Character Stills Showcases the Convenience Store Mood for SBS Drama Backstreet Rookie with Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung

Ok, I feel more relieved just by seeing Kim Yoo Jung‘s character still for SBS drama Backstreet Rookie (Convenience Store Morning Star) because the original webtoon uncomfortably sexualized the female lead character. Her character still in the new batch released for the entire drama is so adorable and I also love how earnest and dorky male lead Ji Chang Wook looks as the convenience store manager. The entire cast is showcased and there is a wonky character as a South Korean styled as a Rastafarian and I’m hoping it’s not as offensive as it looks otherwise hoo boy awkward. I just was a cute, silly rom-com and until the drama proves otherwise I’m still super excited to check it out next month in June.


Character Stills Showcases the Convenience Store Mood for SBS Drama Backstreet Rookie with Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung — 59 Comments

  1. Yoo Jung is so beautiful but her character feels like CWPFN 2.0. Anyways, hope this drama a success so haters will stop bringing up the flop did by CWPFN.

  2. I’m excited! Only one more month! Eternal Monarch can you just end already? Lol

    —I’m not feeling Changwook hairstyle, he’s so good looking why they give him a poodle head? Yoojung is gorgeous period!

    —I’m also not feeling the Jamaican guy character, he’s making me already afraid that this show is going to be super slapstick and cheesy, I’m not here for that.

    —I really hope that they don’t include the cigarette scene from the webtoon. It’s a huge turn-off and it makes me look at the male lead in a negative light because he shouldn’t be getting them for minors.

    Please be good, please be good, please be good!

    • Agree. The Jamaican looking guy totally makes no sense to me and to this drama, only to add to the racist bash. Looking like a very low class joke ready to explode. I bet the comedy lines will be cheesy and crinchy just like Clean with Passion. A low budget drama. I like to make jokes but this Jamaican guy is too low for me even as entertainment. Everytime an asian trying to make fun of a dark skinned person is a no-no in my book. I am a white dude.

      • It’s really horrid, I hope they’re respectable. The entire world, please cross your fingers.

      • Agreed, but the cultural appropriation is something that every country does. Same as Mickey Rooney in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

        Having said that, I never understood how Hallyu and prior to that HK cinema became so incredibly popular in South-East Asia (Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam etc.) or some parts of the Middle-East and Africa. East-Asians (Koreans, Japanese and Chinese) have all derogatory terms for people from these nations and they use it like it is no biggie. For example, it is accepted to call Vietnam as Sh*t-nam in some of the East-Asian languages. Originally Vietnam was called Peace-nam, but they bastardise the name into Sh*t-nam. “Peace” sounds as “On” and “Sh*t” sounds as “Awe”. Anyway I digress…

      • @watcher
        Interesting insight, it’s always devastating to see humans looking down on other humans due to cultural or visual bias/discrimination.

      • @Laura. It gets even worse. I thought that the original meaning of Vietnam’s prior name “Annam” meant Peaceful South (as I was taught), but I did some research and they meant totally different things with it. With “Annam”, they meant “The Pacified South” (to pacify = bringing peace to a country with military force). Same word, but different meaning in different context… To bastardize an already derogatory term is even worse than I thought. Yikes…

      • @watcher
        —that’s baffling. Wow. also I’m impressed, you’re so knowledgeable.

      • @m I recall the cast and director wanting to do season 2 of fiery priest, it seems like it’s never happening :/

      • Yeah, he was funny in Fiery Priest… But he was also a bit of a racist, as the majority of his time he was bullying the Thai delivery guy. Btw, that was also cultural appropriation. The guy that played the Thai guy was fully Korean, but he portrayed the role because he was darker skinned. They also casted Koreans to play Russians, who were seen as savages with weird eating habits. Having said that, the Fiery Priest was not offensive in my book, but I can imagine that people with no thick skin do not like it. Especially if you want to be PC.

      • Because the director of this new drama is the same director of The Fiery Priest. He must have liked that actor. He is a great singer, rapper and dancer too.

  3. It is not funny to color one’s skin dark and make fun of it. This makes me giving more respect to Chris Lyon (Kim To-ni) in IC. Dark skinned people is not to be make fun of. We need to give respect to all skin colors. Why not make him wear a blonde wig?

    • I don’t think they coloured his skin. He was in Fiery Priest and his skin colour looks the same. Not all koreans are super fair, some are a bit tan than others. The actor name is Eum Moon Suk.

      According to the character description on SBS site, he’ll be a webtoon writer in this drama. And one of his webtoon is titled ‘Her Reggae Boy’.

  4. Ugh why did they have to go all cultural appropriation with that character. I already dislike him and I hope he doesn’t get a lot of screen time. Not only does the man have dreads but he’s also wearing a Jamaican flag.. He doesn’t even exist in the webtoon so the writer literally went out of her way to write a racist character. I’m so over it. I’m looking forward to the rest of the cast tho. Jcw and kyj look adorable.

  5. A better heading to put that under would be “Rastafarian” not “Jamaican”. There are also people from Asian decent who who reside in Jamaica FYI and would be classified as “Jamaican” For future reference “Jamaicans” do not look like that ” Rastafarians” look like that, and there are some Rastafarians who are Jamaicans.

  6. One would immediately think Jamaican because of the locks but the colors in the outfit has red which is not one of the Jamaican colors. Is this character in the original work I wonder. And if so what’s the role and if not why this role.

    Makes me think of HaHa in RunningMan who liked the Jamaican culture and music so had locks and his music had that beat as well. To me Haha has much love and was more appreciating the culture. Let’s see what this character is bringing to the role.

  7. Kim Yoo Jung looks very pretty here. I will definitely be watching for her and am rooting for the success of this drama, especially after the mess that was CWPFN.

  8. End the King Eternal PPL Already and let this drama air earlier than schedule. this drama is looks more fun and exciting.

  9. Oh and that ahjumma seems to have never taken a rest at all. She was in Camellia Blooms, Vagabond, Moment of 18 and CLOY. One hardworking actress. Looks like the supporting cast is pretty solid here.

  10. Kyj looks so mature, I cant see the big age gap between them. Its a good thing. I will give this a try, because the teaser looks fun and JCW absolutely can act.

  11. Yay, my favourites are back. My precious 87 rabbit Wookie and the Double Axe Busan ex gangsta lady ahjumma veteran. I have a good feel towards this drama, please drama gods, please let it be good. I so need a pick up right, feel like in a slump after that major doozy of my another beloved 87 rabbit liner. Wonder how the Make Out Meter will fare in this one. I am hopeful.

  12. Will pass on this. Hope Ji cHang wook will take on a more serious role on his next project. i dont like this pairing. hope there isnt much kissing scene, UGH. ewww. I cant Im puking. even if thet are good actors, shes still 20/21 and hes 33/34. the Girl still looks like a baby to me. Child actress Kim yoo iung whi tries desperately to look like an adult but failing miserably.. While chang wook tries so hard to look young. SMH. Oh no.

    Healer couple is still the best.
    Park Min young and Ji chang wook- love them. Actually Won Jin ah and Chang wook’s better than this one.

    • @shailer
      Their real life age coincidentally matches the characters age, the age gap originated from the webtoon.

      In my eyes they look close to age, like 5 years or less age gap.

      As long as the characters aren’t romantically attracted to one another while she’s still in high school, I’m fine with it.

  13. KSH and KSR will be left by miles by KYJ if this drama turns out to be a hit, making a total of 2 hits under her belt at the age of 21. In that case, KYJ may have a SHK career trajectory.

    • @ raven
      Girl, is this necessary? Why do people have to pit talented girls against each other?

      I don’t want Yoojung to have a hyekyo career trajectory because hyekyo is barely in any project(she’s like a 1/4 version of woo bin) and I dislike waiting, I’m greedy, I want to see all my girls in as many projects as possible.

      • Compared shk to won bin is kinda not apple to apple .. shk is actually always starred in a new drama once i a while (although her s
        Acting didn’t really improve despute being an actress for two decades) meanwhile won bin is a versatile actor who choose not to work again until find a good script

    • @ Raven
      yes, no doubt, this drama will be a success. This will outperform the king Eternal PPL, because the actors here in CSSB CAN ACT.
      Kim Yoo Jung is already there. shes incomparable with the other two kims. Shes the best in her generation, in terms of acting and visuals, she can run circles around Kim Da mi, Nam ji hyun, Kim Hye Yoon, They should take acting clasees from Yoo Jung.

      • I want eternal monarch to end because it’s so bad, however, I have to beg to differ in regards to the eternal cast acting. The majority of them are great actors and yes they have their share of the blame but mostly it’s on the writers, the editors, and the directors for such a shoddy product.

        I think it’s far-fetch to say that she’s the best in her generation with all the names you listed but it’s your opinion.

  14. Pass. Uncle and Niece romantic drama. I’m not impressed with Ji Chang wooks project choices. Poor choices. No substance. but i guess it pays the bills.

  15. Not really interested.. The 13-14 yrs age gap wouldn’t have mattered to me if she was at least 25..In my opinion a person who is just 20 yrs is not matured enough for romance with someone 33-34 of age…tbh we all are really kids at 20 as compared to people in their early 30s..It is when we get to the age of 25-26, that we actually get around at the same mental level with people in 30s or even 40s..I m 28 but I can’t imagine dating someone 20 it’s really awkward..The whole idea of this drama is creepy.. I love both the actors it’s sad that I hv to skip this one too.

    • Acting is their profession and YooJung has been in acting since 4years old. It’s time to progress, for a change and to move to other roles. It’s just acting and I am looking forward to the drama. She is a big girl now.

      • @Neutral I m not talking about actors..I m talking about the characters they are playing.. Didn’t u see the plot? When did I ever say abt the age gaps of actors? I was obviously talking abt the characters and story.. U are looking forward to the drama good for u.. While I m not interested in pedophile love story

    • They have a closer age gap in the drama. Jcw’s character is 29 while Kyj’s character is 22 so unlike the webtoon, they are now only 7 years apart.

  16. I have a friend who changes his hair to the “reggae look” because he thinks it’s convenience,
    not everything has racist undertone also I feel like race only matter in the US, slavery in other places is more universal so no one look at cultural appropriation as bad as the US

    • Dark skinned people are under appreciated in countries where the population tends to be more fair skinned. There is a racist stereotypical view that is undeniable even in cinema/dramas. It’s not just contained in America. For a “black” looking character to be played by any other race is racist. You would understand if you were a person of color. Asians were treated the way by Hollywood. Using Caucasian actors to portray an Oriental character.

    • Not impressed with the story so it will be a pass for me. and personally, i still have issues with the big age gap in a rom com specially if the girl 20 and looks like 16.Sorry, i just find it GROSS specially if there would be lot of romantic scenes. (i couldnt imagine my 20 year old sister having a romantic relationship with a 33 year old man) it is just my opinion.

      This drama will becomes successful rating wise, since i believe there is no COMPETITION. unlike TKEM that competed with TWOM.

      • TKEM did not compete with TWOM since both are not in same time slot. Backstreet Rookie will be in competition with Three Meals a Day, which is getting great ratings at the moment. JCW is not a fan favorite among SK viewers, so I wouldn’t be so sure it will be a ratings success. Might be bigger flop than TKEM.

      • You do realize that older men marry younger women frequently in real life. Forget the actual age difference between the actors as this maybe a good drama. I believe thats why Encounter/Boyfriend didn’t rate better because people were more concerned with the age gap between PBG and SHK. It was actually a sweet love story. Nothing spectacular happened, but it was entertaining. Don’t be so quick to write this drama off as well. You may be surprised.?

      • i found it’s funny they didn’t follow the webtoon’s age. ML age reduce to 29, while FL age increase to 22. In my opinion, better follow the webtoon’s age because it follow their age in real life exactly. Reducing and increasing the age make it trying hard to reduce e the age gape

      • Since theres no competition, .this drama.wil easily get Doube digits (15-20%) domestic viewership ratings. This drama will definitely Outperform TKEM in terms of acting and ratng. (what a shame)

        Cant wait to see Queen Yoo Jung on small screen. She will definitely nail her role as Saet Byul.

        Congrats in advance. Cant wait for this drama to air.

  17. No need to say a word about JCW & KYJ. Just wishing and hoping JCW to have another great response from viewers as the best drama on this season. Good luck & can’t wait. ?x????

  18. PASS. dont wanna waste my 16 hours watching this clean with passion for now 2.0 or 1.5. . ive seen the 2nd teaser. Kim yoo Jung is over acting. and Chang wook, oh my goodness? is never good in comedy.

    I will just wait for Kim soo hyun drama to air. i miss Park Seo Joon


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