Kim Hye Yoon Considering New jTBC Drama Spring Snowflake with PD and Screenwriter of Sky Castle

This is not a surprising reunion and definitely a very smart one all around. K-actress Kim Hye Yoon is considering the offer to be the female lead in upcoming jTBC drama Spring Snowflake (Snowdrop) helmed by the PD and screenwriter of hit drama Sky Castle. She was one of the main younger cast leads and definitely sky rocketed to the next level with her performance. I think her next drama after Extraordinary You was a misstep on her part, I get that she’s young and doing a fun youth drama is a nice change of pace but the role brought out her less than engaging performance qualities onscreen namely she is so annoying when she aegyos. I like her when she’s cold and serious and even warm but mature. She’s still top of her age group actresses and I hope this drama turns out to be a win-win for her and the production.


Kim Hye Yoon Considering New jTBC Drama Spring Snowflake with PD and Screenwriter of Sky Castle — 24 Comments

  1. I couldn’t tolerate her acting in EY.

    I agree I think she’s a tad better in melodramas but I’m not sure, I didn’t like her in Sky Castle either.

    I think this drama is a pass unless it’s a good ML

  2. Actually I feel like extraordinary you was a risky move on her part that with luck ended up panning out great for her. not only was it a 180 from her role in sky castle it showed she had the range and charm to handle cutesy (with a bit of modulation so it doesn’t come off as annoying) and serious roles. Without the success of that role I doubt she would have been approached as the female lead, maybe a supporting role instead. Sky castle might have shined a light on her but the success of extraordinary you was what put her on the map for leading lady status and if this project ends up working out and becomes a hit,might cement that status.

    • is she the top of her age group? seriously? from 23y.o to 23 y o? this is the biggest joke that ive ever heard. lol sorry but i beg to disagree. EY ratings bomb. Her acting was annoying as well as her voice in that drama.

      • @joanne

        I normally don’t agree with you much but everything you said is on the dot. Her acting is the same in every project, she uses aegyo almost all the time but with varying levels. She cranked it high in EY. It was so hard to feel for her during her sad scenes in the drama.

        I honestly think people like her because they think she’s cute. And they confuse cuteness for decent acting.

      • Maybe ockoala is right. She is the top of her age group (23). I cant think of any actresses in her age group as popular as her right now. Girl is on a roll.

      • Who else is in her age group…Kim So Hyun and Kim Dami are both slightly younger and older than her. Yoo Jung and Hyangi are wayyy younger.I would say Suzy is in Kim Da Mi’s group age-wise. So Hyun is still in Yoo Jung and Hyangi’s group since 19 to 21. She is the lone well known 23 year old who is a household name in Korea. So, technically she is at the top.

      • I do not like her screaming, but her normal voice is actually quite good. Her diction is also very clear. If she stops the yelling she can be a really good actress.

        Her voice is definitely not her weak part. I think it is one of the strongest features of her. If Suzy, Seolhyun or Yoona had her voice and diction (which they do not even come close to… believe me, I am Korean), they would have been the new Jun Ji Hyun.

  3. Extraordinary You was cleary not a misstep for her career. Her performance in this drama was incredible, she could switch from her stage to her shadow character so easily, she had the humor and she killed the sad scenes too. She was great in the modern and the sageuk parts. Not a lot of young actresses can do this.

    She already showed a lot of facettes in her different roles even if they were minor.

    The fact she was invited in a lot of TV shows after EY shows her success in this drama.

  4. No way she is top of her gen. KYJ and KSH are irreplaceable. In fact, they are walls. KHY has a lot to prove to reach KYJ and KSH’s level.

      • lol.. during sohyun was still in sidus.. yujung was treated wayy better than sohyun. she was given plenty of popular endorsements as compared to her peers in the agency. i still don’t understand why yj fans still seeing yujung was treated unfairly in sidus. she was given numerous of popular endorsement by sidus! it’s no wonder sohyun left the agency.

      • Nope. During So Hyun was treated way better than Yoo Jung during her Sidus days. So Hyun got a higher number of endorsements and among them are the popular ones like Pocari, Domino and Smasung Securities. Further, she was given meatier roles over Yoo Jung. So Hyun left the agency because Sidus capitalized in their rivalry.Hence, I feel pity about Yoo Jung.

  5. Extraordinary You was a cult hit in Korea…how was that a misstep…It gave her leading lady status and gained her recognition…I know ratings weren’t huge but it topped every CPI buzz index, people loved it, it had very positive reception from viewers and media. She landed her movie gig right after that. I would say she is right on track. And go see her cameo in Goblin before hating on her people. The aeygo everybody hates here had all her male costars giving her heart eye during actual shooting of the drama, Koreans dig that, I don’t but it is what it is. Also she switched from Manhwa Dan Oh to actual Dan Oh very convincingly in the drama. Goodness, and yes she is very popular right now. She is 23 right. So, I don’t who else is in her age group but she is doing well.

    • This is the truth. Girl carried that drama and got positive reviews plus loads of buzz for it (which is actually significant for a youth drama with no star writer or any famous cast, she was the best known of them lol). The “she can’t act” crowd are on some weird trip.

  6. EY is not a misstep, a hit in Korea and also international. Acting is also very subjective. I like her in both Sky castle and EY.

  7. I don’t know why you guys hate her aegyo but please don’t leave negative comments against that. NO ONE IS PUSHING Y’ALL TO WATCH EXTRAORDINARY YOU SO STFU. Eun Dan Oh is the real Kim Hye Yoon outside the Kdrama Land that’s what she said on Knowing Bros & Ex You isn’t Misstep to her at all. I know some of you love her on Sky Castle because of her role (that includes me) but being cute in the Ex-You is not riskt & just Nothing for her. As what she said on one of her Interview Being Eun Dan Oh is just like being Hyeyoon herself.

  8. LMAO MS KOALA you might as well not write anyth related to kim hye yoon if you truly gonna keep saying that her acting needs work or etc or her aegyeos are annoying.I don’t freaking care abt aegyeos because it just their culture but ppl like you gotta to fkin criticised her abt her voice which is smtg she can’t change. I truly appreciate websites where ppl can be open to their opinions but this website isn’t an exeption. Ms koala is only generating heat to the fire where later there will be a whole ass argument in the comment section. *Sigh*. EY wasn’t a misstep to her part. Sure, her acting wasn’t top notch, but she was just starting to taking on bigger roles. She was invited to many variety shows and he social media followers increased from 500k to abt almost 2 million now. It shows how EY was very popular overseas. She started acting not until she was high school, and she only took roles of a passerby,acquaintance etc. She LITERALLY started from the bottom and then landed her first ever role where she got recognised which is sky castle. She isn’t like your other k actresses who started out with a few works and got recognised for that one big role she play after just about 4 to 5 role she just played. Because of her role in sly castle, people like Ms koala had SOOO high expectations of her acting and then turned put to be disappointed. Well ik its your opinion but if you are gonna still write posts like this, you are wasting your time. I myself didn’t think her acting was top notch but it was pretty decent for someone like her who is just starting. I have seen wayy worst acting than khy but the owner of this blog still ignored it. I just find it unfair how you criticised her when she is only starting. I just hope her next drama don’t generate that much from people coming from you Ms koala.

  9. i dont understand why this gwtting popular. she cant act and her voice is supereeeeeeeeeer annoying. and why Sidus is favoring her over kim yoo jung.
    Dont really get the hype about this gitl. and her looks is plain.

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