Crash Landing on You Switzerland Epilogue Stills Show Unaired Scene of Pregnant Se Ri Snuggling with Jung Hyuk

Awwww, I can’t believe the production team of Crash Landing on You didn’t just say to heck with it and let the final episode go past 2 hours. It turns out the final scene on the Swiss countryside where Se Ri and Jung Hyuk reunite every year for two weeks has another more memorable year filmed. Hyun Bin‘s Jung Hyuk is wearing all black, so illegal because nnnnnnggggg it makes him even hotter, whereas Son Ye Jin‘s Se Ri is in a flowing floral dress with a purple cardigan draped around her shoulders and is clearly sporting a baby bump underneath. The only think I can think of for these two to parent a baby in their life together is perhaps Jung Hyuk is waiting for his parents to die and then he can leave North Korea for good to be with Se Ri full time, since without family and relatives there is no one left in NK that can be punished if he defects. This couple is just so sweet and loving together, it’s crazy to see Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin radiating this level of chemistry whether in filming stills and BTS.


Crash Landing on You Switzerland Epilogue Stills Show Unaired Scene of Pregnant Se Ri Snuggling with Jung Hyuk — 59 Comments

  1. They didnt show because political party alrrady sued then for nk sk thibg and they dibt want another trouble
    Two thing i wanted was
    1.Lead couple permanently uniting in switzerland, not just 2 weeks a year
    2. Second lead couple havjng happy ending but they killed him off when he finally found a person who loves him in his life and dan found a man who loved her
    I loved the show but ending like my love fron the star ruined the experience for me. I rather have prefered tragic ending for both couples instead of such open ending

    • Yeah I can umderstand exactly what you mean OMG it was such an ending that I am kind of confused I feel hurt somewhere It is a weird painful feeling maybe it is the end to continue with another season even though I hate 2 parts but I have this feeling after the end of it and it is really annoying to see the pics of him wearing black and looking so gorgeous here when we could have enjoy that while in the airing anyways I loved everything in the kdrama but NOT THE OPEN ENDING!

      • omg I just finished it today but I have this feeling you are describing right now. Now I understand what I am feeling thank u xD
        But you know? I feel that they ended up living together in that countryside house they bought in Switzerland…I mean you don’t buy a house and decorate it with many pictures if you are not going to live there! so They met each other just two weeks a year in the beginning but I think they ended up fully moving to Switzerland…
        Well but I do still have that bitter feeling because of the second lead couple

    • Can we lobby the production team to air it? The picture is already out already so what’s the heck indeed. And as we are at it, lobby for season 2…Worked for some series in the US…
      They left us in an unbearable situation!

    • But I don’t think they end up seeing each other just two weeks a year…at the beggining they did but at the last scene they not only look more mature, but also now they own a house in Switzerland’s countryside. Also this house is decorated with pictures of them…I don’t think one should buy a house to just live two weeks every year xD
      I think that after some years seeing each other just two weeks they had the opportunity to fully move to Switzerland. After all it’s the only place where the two could have a life together

      • Exactly I’m confused why everyone thought it was only two weeks a year. At the beginning when they met up it’s like they were offically dating so they met two weeks a year and to the very end it seems like they got a house cause I’m quite sure I saw Seri in a wedding dress in one of the photos. They can’t live in each other’s country but I am sure they can migrate to another country and set up business etc. I saw the ending the same way you do, honestly everybody else is confusing me.

  2. I love the show so much. Ratings well deserved. Congrats to the whole cast, crew, director, writer and production team. The production value is top notch especially the cinematography. Now comes the need to improve parts. The treatment of the second leads are appalling. I guess with the live shoot method which monitors instant feedback from netizens, the writer and director decided to concentrate more on the ajummas and duckling squad scenes since they generated endless buzz and talking points. The show also ranked very high amongst female viewers in the 40s hence more scenes went to the ajummas. As a result of these situations, the plot line for second leads languished and neglected. Personally, I would love to see more OTP scenes featuring them and justice given to their characters which they deserved. Alas, the Seo Dan character possibly failed to resonate widely amongst Korean viewers hence she was almost cast aside. Gu seung Jun I suppose had to be sacrificed to make it more believable since no one in NK got executed for the botched attempt to bring back Capt. Ri. Just my 2 cents worth of opinion. Apart from that, show is almost perfect. If Hyun Bin sings a mesmerising OST like The Man would be cherry on top of the cake.

    • I would love more than anything for there to be a sequel of this show. I loved this story so much and I truly cried many times. It was such a beautiful Love Story.

  3. waiting for his parents to die… Right from the get-go, story like this will not get a fully happy ending unless they take a rocket and immigrate to the Moon together.

  4. Would certainly LOVE a season 2, or even just a 3-episode special!!!! This was a light drama that as Hyun Bin has said, was a GIFT to fans!!!!

      • Has anyone notices that their couple ring are no where to be found when they reunited in switzerland? I kinda like the idea that they never took it off. Just saying.

      • No ring because they took the last scene first…. I was a little disappointed with Ri Jung Hyuk reaction when he saw Yoon Seri landed in front of him.. after few years that he didn’t see her.. He could’ve ran to her and helped her untangle the paragliding rope. And hugged her tightly. But again I understand becoz they took the ending scene first. But Son Ye-jin is so consistent with her acting! I love CLOY..

  5. While many are still obsessing CLOY, myself included, but I have come across an Studio Dragon produced exclusively for Netflix drama ‘My Holo Love’. It’s actually very nice. No A-Lister cast as some call them, no waiting as all episodes are already available viewing, but purely amazing and heart fluttering entertainment.

      • Does anyone know what Dan means when she said she finally realised why he couldn’t stand her when she visited him in Switzerland after looking at the pictures on his camera in the final episode?

    • Yes it is. I love those characters too.

      About Seri being pregnant, if they only meet for 2 weeks out the year, how can JH be with her showing a baby bump? I think they see each other more than that. And I doubt if
      his parents would stay if he wanted to move to Switzerland, which is neutral. I’m sure once the obligations to the symphony are fulfilled he can come and go.
      Dan goes back and fought to Russia.
      I just don’t see them only seeing each other 2 weeks out a year.

      Seri didn’t establish the music scholarship without thoughts to helping JH.

      • This two week thing for me was very strange too. How can Dan travel and he can’t? Why this two weeks are even possible?

  6. There is no way she can be pregnant and showing if they meet 2 weeks a year because she would either have given birth by the next meeting or she’d not be showing ????

    • Exactly. That’s why the perspective on these pictures being released as a closure to the drama is the inference that they found a way to be together permanently. How its being accomplished, thats being left to us viewers to draw our conclusion. Clever really if its the case.

      • Yeah that’s right. I know that production team already said that the pregnancy theory was not true but I do believe that they ended up moving to Switzerland after a long time. Not only they look more mature in the last scene but they also own a house in the countryside and it’s full of pictures of them. So why would you buy a house and decorate it that way in another country just to live 2 weeks a year in it? For me it’s clear that they ended up living together 🙂 of course, it’s a kind of open ending but the house and pictures thing can tell us many things

    • Yeap…exactly. That’s what I was trying to say. His men knew he was going to Switzerland that weekend.
      How did he get out the service so soon after returning?
      His Mom talked to Dan’s Mom and I’m sure she put a word on his Dad, bless his heart.
      His Dad couldn’t watch JH cry for his entire life, so I’m sure he did something to help.
      Besides the NIA people offered to help them to stay, so maybe he got help from the countries as well.

      • In addition to the absence of rings, note that the hospital photo is also missing in the chalet.
        … Reversely the purple cardigan matches the paragliding outfit…

  7. I am missing this drama already!! I know some people think the plot isn’t the best but the dialogue between the characters were so well written and the actors really brought the characters to life. Together they just created this magic that kept me hooked. Also These also have to be the most beautiful stills ever!! I just love Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin together, it’s hard to find costars whose acting compliments each other so well.

  8. And it doesn’t take much to film these lovely scenes, just a change of clothes and baby bump.
    But the beautiful memory will live on and linger with the viewers.

    On a side note, I’m really shipping these two, I know they have been denying it, but that would really be the best ending for fans.

    • Try not to jinx it by shipping them. Do the reverse, don’t ship them. Then it will happen I suppose. So many fans do the shipping thingy but 99% of the time it never happens. SYJ is already hinting at her next drama. This queen is rocking it like Jang Nara.

      • Agree. SYJ never has any dating scandal. HB is a player with no intention to settle. Shippers are the worst. Do not interfere with their personal lives. Just enjoy the drama. They are professional artists.

      • They are denying dating rumours for the gazillion time again. On Feb 18, an online user tried to hype up a photo of them on the CLOY set sitting in a beer and chicken restaurant doing a behind the scene video. User claimed HB was holding SYJ’s hand under the table. HB’s agency refuted the allegation claiming SYJ is holding her own hand in the photo.

    • They are denying dating rumours for the gazillion time again. On Feb 18, an online user tried to hype up a photo of them on the CLOY set sitting in a beer and chicken restaurant doing a behind the scene video. User claimed HB was holding SYJ’s hand under the table. HB’s agency refuted the allegation claiming SYJ is holding her own hand in the photo.

      • Goodness me. I hope Binjin shippers are not turning hardcore fanatics like Sega shippers. I still remember how crazy the war of words were in this blog a few years ago. Finally got some peace back.

  9. SYJ said she will definitely be in a new drama soon in soompi. Heavenly. Please team up with other A-list actors. Who do you think will suit her best apart from HB?

      • Exactly my thoughts too. Jo In Sung is another. All worthy enough and closer to her age. I can’t swallow another noona-dongsaeng romance.

    • I would prefer if she stays in Chungmuro and continue making movies.

      Shes an A-list actress and it takes many years to get there. She, along with Jeon Do Yeon and Kim Hye Soo are the selected few female actors that made that list.

      It’s easier for movie actors to do dramas than drama actors to do movies. Ofc, its good if she decides to do dramas once in a while but still focusing more on her movie career.

    • @kimchi ajumma – noona-dongsaeng is great but it sure is different if otp is around the same age.

      im’ curios how bad was the sega shippers then. but aren’t it mostly knetz?

      • No not just knetz. There are a number of ifan delulu sega shippers bashing HJM and any actresses in dramas with HB. This craziness finally died down when HB admitted dating KSR. Hope no more crazy shippers when HB/SYJ even denying repeatedly. Can people just accept them as merely friends? Enjoy their dramas and let them live privately.

      • There are some old posts in this blog about HJW and HB. These sega fans would come out to bash any actresses apart from HJW. Thankfully they stopped when HB met and broke up with KSR. Even then some die hard shippers think their relationship was fake to cover up HB’s supposed real relationship or whatever status or to promote his movies. So many conspiracy theorists, lol.

      • @Jessica on Until now people still bashing Han Ji Min not just the Sega shippers but the Binjin shippers too. Binshin shippers as well. Still downgrading her to make sure their ship are sailing. These people are wasting their time being insecure over HJM who doesn’t seem to show any interest on Hyunbin.

  10. I shed so many tears in this kdrama. Tho it was telecasted in a scheduled dates, i did’nt miss a single episode.
    i love every scene of Se-ri caring for Capt Ri. So beautifully depicted, most especially that episode when they are sitting on the floor having a bottle of soju, Capt Ri, looking forward to have a life with Se-ri, oh my ggggg.
    I wish they are considering a sequel or Season 2.

  11. Is CLOY can be considered, together with LA, Kingdom and Hotel De Luna as the hallyu dramas of the 4th generation? (1st gen-Autumn, 2nd gen-BOF, 3rd gen-MLFTS)

  12. I really love this drama. It’s been a long time since I get loved the drama, they are so lovely. Thank you so much and please part 2!!!
    I love this love team. It’s amazing that they show unconditional love between 2 enemies countries. It shows friendship, loyalty and of course love.
    Knowing they shoot in Switzerland makes me love this drama most. Switzerland is my dream country to visit. I envy you guys. ???

  13. The romance in this drama beats all the other dramas and romantic film I have watched throughout my life. Hyun Bin really put a lot of effort in it…….especially the way he look at her, his eyes always said “I am in love with you”. I have never seen this before. There should be a sequel, just to show how they ended up permanently together, how much obstacles they had to face for this, how long it took. The very last shot (where he is wearing black) was not played in Netflix.

    I would love to see a sequel with the same characters in it.

  14. Hello, do you know what is the brand of the pink floral dress in the Switzerland finale scenes? I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Thanks in advance!

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