Ji Sung, Woo Do Hwan, Jang Ki Yong, and L Each Considering New K-dramas for Later in 2020

It’s a busy week with K-drama casting dropping like candy from the sky. First up is veteran Ji Sung who takes on dramas when wifey Lee Bo Young isn’t working as the two top stars switch on and off to be home with their little daughters. She’s almost done with her drama When My Love Blooms but hubby is going a different route for his next drama, Ji Sung is considering the legal procedural Demon Judge. Oooh, sounds delicious. Up next is Woo Do Hwan, staying cool and sane in The King: Eternal Monarch and he’s in talks for the male lead of OCN drama Hero about an ordinary person combating injustice. Jang Ki Yong survived the hottest of hot messes that is Born Again and is already moving full speed ahead as he’s considering the male lead casting for K-drama Frightening Cohabitation where he plays a male gumiho. And last but not lead, L is done playing a cat/human and his next drama could be the sageuk New Royal Inspector. Whew, that’s a lot of new information to digest and lots of moving parts.


Ji Sung, Woo Do Hwan, Jang Ki Yong, and L Each Considering New K-dramas for Later in 2020 — 14 Comments

  1. What’s interesting is that WDH, JKY and L are all 92-liners and they all have to go to the military soon. Probably, these dramas would be their last projects before military service. That’s kinda sad because this is the time they all doing quite well.
    That’s why it has a lot of advantages to some late-comer actors like Jang dong yoon and Kim Jung hyun who already served before they became famous.

    • I hope they all get to do a successful project before they enlist. WDH and JKY had bad luck with their latest ones, but they’re still doing well overall. I just hope they don’t have to enlist while they’re filming something.

      Park Seo Joon is probably the most successful of actors who debuted at a later age, post-military service. I understand why it is not a typical route though. However, there are definitely advantages when the decision works out.

  2. I’m really excited for WDH. He did great in Mad Dog!

    JKY is pretty disapointing with his dramas’choices. WWW:search was good but he was the character the least interesting in the story and the love story was boring.

    L can’t do worse than his last drama.

  3. Jeon Do-yeon is also courted for “Human Disqualification.” Jo Byung-gyu may star in OCN’s “Extraordinary Rumor.”

  4. Can we have one for the ladies? Jeon Doyeon, Han Sohee, Kim Sejong and Jeon Yeobin are all considering some great dramas.

  5. Except for Ji Sung and perhaps Woo Do Hwan (never watched anything by him, but heard some good reviews), the other two are plain awful. Not only in acting, but also in viewership. They should seriously get rid of these B-class actors. Give us some veterans, not these pieces of s…

      • Jang Ki Young – Kill It, Search: WWW, My Ahjussi. He is not the worst nor the best, but he always gets main roles. It bugs me that he gets so many opportunities, whilst other gems are still struggling.

        Infinite L – Angel’s Last Mission. He was so awful in it, that I vowed to myself to I will never watch anything from him anymore. His poor acting made a fool out of a top actress such as Shin Hye Sun. I dislike him for the same reason as JKY, because he takes all the good roles from really talented people. I also dislike him because he has so many fangirls saying “oppa is so talented”, whilst he is not.

        The reason that I did not diss Woo Do Hwan is because I always hear how good he is, but then you look at his filmography and he is mainly second lead. I am okay with him getting a chance to shine instead of JKY and L, who both are not only poor actors (especially L) but also have zero star power and cannot pull even average viewership ratings.

      • You are simply jealous. JKY does not always get main roles. He is supporting in MA, and I wouldn’t consider his role in Search WWW main because all characters share equal screentime. L was ok in Miss H but obviously you have watched that drama yet. WDH is not mainly second lead. He is main in The Great Seducer which is so bad and he did a very awful job. He is also main in Mad Dog. Do not believe in hearsays. TheTruth is you are a sour grape with limited K-drama knowledge. Name a struggling actor with zero opportunity as I want to know who your bias is.

      • Thanks for correcting me. Then WDH also does not deserve a main role anymore. The reason that I do not know about these actors is that I refuse to watch anything with these non-talents. But I do know that pairing JKY with Chungmuro legend Im Soo Jung in Search WWW is a joke. But JKY and L are not the only ones to be fair. Most young/idol actors and actress are a laughing stock. I was watching Dinner Mate (awful show btw) a few days ago… Son Na Eun… Sandara Park… Disaster. Park Ji Young in When My Love Blooms… Also horrible.

        Most obvious one for a young actors that have been neglected for years would be Kang Haneul. For young actress, someone such as Kim Tae Ri or Shim Eun Kyung. But they finally received a chance + acclaim. For older ones, there are so many. Basically the whole veteran cast of TWOTM. People like Park Hae Soo. Film actors such as Lee Hee Joon, Sori Moon and Hwang Shin Hye, who need to play second fiddle to Lee Min Ho in LOTBS. Ridiculous… Yoo Ji Tae is also underutilized IMO.

  6. Ji Sung, one of the best actor out there. I love most of his project. Dr John was great… And amid this break ups, its so nice to see celebrity couples stay strong like him and Bo Young.

  7. Whenever I have some time I’m going to do a marathon of Ji Sung dramas in chronological order. He’s one of those actors that gives his all in every project he’s involved in and it’s always an experience.

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