Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung Headline Script Reading for SBS Drama Convenience Store Morning Star

Right now SBS isn’t having the Fri-Sat night drama reception and ratings it was expecting with fantasy epic drama The King: Eternal Monarch. That doesn’t help the successor drama taking over that time slot in June with Convenience Store Morning Star (Convenience Store Saet Byul) with Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung. Adapted from the same name webtoon, I’m a OG manga/manhwa/webtoon fan above all else so that’s my original area of expertise and this webtoon is ……like not really good is the nicest way to put it. But that doesn’t mean the general concept can’t be adapted to be better, more emotionally resonant, and generally less skeevy when it comes to objectifying the female lead character. I have hopes especially with the main leads, I hope they saw something promising in the script before accepting and what the viewers get in early summer is a fun and fresh rom-com.


Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung Headline Script Reading for SBS Drama Convenience Store Morning Star — 35 Comments

  1. I usually dislike KYJ paired with much older men, but they look cute together, and I have the impression that they will have great chemistry. So, looking forward to this!

  2. visually they DO look together. I also hope they have seen sth promising in the script but yet I think they are mostly depending on pd for this. to adapt a webtoon to a drama demands considerable amount of skill. hope they adapt it well.

  3. I just need this drama to be light/fun and not adapt the skeevyness of the webtoon. MMS was dull and a chore to get through despite being a romcom lol. I also trust the pd to make it exciting since he directed the fiery priest which is also a comedy. Idk who the writer is but she has written a few comedy dramas/movies in the past. I’m praying she doesn’t mess this up. My boy can’t afford another dud twice in a row. I think jcw and kyj will have great chemistry. In terms of ratings, as long as it doesn’t borderline flop or get like less than 5% then I’m happy. Lol

  4. the leads actually look okay in the above picture. age gap isn’t so obvious. though i’ll be passing this one i hope for their success.

  5. With how good casting actually gets a high rating. I have no more prediction, this drama may actually be a hit since many big drama is quite serious lately. Who knows if light-hearted drama wins after this.

    Hospital playlist for me consider to be a serious drama with what they actually deal in their job.

    • I searched up the ads, hoping to see him in just CK briefs campaign similar to Justin Bieber because he has such a good body but no for the most part he’s still wearing a top, slightly disappointed LOL

      • Lol same he has great body. Better they put him in undwerwear. He doesnt need photoshop like jb??

  6. 5% is too low for Chang wook and Yoo Jung given their star power. and also the track record of thr PD, being fiery priest being one of hits. This drama will cross double digits and this will be one of the biggest hits in 2020. and the most buzzworthy drama during its airing.

    They are visually compatible. Both are very good looking

    Kim Yo Jung is the most beautiful actress that ji chang wook will work with. Shes Young, fresh, intelligent and with bright personality.

    In my opinion, She is the best and the most beutiful actress of her generation.

    • Since it will be aired in SBS, the chances of hitting double digit rating is really high. Not to mention that with the help of Fiery Priest PD, double digit rating is crystal clear possible.

    • I totally agree she is the most prettiest Asian actress we have seen on screen. Big fan from New Zealand ✊?

  7. Im thankful that Ji chang wook is working with Kim Joo Yung in this drama. Two Very popular korean stars working in a project under the helm of a very good director. I know that these two will have amazing chemistry and their acting will be brilliant.This drama wil surely be a success.

    CSSB will erase all the scars and mess that were created by melting me softly in Ji Chang wook’s career.
    MMS was so bad, that even my love for chang wook could not make me continue watching the drama.

    Story was bad, Directing was Ugh. Won jin A’s the worst. i thought Yoona was bad in K2 but Won jin As acting was terible in that drama and she had negative, chemistry with Ji chang wook, She was annoying, did have comedic timing and her voice sounded like a Man trapped in a 6 yeat old body. I will just pretemd that MMS did not happen in JCW career.and this is hos fordt project after the military.

    Im just glad to see him.again in June, Chang wook.

    • Ive watched the previous drama of both. I rather not bring up the past here. this is life. one day you’re down the other day you’re up.
      time to move on.

  8. The webtoon is bad and disgusting, totally sexist to say the least. Wonder how the adaptation will be like.

  9. My girl is so pretty! I missed her from the small screen.

    And JCW looks cute and handsome in these pictures with his hoodie. I dont see big age gap at all.
    —I do think it’s humorous that his character has a girlfriend in the beginning of the drama just like his character in MES. I wonder what’s the reason this time for the break-up? Lol

    I’m going to be cautiously optimistic about the show. They look adorable together.

    • he is having exs in dramas since SP lol
      and dont ever remind me of him kissing three different girls in that MMS drama -_-

  10. I’m really rooting for them. They are visually compatible and both talented. It’ll be wonderful if this ends up getting high ratings, especially when some people here said CSSB would flop and would ride off the popularity of its time slot predecessor.

  11. Kim Yoo Jung, is the most beautiful partner of JCW. I will not be surprised if Ji Chang wook, who is rumored to have dated her FLs in healer and K2, will also date her.They’re both Good looking. Yoo jung and Chang wook look 23 and 26 respectively. I ship them already.

    She is the only “Natural” looking beauty among his Femaile leads . PMY and Yoona, are both pretty nowadays (trying to look pretty and young specially the aging PMY), thanks to PS. at 20, shes showing the shes the real visual godess. and shes oozing with sex appea not to mention that her contemporaries look “baby” as conpared to her.

    Im looking forward to see my Queen Yoo Jung on screen in June.

    • Lets just focus on these two cuties now. they look so good standing next to each other I cant wait for their appearance on screen together.

  12. Just saw teaser, it’s okay. No excitement. Cjw is cute. Kyj is pretty. Not feeling it yet. Need long er commercial.

  13. Based on the looks and feels, JCW and KYJ seem to have it. I remember all the JCW haters shot him down, saying he’s a cradle snatcher and an old ahjussi to be paired with KYJ. Well those haters can eat their words now seeing them posing together. More matching than LMH and KGE, sorry just not feeling the chemistry in their Netflix promo photos for King. It can’t be manufactured, it’s either there or it’s not. I mean just look at the beaming couple from CLOY, HB and SYJ in their poster stills, positively bursting with sunshine and rainbows.

  14. forgot to mention.. no competition in the time slot (jtbc will start airing in july) .. airing in sbs fri sat time slot. so it is not surprising if this drama get a high rating. we will wait and see

      • yes.. only jtbc will give competition with sbs in this time slot.. as for tvn, only on Saturday. so this drama is really lucky. it will be surprising if they unable to obtain a high rating.

  15. There’s no doubt 100% that they are both a really good actor & actress plus they are both very good looking.I just hope that the drama is beautiful for them.Hopefully & Prayed that their Drama would be a great Success for both of them….sigh

  16. @marya

    with or without competition, CSSB is expected to be an enormous success. This will outperform its predecessor. Cant wait for the drama to be released.
    Kim Yoo Jung + Ji Chang wook + PD priest Director = 20% rating

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