Song Hye Kyo is Total Chic at Bottega Veneta Fashion Show in Milan

All black isn’t boring in the least on K-actress Song Hye Kyo this week as she made her appearance in Milan. She attended the Bottega Veneta fashion show and shared pictures on her SNS account that truly turned heads. Her hair seemed simple with flowing long locks but the middle part and slight wave paired with a fitted suit dress made the look effortlessly chic. The black tights and high heels added height to her tiny petite frame and overall this was just a rock star type look rather than safe K-actress preferred pretty. Love it!


Song Hye Kyo is Total Chic at Bottega Veneta Fashion Show in Milan — 58 Comments

  1. Stunner.classy fashion sense. She doest have the height of tall actress but she has great sense of fashion and carry high end dresses worh grace. I was checking iu’s article on netizenbuzz not everyone can make their short height work with designer clothes. Even chanel head karl photographed song hye kyo once and praised her beauty. That is a big thing from such big name in fashion. I hope sje starts 3rd decade at top with great drama. She definitely doesn’t needs money with such brands paying her millions as well as pwning lot of real estate. So she can be choosy with scripts

    • SHK is THE biggest hallyu actress known for her goddess beauty. I don’t know why you would compare her to IU who is popular for her singing/talent rather than fashion sense or visuals lol.
      A bit off topic, but netizenbuzz needs to be shut down. It’s a site filled with trolls and translates irrelevant Nate/Daum, where pretty much every celebrity is hated on.

      • I made comparison of their style statement.m because of short heights. But one looks like goddess and other not. Lol shk is much better actress than iu. And she is known for her acting as well as visuals and one of pioneers of hallyu. Iu dont know how to style after seeing her disaster at fashion show and netizensbuzz wasnt wrong here . Her styling was a joke as usual

      • @adyjunjihyun. SHK has never done a character like Ji-an in MA so how can you compare her with IU? imo both SHK and IU are good actresses. There is no need to pull one down to bring up another. SHK also has at least 10 more years of acting experience than IU. It is very unfair for you to say SHK is much better actress when her range is actually not that wide. I can name many more better actresses than SHK but I will refrain from doing so here because this is SHK article and it’s all about her looks. There is no need to drag IU into here at all. The only thing I agree is that they are both short with SHK being even shorter, and that’s all.

      • Lmao MA was nothing iu only tries cold characters and failed epicly at comedy when she did scarlett moon. U can go on shk acting and i dont care. Bcoz its subjective. I have praised iu for idol actresses but she is only good at cold roles. Shk doesnt need MA type role when she has many iconic roles. MA ratings werent even good .
        And atleast she is not fake loke iu who says i have ebough money and all, then went on to 3 dramas lots of ads and music. Hilarious
        And i was making comparisons how short SHK can make high fashion work which iu is incapable of. Thats it

      • Omg !!!No offense but please IU cannot be compared at all to Song HK …Song HK is a goddess …

      • Well, what Song lacks in height she makes it up in everything the more affluent actress , the most popular ambassdor and highly paid as well . Nope !!!but its Song from head to foot . She is definitely an aura of beauty and elgance …

      • @mary presiden took shk to china for talks. Karl called her his muse. He was biggest fashion icon of our times. When iu reach such status we will talk. Iu has no fashion sense

      • You shouldn’t have mentioned the much better actress part in the first place. Stay with your height discussion. She wins being the shortest, totally lack in height as someone mentions.

      • @mary i dont need ur permission ti what to say or not. She is kuvh better acrress than non fashion sense and fashion zero iu in every asoect expect sing8 wwhih is also overrated vcoz dhe makes safe music like raylor swift lmao!
        Yes she wins in shirt height with legends praising her fashion sense . She knows hoe ti carry dresses with her ahort height which ur iu is incapable of.!
        Dont tell me what to comment or not!

      • @mary is so pressed she is wishing me to die bcoz i didnt praise her goddess iu. How pathetic low life r u mary?
        Ur iu is so local that noone g8ves a damn about her outside korea let alone shk level
        And u can join him as u r itching for it.

      • Only you know what low life means. Your definition your spelling your grammar are for you to decipher only here.

      • @mary u r one considering u wished other member death here. I can atleast write a language which isnt ecen my third language. So i m doing well. But what about u? Supremacist racist iu stays local n nthng infront of goddess shk

    • Well, finally one thing we agree on. IU is irrelevant. She should stick to singing or whatever and let the real beauties attend these fashion shows. I don’t understand why Gucci picked her as their Korean ambassador.

      • Marie, they picked her because her because her fashion drew attention in Hotel Del Luna, and some of that wardrobe consisted of Gucci items. This is a SHK article and SHK herself loves IU, so leave her name out of this.

      • Wow. Do you even need to belittle IU like that? She’s not normally into fashion but she carried all those outfit in HDL so wonderfully that she attracted luxury fashion house as Gucci. And people kept talking about her impressive fashion styles in HDL.

        Btw, IU is a good actress. My Ajusshi and HDL are proofs that the girl can really act. And she’s pretty too.

      • @Marie. IU is not irrelevent. She is ~10 years younger than SHK. Gucci is marketing their retro fashion at the under 30 group. SHK’s image is too classy for those preppy looks. Different age fits different clothes. Are you salty that your bias was not picked?

      • Gucci has the ugliest clothes. Not a big honor being their ambasaador. Dior, Prada, Burberry, Chanel and Coach. Those are the real fashion labels.

      • @Lica Suzy is Dior’s muse. Queen behavior. Kris Jenner oppa’s fan can stay seething over her flourishing career.

      • @Kelly no I am not salty because Suzy is Dior’s muse. @adyjunjihyun the one here coming for IU’s acting and PERSONALITY, which I didn’t even say anything, but you reply to me over her who makes low-blow attacks. You IU fans are hilarious.

      • @Alexa The Kris Jenner oppa fan @adyjunjihyun calling IU a supremacist and a racist and attacking her PERSONALLY but you get mad over me saying that IU is irrelevant. Lol you IU fans are not very smart, huh? I don’t like her, but I never make PERSONAL/low-blow attacks.
        Anyways, stan Suzy for a better life!

      • Lol Actually IU is Lowfan of Gucci, You can see in IU old picture from 2016 where she went out dinner, she wear Gucci Sweter. And in 2018 when she went out dinner with actress kim Hanna she wear Gucci too. Even when she travel to Spain in January 2020 she wear Gucci too. She actually alredy wear gucci from 2016.

    • @alexa i didnt bash her acting. I just talked about how badly she looked at fashion show n she is no fashion hye kyo with small height carried everything with grace. Thats why she was given tirlr of goddess in her 20s iu doesnt have that aura. It is not bashing
      @marie u stan suzy. Iu is more successful bettee actress and has big movie lined up. U shouldnt come at hee superiors

      • Sorry @adyjunjinhyun

        My comment actually adressing the comment made by @Marie since she mentioned “IU should go back to singing” and let real beauty attend fashion shows.

      • @adyjunjihyun Your comments all throughout here are hilarious. So triggered over idols lol. It’s funny that two idols who you hate made recent Top 10 list of hallyu actors/actresses when apparently no one knows them outside of Korea. Local queens! Anyways, Suzy stays winning with upcoming big movie project Wonderland which is more buzz worthy than that PSJ/IU movie lmao.

      • @adyjunjihyun Korean government Ministry of Culture Hallyu Survey:

        1. LMH
        2. SHK
        3. SJK
        4. GY
        5. Suzy
        6. LJS
        7. IU
        8. JJH
        9. PSH
        10. JCW

        Oh no no one knows Suzy outside of Korea how is she going to live? lmao

    • Sjk tried to sabotage her and thought she will lose. She kept all her high end endorsements including koreas top most cosmetic high end brand but sjk lost many

      • Anyone who has seen IU in My Mister, a veritable masterpiece, would never say IU is irrelevant. Such stupidity is beyond belief.

      • @Jillibean Imagine being triggered over the word “irrelevant” when someone else here called her fake, a supremacist, and a racist lol couldn’t be me. IU fans the dumbest of the lot I must say.

  2. Song Hye Kyo is well known as a beautiful and stylish actress-celebrity in Asia. She represents Asian looks and class in these global fashion shows where a portion of their target consumer market belongs.
    Being one of the previous asian muse of Karl Lagerfield and having a Celine designer bag named after her in 2007, shows SHK’s gravitas in the fashion industry.
    Even after two decades, her chic and sophisticated style and aura draws attention to any event.
    Aside from these events and cf, I hope to see her working on a project soon.

  3. Hye Kyo is synonymous with beauty. She outshines all others. She can never be compared to others and her height is irrelevant to her style and looks.

  4. Her hairstylist should have styled her hair differently as it not only appeared limp and lifeless but also covered her dress sexy neckline.

  5. True SHK fan wont drag someone down to make her look better..We know she is amazing and doesnt need to be compare to others. SHK is a class of her own. Dont argue guyz.Chill..Not a fan of IU but she has made a name of her own..peace and love guyz…:)

  6. I wonder if what the Chinese media are saying about her having a new, rich boyfriend based in HK is true. They were right about her divorce last year so maybe there is more this rumour than meets the eye.

    If it’s true then good for her! She has the world at her feet

    • @Moveon, then good for shk. I hope she finds true love with a real man this time. Btw, she is rocking that outfit. Even better than the model who modeled that clothes at the previous fashion show

  7. she’s indeed gorgeous but never got the hype over her. for me, son ye jin and jun ji hyun are tops. they have both beauty and acting chops, not just one or the other.

      • what do you mean “never a hype for her?” she’s the most popular hallyu actress with tons of fans world-wide that praise her acting and beauty. if that isn’t hype, then what is?

  8. everytime Song Hae Kyo name appeared, you will see this never ending quarell between her overzealous fans with those people who dont fancy her.

    With Kim Tae Hee’s impressive comeback in Hi Bye Mama after giving birth her 2nd daughter, now i’m slightly expecting Song Hae Kyo to make another grand comeback into dramaland after her divorce.

  9. I said NEVER a hype OVER her- meaning – a hyperbole- to make her look extraordinary. She IS an extraordinary lady so no hype needed!

  10. Gorgeous look top to toe definitely stylish and sophisticated I can’t say more. Favourite fashionable outfit ever seen posted imo. Beats those stiff prim n proper ball gowns.Yes a 10 for sure just effortless and doesn’t even need to try to blend in. SHK represents Korea well at these fashion events so proud to see her rocking it. Whoa!

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