Jo Yeo Jung Considering KBS Drama If You Cheat, You Die and Men Everywhere Start Getting Afraid

This sounds like a really hilarious and juicy K-drama, ripe for perfect makjang. K-actress Jo Yeo Jung is considering the KBS drama If You Cheat, You Die, telling the story of a best-selling author who lives with trauma and pain from her past emotional life. She’s been so active on both movies and dramas, of course being a member of the cast of award winning film Parasite and doing the SBS drama Woman of 9.9 Billion and is really carving out a strong and successful career picking very interesting and well-written female characters. Good for her, her success has really been step by step over the last decade starting from bit parts all the way to A-list leading lady.


Jo Yeo Jung Considering KBS Drama If You Cheat, You Die and Men Everywhere Start Getting Afraid — 8 Comments

  1. Really glad to see an actrrss enterinf A list so late in career considering the ageism even we see on this site. She has won best actress at blue dragon and so many PDs wnat to work with her. Got international fame. Best time to strike the iron when it is hot

    • Are you kidding me, she had A list status for a while in films…..she was considered big even before Parasite, nobody noticed as she did films mostly with picking up a TV drama once in a while.

      • Really thts is good to know. I mean but her name became really massive as superstar among audience after this movie. She deserves it. She was so good in the movie

  2. So happy for her recent success. She’s been picking complex, interesting roles lately. Let’s hope this drama’s a good one!

  3. I fell in love with her at first site in casa amor, then watched cheat on me. then divorce lawyers in love, the servant, concubine. I just love her I wish I was rich enough to marry her.

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