K-actor Lee Min Ho Celebrates His 33rd Birthday with Living Room Full of Presents

Happy 33rd birthday, Lee Min Ho! His actual birthday day is June 22nd which makes him an early side of Cancer and one of the many many June birthdays in K-ent as it seems like such a popular month. I’m glad he got to celebrate in a relaxed atmosphere with drama filming/airing both complete for The King: Eternal Monarch. His fandom is no joke and it’s an impressive birthday array full of flowers, gifts, and exquisitely designed cakes. I see a few are paying homage to his last drama and role as King Lee Gon, complete with his trusty white steed Maximus. It’s summer so I hope Min Ho-sshi gets in some R&R after filming for the better part of 9 months and looks through scripts to line up his next project.


K-actor Lee Min Ho Celebrates His 33rd Birthday with Living Room Full of Presents — 26 Comments

  1. Even if he isn’t one of my oppas, I have a special spot for him due to our shared birthday (he’s older by few hours) lol.
    Happy belated birthday twin from different mom and dad! May your next project be better than the last one.

      • biggest conspiracy theory ever told. WB is a fucking nobody like literally. He can’t even be mentioned alongside LMH period. It’s like comparing the earths size to the sun both in talent and acting + popularitt

      • WB nugu both talentwise and recognition compared to LMH. His basically a nobody

      • They r jealous that their oppas wisll never have the same fame which lmg has. Lmh will come back with another grand project whereas their faves are hyenas looking for scraps

  2. Stay blessed oppa. Have a nice professional and personal life. You got new gen of drama fans with this drama. Now select a better script like gangnam blues or faith

  3. Lol his fandom is bigger than second gen idols and actually is increasing and stayed with him. Trend him all the time. Just another level of fandom for an actor. And this is without his china fandom. If hallyu ban removal rumors are true, he will get his china back too. He was in a show which is watched by billion chinese and he is huge name there as well. Infact top chinese actress approached him for movie back then
    That is type of fandom most people wish for. A consistent big fandom for decades

  4. Lee Min Ho is soh overrated. Acting wise, I’d give him an average grade. He should just stick with modeling. It’s what he does best. Flocks of his fans, a huge portion of shallow ones only into his looks, will get sucked into buying whatever brand he endorses.

      • Heard of his fans planting a forest for their oppa? Or donating tons of food? Or trying to match his donations so when he donates a certain amount, the amount gets doubled because of his fans? I don’t think so. Do your homework before trying to say bs about him.

  5. If you KNEW anything at All; you would would that LMH Supporters DONATE to many worthy causes. MINOZ make gontributions as a way of HONORING LMH, NOT because he tries to influence HOW & WHERE their monies should be spent.

  6. Happy birthday LMH.
    Wishing you lots of happiness & a career which soars. Keep at it.
    Take care emotionally, mentally & physically.
    May God bless you.
    All – peace on earth. Please be kind to one another.

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