dont use excuses that people dont watch dramas anymore.and my first comment didnt post. If it showup, sorry for again commenting

    • What are you talking about? We’re not talking about average rating here, but highest rating. Even if CLOY can’t reach 20%, I bet it can be tvN’s highest rated drama. Reply 1988 just 1.1% above them. And CLOY will be second highest rated drama in cable tv behind Sky Castle at that moment. Itaewon Class maybe will seize the spot soon though.

      • Why r u taking it negative? I m talkng about peak achievement but as well as discussing that average rating 12% will put them in top 5 along with shows which had 20 episodes expect goblin which is great thing. learn to read things

    • As far as i know, North Korea doesn’t recognize dual citizenship. I believe RJH’s passport is fake. It’s just to cover-up his identity being a North Korean.

      • I read north korean elite can have dual citizenship with chjna and china helps north korea a lot. Lets see. What is true

    • I second you here. It’s fun to watch, but CLOY is the type of drama I won’t go back to rewatching again after it’s finish airing. Glad it’s recieving great love though I like his performance in MOTA more.

  3. I watch it for Hyun Bin, but I’m a bit disappointed that the whole story is to entertain audiences with Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin dating rumors only. I wish there’s a solid story to tell instead of just Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin being together. Well it’s ending this weekend so hope for a happy ending for the RiRi couple. I hope his next drama has depth and a solid story line.

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