Song Hye Kyo Shares New Spring 2020 Sulhwasoo CF on Instagram

K-actress Song Hye Kyo has been the face of top South Korean cosmetic’s brand Sulhwasoo for many years and it continues to be a perfect synergy. Anytime I see her Sulhwasoo ads I marvel at her glowing skin and want to try the products despite trying it before years ago and not finding it works for me. The advertising is great is what I’m saying and a new CF is out for Spring 2020 and Song Hye Kyo has shared the new ad on her SNS account and it’s a simple minimal makeup look that highlights her natural beauty.

Song Hye Kyo New Sulhwasoo CF:


Song Hye Kyo Shares New Spring 2020 Sulhwasoo CF on Instagram — 41 Comments

  1. Beautiful. 2 decades at top for cf queen..hoping her next drama is good too. And brand also saw sales increase last time since she us the face. What a beauty

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    • Despite this she has been selctive for her endorsements despite getting so many offers and has refused muti million deals over the Years. That is very tough thing to do

    • I’m so glad she divorced joonki. Now I can drool over him in peace. I’m so jealous of her beauty and success cause I’m insecure.

  3. She’s so beautiful! Can’t they make a Barbie of her? I’ll buy it in a heart beat. Top korean beauty of her gen! Nature is envious of her natural beauty.

    • For like 15 years korean plastic surgeons as well as chinese surgeons said that women used to come to them to look like her bcoz she is the standard of beauty.

  4. No other korean actor or female actor can compare. Even when she is old, she will be pretty still. Age like fine wine. Don’t get those fans who like her ex. He doesn’t look too good even if he’s younger than her. He is aging like spill wine.

    • @ Rachel

      I bet you aged like a freaking raisin. Go look in a mirror, you look like a monster. Go ahead and support a con like her. She may be pretty on the outside but a greedy monster on the inside just like you. Get your brain checked, I think it expired in 40 AD.

  5. I have human rights to speak what is inside my head. He’s disgusting. I read last article. Those greasy fans of him are disgusting too. So what.

      • Gross. Do not not put that picture in my head. I choose to eat lemons every day instead.

        If I marry him. I will just marry him for his money and divorce him later and take his money lol

      • @ imposter chi

        Haha whoever is using my username, stop it. It’s not funny. Maybe get your brains checked, it probably was deformed since the time you first enter into the world.

        @ Rachel

        You’re entire family is disgusting. At least he remained scandal-less. Now it makes sense why your miss shk dated lbh. Lbh cheated on his wife and shk cheated on the government. They’re both cheaters. They probably broke up because they were dating someone similar to themselves. Dating like-minded people can be boring. Keep day-dreaming.

  6. Koala, I think you meant Laneige. She was the face of Laneige for many years and only in the last few has turned over to Sulwhasoo 🙂

  7. Looking style as always. Please drama gods, let her be in a drama this year. I want her to work with gong yoo or hyun bin or lee dong wook this year. It would be fun to see her in a revenge role or an anti-heroine.

  8. So beautiful Song Hye Kyo. Stay radiant, gorgeous, classy, and elegant forever… Such a strong woman and very inspiring. Really really wish she’ll make a comeback drama soon. Miss her so much on the screen. If only she can have a comeback drama with Won Bin if he decides to make a return for the small screen.

  9. Same. I trying this product years ago, and unfortunately it didnt give any impact to my skin. Lol I just simple bought it because the model is shk.
    I bought one from JJH brand too lol

  10. My friend tried Sulhwasoo and she love the product very much. Song Hye Kyo is very stunning since her debut to right now. She hasn’t changed a bit. I want to see her with Gong Yoo like many commenters here. They’ll will make a great team.

  11. She is gorgeous very beautiful for her age. Absolutely beautiful outside but when you look straight her eyes it’s definitely tell a very different story, very dark, sad and empty inside.

  12. Ooops @Chi your idol is the worst than any guy she dated worst ever im thanking God that her scenario to your bias is over. I hope soon all the reason of their divorce will come out wait for it girl

  13. @ Gigi

    There’s no evidence. Keep spinning and deflecting. You’re saying lbh is better than song joong ki? A man who cheated on his pregnant wife?

    Keep deluding yourself that things will come out that will show her in a positive light. And it’s a fact that she cheated the government.

    I don’t recall any factual reports that song joong ki had an affair or committed tax fraud twice.

    Your brain needs some bleach to wash off dead brain cells. Get therapy

    • LBH has a wife, a son, and many successful movies & dramas. In terms of accomplishment, yes LBH is more superior than a divorcee tbh.

      • @ Gigi

        What a delulu. Song joong ki also has many successes in career but at least he’s an honorable man. So what if he has a family? What’s important if he’s a good dad or husband. Which he’s not.

        What’s wrong with being a divorcee? That means you’re looking down at your fake queen shk because she’s also a divorcee lollllll you’re such a failure at logic.

        You’re just upset and mad rofl keep crying lolll

      • Honorable man? Definitely not. Not in the way he has handled his very public divorce. A man who cannot keep a wife after marriage is a total loser. For better or for worse? Total liar!

      • @ Gigi
        Maggots are eating your brain. You can’t think properly. Sadness.

        You can easily flip it around. A “woman” who cannot keep a man after marriage is a loser. For better or for worse. Total liar lollllll so the hundreds of millions of people divorced around the world are losers? Nothing wrong with leaving a toxic marriage.

        You need help. Don’t give up on your meds lollll

      • I give logic, you give nonsense. What can I expect from a fan of tax fraud queen and someone who defends a man who cheats on his wife.

        Keep on kneeling down to your immoral masters lolll

  14. Hands down the most beautiful Korean actress Song Hye Kyo. It’s about time she should start acting with better actors like SJS, GY, JS, JH, and YAI. Age didn’t stop her from being gorgeous.

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