Kim Min Jae and Park Eun Bin Enroll in Music Academy for SBS Drama Do You Like Brahms

KBS drama School 2020 may have been cancelled to air on the network but there is another school-esque drama coming over at SBS. The network is airing Do You Like Brahms starring confirmed leads Kim Min Jae and Park Eun Bin, with the title clearly giving away the subject matter of music. It’s the story of aspiring young musicians attending prestigious music schools pursuing their career dreams. Kim Min Jae plays an award winning since childhood pianist and Park Eun Bin picks up the violin with hopes of succeeding in her passion. The drama has relatively unknown PD and screenwriter at the helm but sounds like a promising foray into musical territory with plenty of predecessors, though the one I wanted to love the most the K-drama of Nodame’s Cantabile which was Yesterday’s Cantabile being a total flop. Hope this one soars.


Kim Min Jae and Park Eun Bin Enroll in Music Academy for SBS Drama Do You Like Brahms — 6 Comments

  1. The J-version of Nodame’s Cantabile is an all-time classic. The K-remake is a disaster and an embarrassment imo. On the contrary, K-drama Beethoven Virus was very well made. Hope this drama can be of that caliber.

  2. I really like dramas where one of the main characters return to school for whatever reason, and that’s the female lead for this drama. She’s going back to school to pursue her passions despite being older than most of her fellow students. If done right, it can be a uplifting and fun drama that deals with ageism and second chances and not giving up on your dreams.

    I didn’t like KimMJ last drama but he’s talented so hopefully he will be utilized well here.

  3. I like both actors! I hope PEB will be given a role in the extent of her talent because in Stove League it wasn’t really used. She was so good in the second season of Age of Youth between the craziness of character and the pain to have been the witness of sexual abuse.

    I like classical music so I hope they will use a lot it because in I Wanna Hear Your Song, they didn’t really use it and the FL didn’t really play music during all the drama…

  4. An all time favorite musical drama that i really like from Korea is Dream High. All musical drama after that failed to get my attention though there isnt much choice to begin with.

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