It’s Okay to Not be Okay Strolls into Extraordinary Drama Telling Territory with Episode 4 Bringing in 4.942% Ratings

I don’t think there was ever a good enough way to promote It’s Okay to Not be Okay. And I might not have watched it but for it being Kim Soo Hyun’s drama and I’d watch that boy read from a phone book. This drama is breathtaking in its storytelling, the visuals equal to the emotional darkness and hope of the narrative. It’s a work of art that remains art whether it’s hung at the Louvre or spme neighborhood art gallery. Episode 4 hit so many beats I was breathless, starting with guest star Kwak Dong Yeon‘s incredible performance that cements him of worthy of his own male lead, and I’ve thought he was long overdue for years but this hammers it home. Heartbreaking stuff.

Then Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji go for it beat for beat, neither Kang Tae nor Moon Young back down from each other but continue to push each other forward. It’s not always a good place, as we see Moon Young fulfilling her promise to walk her dad and then getting a strangulation dead attack round 2. No wonder she’s so f*@ked up. Thank god Kang Tae read her Zombie Boy fairytale and understood viscerally what she was trying to say. No actor can cry like Kim Soo Hyun can cry and when Kang Tae got to the point when the Zombie boy grabbed his stumpy mother’s torso to eat an said “Mom, you’re so warm” I about lost it. Everyone in this drama needs a happy ending and I am going to rewatch scenes from here on out to not miss a detail or moment because it’s that good.

K-dramas have featured anti-heroines aplenty from Cinderalla Unni to Hotel Del Luna and countless in between. Likely none as emotionally traumatized and abused as Moon Young, and Kang Tae sees that now as well as the slightly autistic side of her similar to Sang Tae liking something and wanting it and saying whatever comes to mind within their own logic. She is the id and ego while Kang Tae is the super ego, and together they have a chance to find the comfort they have been sorely lacking since birth. He was born to take care of Sang Tae and she was born to be her mother’s masterpiece, both are seeking agency in their existence and meeting each other expands their horizons.


It’s Okay to Not be Okay Strolls into Extraordinary Drama Telling Territory with Episode 4 Bringing in 4.942% Ratings — 140 Comments

  1. This drama is a sure shot masterpiece and deserves a lot more love. Just goes to show how some very bad shows get ratings because of hype and controversy and a quiet real drama like this becomes a highly acclaimed cult classic. The international fan base is eating this up but even critics in Korea have nothing but praise for it. This is another Be Melodramatic situation.

    • Is it necessary for you to run down other shows in your love and support for this show? There’s this thing called preference. To you, it may be a masterpiece but to some, it could be pretentious art. If it’s really that good, people will come to love it for its own merits. Sing your praises but just keep it about the show please.

      • She didnt mention any drama. So dont be so triggered. It’s her opinion and didnt bring down ANY other drama. Why so serious???

      • @Yui Know the meaning of snide? The telling is in between the lines. Anyway, why are you so defensive when it’s not even your comment to begin with.? I’m asking that we keep praises about the show to the show. Anything wrong?

      • @mizzy i know this isnt my comment to begin with, but i share the same sentiment as hers. We should praise this drama, ok i get it, but then, what’s so wrong with sharing our opinion about comparing this and that, well not even mention any name in here. Cant we criticize something else???? Why you should tell her what to say. Im not being butthurt here but trying to tell you that we can talk and share our opinions. Cuz comparing two things are common. Cuz there are some bad dramas got high rating just bcuz of the hype and controversy.

    • You sound so pressed that backstreet rookie ratings is high compared to this drama??? But tbh this drama is really boring even kim soo hyun’s face can’t save it. He’s getting paid a million just for this role?? All he do is stare at the femaled lead?? Lol his stardom has deminished. Looks like kim yoo jung’s stardom in korea is more powerful than kim soo hyun’s lol

      • It’s literally team BR vs team IOTNBO. And more than Kim yoo Jung, I think it’s Ji Chang wook. That man can act and deserves ALL the love. He’s nailing his role. And as for KSH, SYJ is definitely stealing his spotlight. But to say he’s bad will be wrong. It’s his comeback, SK isn’t appreciating it enough, so atleast us international fans should. But yes, just to uplift another drama don’t degrade another. BR got high ratings and all the international hype becuz of how good it is in its genre. And JCW is JCW, at the end of the day.
        Love for both dramas!

      • You sound angry that nobody talks about BR here honestly. Plenty of dramas get high rating with terrible plot and noise marketing, its not just BR. In fact, I would say BR fans can’t stop from trying to talk about BR here unprovoked every single time. Its like a child throwing tantrum, pay attention to me.

      • I like to say some ppl think they know everything
        If u dont like the drama but it gets higher rating means it is all due to hype
        Acoording to me (stating my opinions everyone can) hype can get rating for a drama for the first two episodes after that its individual preference
        As we have seen before
        But backstreet rookie rating has increased in the fourth episode as some ppl realised that it is a good drama
        I m not saying its a wonderful drama but now the period is such that life has become difficult due to this pandemic and this moment most of the ppl prefer to watch something light even if its silly
        Even i like kimsoohyun (but i dint watch this drama so wont comment) but i m holding this drama on standby as from all the comments i can see its a sad and dark story and right now i m not ready for it
        So some ppl might think the same way
        If u really feel any drama is bad dont watch it but bashing it calling it trash is not something acceptable by the drama fan
        Becoz all actors and staff work hard to make a drama or movie
        Judging is easy so everyone does it
        Hype and praise what u like why bash others when u have no interest to watch why waste ur energy unless it affects you


      • Backstreet Rookie is airing in Local Channel While It’s okay not to be okay is airing in Cable channel, Netflix and there’s another app in Korea where you can watch it live.. There’s 3 channels where people can watch it’s okay thus the ratings while backstreet rookie is airing in one local channel which all people have access in Korea. Its okay is a very good drama about mental health while backstreet rookie is just a simple korean drama and Yoo Jung character looks like a stalker that like a man way older than her. Mental Illness is still a taboo in KOrea and i like that they are tackling it lik it’s okay that’s love.

      • @gjl

        Don’t want to comment but female lead in BR is stalker?
        Where did you see that, she just say that she likes him since 3 years ago but there is no scene of her stalking him

        The psycho drama female lead harassing the male lead, by word, by her action, telling him that she wants him like a toy or an accessory and the excuse is “she has mental illness”, that doesn’t excuse her shitty behaviour, her kidnapping people, her harassing people and you want to come over to criticize some teenage girl stupid love over kind guy she met?

        Get over with the comparison.

      • @ tana..I haven’t watched BR so I won’t comment but in IONTBO they are not glorifying the female lead.. Do some research on people having Anti Social Personality Disorder. The drama is not excusing her just because of her illness but it is just that such type of people are indeed like that who can’t feel any emotion and treat other people like a commodity.It is more like an accurate portrayal of people having that type of disorder. It is just a reality check. Even I was unaware of this illness before.

      • Okay for some reason I think you should know when to compare and contrast, Backstreet Rookie and It’s okay not to be okay are on two different planes, for me the role Ji Chang Wook is playing isn’t exactly him, but hey he’s an actor and can bring any character to but Kim Soo Hyun not only plays his role but he is the role
        There’s a Huge lesson to learn from the series, and above all it should help you see people differently and understand them
        Everything isn’t always green
        Maybe you’re all for laughs but don’t compare BR to IONTBO
        The two don’t relate in anyway

      • @astar
        I am not talking about glorifying in the drama but the comment section has the nerve to dramatize of a young girl who loves a good guy and didn’t harm him while worshipping another character that actually harmed and harass the male lead.

        Why keep talking about the “trashy” backstreet rookie female lead who is young stupid girl in love just to show that iotbno has “better” lead when she is older, can function but still act like some of the stuff are “not” wrong, you can be APD can doesn’t understand whatnot in the line but kidnapping?

        I don’t really see the same agreement said from the other drama, the way the KSH drama talks bad about BR is just show how insecure they are,
        all their comment is whaboutism and when they get confront back with their own drama, the defense is “oh she has mental issue”, well mental health is not excuse someone to be a jerk or violating rule when they can function in society,

        just talk and praise your drama, if BR get an upward trajectory each week then more to them than trash talking them, as like BR female lead is kidnapping someone against their will or just do it so someone notices her

      • Koreans talk about kim yoo jung more in portals like nate. They don’t care or even praise jcw ever since his scandal so… HAHA they even said kim yoo jung will be the next jun ji hyun lol

    • @ orange on. I dont know about Korean but this drama definitely have more buzz internationally than Backstreet rookie especially on Twitter

      • My point exactly, no one is saying that BR is good, the series is just weird and funny but IONTBO is on another level
        It strums every single string in your body, some scenes you can relate to, others you learn from
        The series is just magical

      • @violt, I’m sure you’re mistaken. KYJ is getting a lot of buzz but JCW is still ahead. His popularity is definitely more internationally and in Korea. BR itself is trending on Twitter, that’s the thing. So is IOTNBO, it’s a healthy competition but some fans are just trying to create ice

  2. im in love with this drama and with Kim Soo Hyun. im looking forward to episodes 5 and 6. Im soo glad that this is on Netlix.

  3. Episode after episode this drama keeps hitting all the right notes. The electrical chemistry and sexual attraction between the leads has me eating up all their scenes. I can’t take my eyes off them.

      • I absolutely love this drama! The cinematography is beautiful, the acting is on par for both leads as well as supporting characters. I eagerly await new episodes each week. In regards to ratings, as I understand it, this serious is on a cable channel while BR is on a free access channel. A 4.9 rating is not bad for the channel that the show airs on and is an increase from its originally aired rating. I am also eager to watch BR. I cannot wait to see it as well. I am choosing to commit to this series while allowing the BR EPs to rack up so that I can binge it later. Both series are good. If people want to compare, let them…I don’t think anyone has said anything mean about either shows here…let’s all (including myself) chill! Take the no mean comment back…just read some very vicious ones…its not necessary both shows are good and both actors are good…relax people!!!

  4. I AGREE with everything you said 🙂 There’s no weak link in this drama. Gosh, I hope it continues to be beautifully told until the very end. This might be one of my top 5 kdramas, or probably #1 since as you said, extraordinary story-telling, directing, acting, editing, cinematography etc. I LOVE this series!! So happy for KSH and SYJ for this amazing project choice!!!

    • Totally agree, this is the drama I have been waiting for a long time. The Neflix and TVNI VOD rating are No 1 now

  5. 100% agree with what uve said….This is a masterpiece story telling drama and the only drama i don’t even want to miss a second of it…Its that amazing in everything..

    • Yup highest paid oppa delivering his second disaster in row. They r sticking to acclaim lile their oppa got 250 million won for making this drama disaster.

      • I see u butthurting in every other post except Liminghao one. Aiya dont be like that la, u look so pitiful.

  6. 4.9%? Yikes. I guess the first drama post-military curse for big stars is continuing. Praying Joo Won’s drama does well.

    • 4.9 on tvn dear, it’s like double in national tv. No worries this is still good. Cuz even the daesang winner Secret Forest got 4% average.

      This drama is a masterpiece. Not bcuz i like KSH, but the story is just very good. The point of every episode was amazing. Give it a try.

      • to be fair, secret forest is a comeback of older actor without hallyu stardom and at the time, even 2% is that high so 4% is a treat

        now, even tv chosun get 6% with park shi hoo saeguk

      • @anne Secret forest is 2017 drama. At the time reply already produced 2 dramas with high rating. Signal got 11 or 12%. Dont get me wrong, i love SF to pieces. I just want to say that for tvn, 4% isnt really a flop. 1% yes. It might not as expected, cuz of KSH, but 4 is still safe. It didnt drop that much, not even half of the 1st ep 6%. This drama still got 4.9%. Not many tvn drama got more than 10 nowadays. Well, i hope it will increase later.

        Well, koreans love saeguk. No wonder it’s doing well.

      • 4 percent on tvn is low to be honest. It needs to be at least 8 overall average to be a modest rating show. And 12 percent like Goblin and Cloy to be a hit

      • But 4 percent is not super flop though the main actor is highly paid. JCW’ Melting me softly Tvn shiw git only 2.1 percent and he was paid handsomely for that.

      • @ric33 melting me got 1.1% for the lowest. 4% looks lower bcuz the expectation for KSH since he always got high rating in every drama before enlistment. Since i like the show, i hope it’ll get higher rating later.

        How many dramas got 8? I kinda forget which dramas. But i think, not many. Below ten that got more than 10. Only a few got more than 5. I might be wrong.

      • @yui
        what I am saying is Secret Forest at the time is a considered more than average rating, it can’t be compared with now when the normal drama in the cable can get 2% rather easily.

        have you heard of TV chosun? it’s less and less than JTBC and TVn consumer field to get 6% rating,

        What I am saying is the PBUIO drama, regarding the quality, does perform lower than expectation in the rating field.

        6% the name of KSH is a given, he’ll be there but the way that it get 4% and 5% is quite shocking because he supposed to be at least 6% given his status

    • Joo won has an upcoming drama? I did not know, thanks for pointing that out, his last drama was a snoozefest, looking forward to his next drama.

    • Remember it’s also airing in Netflix and there’s one more app that Korean can watch it live thus the ratings. If there’s no Netflix where people can watch it in their own time I think the ratings is highter. 4% is considered good in cable channel I remember when OCN Vampire Prosecutor hits 3% they arleady considered it a high rating drama.

      • CLOY, When the Camelia Blooms and Itaewon Class all aired on Netflix too. Yet all performed better than this one.

        Don’t use Netflix an an excuse.

        I just find it funny that now people are saying 5% is good enough when the same people were predicting double digits out of the gate. Talk about adjusted expectations. LOL

  7. I totally agree – the zombie baby fairy tale got me. The stories are very well written and this one is just one that goes straight for your guts and heart.
    I have seen healing dramas but this is one of a kind
    Normally one side has trauma and the other side has something to give but here the two leads are totally “in trauma” PLUS she is someone who can’t give love objectifying things while he is someone in so lack of love and traumatised for being objectified by his mom as being born just to take care of his brother
    How is that going to work?!
    Yet you just know they are right for each other
    Slow clap – this drama regardless of ratings is just good
    This is one drama that I’ll say, if the ratings remain Low it just means art is not for everyone and the show is just ahead of its time.

  8. I have never watched a drama that had me continuously laughing, gasping and then crying for every single episode! It is really innovative and brilliant story telling. So many perspectives, meanings and makes you really think. Technically re art, direction, writing and production are all amazing. Same with the actors – they can convey so much with their eyes alone. With just 4 episodes, I can feel it potentially entering my top 3 Kdrama of all time. I don’t care too much for ratings – it is just an indicator.

  9. I have not seen this drama because I want to wait until it finishes airing so that I can binge-watch. hopefully, it does not suck. I never pay any attention to rating, the rating does not translate how good the drama is. I’ve just finished Tale of nokdu and it’s so freaking awesome despite the below-average rating. Now I am a fan of Jang Dong Yoon.

  10. Looks like even kim soo hyun’s face cant save this drama… and a lot of pbio fans are triggered because backstreet rookie has really high ratings compared to this drama lol kim soo hyun’s stardom has become ? sigh…

    • Both dramas are equally great in their own genres. JCW and KSH have their own ground in SK and globally. They’re both doing well, BR also had low ratings first and now it’s soaring. IOTNBO will also have good ratings in upcoming episodes. Every actor in both dramas has great potential.

      • Omg, you must be dreaming to comapre KSH with JCW. JCW does a lot of silly things just to get average ratings. hes acting so cutedy all the time made me puke. this prince of arena is something.

  11. All i know is this drama is magical, it touched me deeply in the most gentle way possible yet it still hurt. i see two broken souls coming together just bc they yearn so much for that warmth from someone for so long. so heart-trenching, and beautiful. some people with only snark in their heart will never be able to see the beauty of it or appreciate anything and that’s fine by me. this drama is a truly a gem for many and personaly i for sure will watch it over again and again after it ends.

  12. Why r people bringing netflix numbers? Few weeks back they didnt matter. I was told! S9 why it is being used now? Criteria changes depending upon the actor u like or dislike?
    So theh should not matter today as well!
    And he is higjest paid commercial actor not arthouse. He didnt receive that salary for acclaim but for giving it. 4% for him? His last movie was disaster and now this. Not there is any report about pre airing profit either.

    • Are you high or delusional?? Not a single comment mentions Netflix. Except for you, what exactly is your point? That show ended, move on. We don’t care for it.

      • Who d hell r u to order ne aroundM first vonment n prevuous pist comments mention international numbers. That is netflix. And noone cares about this disaster either. Move on. Its not ur papas forun

      • Still hung up on King, nobody cares…you are embarassing…move on…plenty of other shows out there to watch…pick one, anyone…let me write it again…Nobody Cares for that Show.

      • Even if this drama flops, it would still be a good watch. I don’t need validation of numbers to enjoy it and judging by response in DB, soompi and twitter, plenty others feel same. Your problem is nobody cared for Lee Min Ho’s acting either and he didn’t receive one iota of good reviews this show is getting despite the same numbers. Maybe he should focus on acting too.

      • I like the actors, the show hence I am here, an article about that show…I did not comment on King after I stopped watching it unlike you who is still clearly hurt that nobody praised you know who or thinks he is savior of mankind like you do. Even if this show flops, that won’t make King a winner or critically acclaimed. That was a blunder and it will remain a blunder regardless of whether this show flops or is a hit.

    • In my opinion, when you are in your 30s you should start thinking about your legacy as an actor not just commercial success. LMH the King tanked with an A lister actir , hype and 24 million dollar budget and with a rating of 7.7 on free tv. In Netflix yes it went number one in several countries but let us remember that when uou have Netflix the viewing habit of people mist do not watch it everyday only in yheir free time. Tkem went number 1 in my territory for only a day. It usually gies out of the top ten after a week. So unless tkem stays long in the too ten like xloy that stayed for months you cannot say tkem is a big success on netflix based on the result for a few days because most people do not watch netflix on a daily basis and they can choose to waych other shows and return to other shows anytime

    • Ady. Adapting from your words when you described your bias – KSH is an A-lister, regardless of what, his status will not change. He will continue to receive high pay. Why are you so bitter here? Have you watched this drama yet? It is so good but the genre is not for everyone which may explain the ratings (which is actually not bad for a cable drama).

      • Why are people always saying the rating is 4% instead of 4.9 or 4 %? Just want to show KSH is doing a bad job?? I really like this drama, even in Korea Neflix is rank No 1, that means people still love this drama, so no need to worry to worry about it , just sit back and enjoy this drama.

      • Trolls just want to bash, and Ady fails in Math! No one should believe her.

  13. It’s really a great drama but stories about mental health are rarely successuful. They’re still high buzzworthy. Ratings are not the only way to have success.

    The past stories look really painful and dark.

    • Ratings are the success for kdrama top stars. This is what writer n her minions here said. Nothing else matters. So why to sugarcoat a 4% disaster?

      • Ratings are success of top actors then what happen with LMH and his TEKM who get less rating not even get 15% in public channel with great casts and famous writer…Gong Yoo, Hyun Bin , Ji Chang wook all got low rating after military service.

      • LMH has never had a box office hit btw career wise in terms of box office and ratings and awards LMH is not match for ksh

      • I don’t know fans like to compare these two. They are around the same age and both very popular, but the similarities end there. They are obviously different types of actors going their own paths and pursuing different things in their careers.

  14. Such a great drama. I loved how they wove the plot of Zombie Boy into the story. Also Zombie Boy was hella disturbing and I can see why it got censored, haha.

    This drama hits on every level: visuals, story, acting. So many of the side characters are also played by actors I really love.

  15. I am waiting its run will end and I will binge watch it. For a cable drama in 2020, 5-6% average ratings are pretty good. With promotions and stardom of KSH, I would have expected more. But there are still 12 episodes so hopefullly it will achieve 12-14%.

  16. I’m finally sold on this drama! Episode 4 was heartbreaking in the best of ways. I don’t know how many times I cried, laughed, even fumed at the characters in this episode. One thing is clear, Moon Young is definitely getting under Gang Tae’s skin. Making him react to things that he would have otherwise ignored or overlooked. She’s one of the few people who ‘sees’ him with his layers peeled and in her no nonsense way, tells it to him straight. Which explains his mean and cutting outburst at her. I love her honesty and lack of pretense. SYJ is just killing her role, the scene where she told him she loves him: you could see her expression change from gloating and manipulative, to sincerely hurt when he didn’t respond and walked away. There are so many gems in this episode. I also want to applaud Gang Tae’s best friend for always sticking to his buddy and following him wherever he goes… But why are the parents in this drama so sh!tty? One wants to commit his son forever because he’s an embarrassment, the other tries to kill his daughter twice, while another deprives love from one child only to fawn over the other… Really messed up! And I can now see why KSH deserves so much praise for his role. He’s the straight guy to Moon Young’s over the top, flamboyant character. So he plays this understated character, with heartfelt sincerity and emotion. Anyhow, I’m down for next week’s episodes. Lol!

    • Thanks for your support of KSH koala!

      I love IOTBO and I’m so happy to see mostly positive reviews too. The only negative comments I ever see about this show is about the lack of ratings (and most from TKEM and BR “fans” who are super toxic and bashing on a great drama).

      I respect other people’s opinions but this negativity is very toxic so I won’t be visiting your site or reading comments here again.

    • Sorry Adal, when I talked about toxic comments I didn’t mean you! I thought I was posting a seperate comment. I didn’t mean to post on yours. I love your review and positivity about the show!

  17. I binge watched the 4 episodes yesterday. The first two were solid setting up of the characters but 3 and 4 hit it out of the park. SYJ must be loving this role. I hope the quality and storytelling remain high and kudos to the PD because you need a sure hand on a drama like this.

    Lastly, though it would be great if the ratings were high, I find that healing dramas don’t always do great so I just wish the ratings remain respectable for the drama team that is putting out such a solid show.

  18. @Violt @Orange Both shows are not doing well in the ratings. As of this writing BR only averages 5.7625%– that is considered unsuccessful considering it is on FREE TV where everyone who has a TV can watch and it’s from a hallyu star. IOTNBO is on cable– the difference is it needs less rating bump to be considered a modest rating program. JCW is JCW? His last drama on cable, Melting Me Softly, TV bombed with 2.150%. Kim Yoo Jung last drama on cable rated 2.810%. KSH is doing fine with his cable rating compared to JCW or KYJ. JCW was the highest-paid actor at that time on TVN for the show that crashed and burned.Netflix did not even picked Melting and BR in our region, considering I am from Asia..

    • BR is actually doing pretty well. It’s ratings were the highest in its time slot, and given that its only the 4th episode, the ratings are excellent tbh. IOTNBO, I love the show as much as I Love BR. Both JCW and KSH are nailing their roles. But IOTNBO isn’t really getting expected ratings like BR. CLOY was also on a cable channel, but it got higher ratings. 4-5% is considered low this drama. This is quite shocking. I expected more ratings. And kindly don’t bring JCW into this. The comparison between his drama and KSH drama is understandable, but don’t bash KSH, JCW, KYJ or any actor. MMS was in the past. No need to bring that up now, that drama didn’t hurt JCW’s image even a bit. And your comment tells that you’re a KSH fan, but pls don’t bring JCW, LMH or any fellow actor. I wish luck to both dramas. Both are doing great internationally, there’s a lot of buzz for both.

  19. Episode 3 and 4 really were well woven together. The central theme seems to be focused on parenting and expectations in child-parent dynamics. Both Kang Tae, Moon Young and Kwon Gi Do (Kwak Dong Yeon’s cameo) are victims in terrible family environments. Kang Tae’s mother meant well but was always too busy looking out for Sang Tae and putting burden on Kang Tae to be responsible when its not his place to be so. Moon Young may have been born different but her parents did not get her help that she needed either. Gi Do crushed under expectations of his family to the point that it drove him insane. I loved how all these stories came full circle and connected to each other. Zombie Boy was such a heart breaking story. You don’t to give a lot to a child, just love, kindness and a bit attention. Also Seo Ye Ji’s killing it. We all knew Kim Soo Hyun is good but she is truly showing the world what she is made of. Shout out to kwak Dong Yeon, he played Gi Do with so much energy yet brought so much hurt and pain to it by the end. I hope he gets better dramas and better roles. He deserves it. As for the ratings, it will likely stay withing 5 to 6 ish range or may increase slightly. Its respectable if not a huge hit given this isn’t big budget or anything. I hope it increases. Even if it doesn’t, I see how its well received in Korea and in international community of viewers. So, I hope they can keep the quality up till the end. It made me so happy to see the Naver and nate comments, people really appreciate the show, message and acting so far. Hopefully it stays that way.

  20. This drama is simply precious. I love just every single thing about it and no matter how things go from here on, I think I’d be too invested in all the characters lives and happily ever afters to give it up.

    There are some dramas I love so much but tend to forget after watching. And there are some that linger for so long after I turn to a different channel. This is one of those. I love it so much, “love” isn’t enough a word to describe it haha. Dramatic much but it’s just perfection

  21. First 2 episodes were a bit strange and i wasnt very invested in characters. But ep3&4 sealed the deal for me. It is a good drama. I could compare it with Goblin or Hotel Del Luna. Kim Soo Hyun never dissapoints. Cried when zombie boy said that mommy is warm. Also i really think so much about those parents-children relationships.

  22. High quality drama. Superb storytelling and acting.

    Too bad a lot of posts here seems to be posted by a few trolls using different name.

  23. Seems some of the fans of tkem are hating on this drama here at least this drama have mostly positive reviews from both inetz and knetz cant say the same for the King which was the most expensive drama this year with two popular leads and writer.

    • tkem fans don’t come here or this blog. I probably say Backstreet rookie fans but why are all the negative reviews being removed kinda strange. I saw a dozen here but aside from that wish the best for this drama

    • You guys, you BR fans are so dramatic….that abdsomethinghyun girl…her comments got deleted, she was abusing people in Hindi and thought no one would notice. This article didn’t have 50 comments to begin with so by your mathematical logic there should be -10 comments.

      • No. I was following the thread closely. 20-30 well post constructive criticism were deleted and No I am not ADYjunjihyun posts. The other posts that disappear.. This is very controversial

      • I didn’t count AdyJunjihyun posts at all. I was referring to the other removed reviews

      • Lol, I saw those comments before they got deleted and they were definitely not constructive, more like delusional fans of other shows here to provoke fan wars.

    • Reviews? nahh more like trolls attempt at trolling as usual. I also follow the thread and there was like 4-5 post with similar writing style, definitely not “20-30 well post constructive criticism” lol nice try.

    • 4 to 5 comments with similar writing style probably from spammers got detected and deleted including that abdj girl. 20-30…hell no.

  24. I am in Florida, USA. Since the first episode this drama was striking. Kang Tae, Sang Tae and Moon Young each had a childhood relationship that is affecting their sanity as young adults. We still do not know why Sang Tae fears the butterflies. The stories of each patient Kang Tae deals with in the pay hospital bring us another view of how mental health patients deal with their inside demons and how even their care takers can really do much for them, very sad! I am loving this drama in all its aspects and deserve to be praise for its way it presenting one of the biggest issues of modern society: Mental Health.

  25. Can’t get enough of this drama. I don’t care about ratings but for the cast and crew’s sake I hope it picks up. I can understand the genre is not everyone’s cup of tea which may be why.

    What’s with all the hate though. If you don’t like it don’t watch it or pay it any attention. Simple as that.
    I’m enjoying this drama and not currently watching any of the others. I don’t feel the need to leave negative comments on posts about other dramas just because I’m cheering for this one. Childish much.

  26. There is really NO reason to compare two dramas which are airing on completely different timeslots and each of them are airing on 1 day on which the other one isn’t airing (BR on Friday/IONTBO on Sunday). Also TWO different genres.

    If those two dramas have people who love isn’t it enough? Why always fight over such little things?

    Grow the heck up, kiddos!

  27. I can definitely verify what she is saying to be true as one of my constructive criticism post was removed and I saw way more then just 4-5 posts as your claiming. Trying to mask this as if we are on the same page is not gonna last and believe me all this dose is counter-productive and motivate these who leave constructive criticism posts and it appears as if you can’t take

  28. I’m enjoying this drama very much,its unique, humorous, and compelling. I find the two main characters engaging and delightful to watch. After each episode I’m left wanting more.

  29. Just love it. At first i didn’t want to begin it because i wanted to watch something light but as i like the actors especialy Seo Ye Ji ( i highly recommand “save me” ) I gave it a try and it’s my new fix . It’s compelling , it’s like a charm . I’m watching too , Backstreet Rookie wich is fun and refreshing for this season and Unfamiliar family .

    • Did anyone not read the tabloid news hitting the headlines in hk and china yesterday? Wow… if it blows any bigger thats the end of Seo Ye Ji’s career. What a conniving terrible person she is in real life if what that entertainment reporter exposed is the truth. Dated Kim Soo Hyun. He pushed for her to get into Gold Medalist. Breaks up and now dating his cousin who is the ceo. Also dated kim jung hyun from crash landing. All this while throwing big attitude on set. Thinking she’s the next jeon ji hyun and the production is now really troubled behind the scenes due to her icy relationship with KSH and staff. 4 episodes in. Knetz are expecting ratings to drop even more now with this expose. She IS her character in the drama.

      • Oh really. Is this proven true? She must be attractive being able to have so many oppas dating her. She looks very pretty to me. What’s wrong with being the character in the drama? Then she can be healed because it is a healing drama. hahaha…

      • There are BTS videos where they are smiling and giggling that is Seo Ye Ji and Kim Soo Hyun, you guys are delusional on a different level alltogether. Trying to vilify a women based on her dating history which is possibly malicious rumors at best, misoginystic bottom dewellers.

      • Lol!! If the source is from Chinese tabloids then I won’t believe .. If it is the truth then wait for the news from K-ent..But even if this is true, it has got nothing to do with her career..Her acting is fabulous..Also..I don’t think people who broke up recently will be so comfortable in the bts..Your delusions are super high..

      • @Emily – I was happily reading IOTBNO posts here and content to keep going because commentary was flowing with love and support until I hit yours. Now that whole saga/untruth that I must add was posted on Soompi Forum by @LukeandAdelaide and it was nonsensical and I might add was called out by several commentators as a lie which then forced him/her to post an apology. The ‘trash’ reporter has no relevancy and is known to be a sleaze and tabloid whore wanting to jump on the international popularity bandwagon for clickbait which you obviously took to hook line and sinker but there is no substance or truth to it. I’m a staunch, avid SJY fan and I’m prepared to stick it out here to say to you and any other muppet spreading this malicious rumour to either get hard evidence facts and prove it. If not then take a ticket and stand down. Far out if you think they had history yeah good on them but to add she also dated the cousin? Now that’s pushing it. Anything to distract from a fantastic drama they had to go for SYJ dating history- desperate and try hard don’t sully my girl’s name when all you have is your imagination to play with. Do me a favour practice the butterfly hug but instead of placing it over your shoulders try wrapping your hands around your neck for added effect to get some common sense. No wonder she had to cancel her IG cos of people like you whilst the rest of us (her fans) have to sit and wait for her agency and TvN to drop photo updates.

      • @Emily

        I really can’t help adding my two cents to this though most of the time I prefer to keep quiet on matters like these. You do know that online comments can be sued for slander and libel, don’t you? Please refrain from spreading unfounded and malicious rumors online, for your own sake. Especially when such news is from a Chinese tabloid. If there were any truth to the matter, either Dispatch or any reputable K-ent news would either have carried it or alluded to it. If you are not a fan of SYJ, that’s okay. If you think her acting is subpar, then that’s okay as well, you are entitled to your opinion. But rumor mongering and defamatory, incendiary words designed to tear down a person’s character is a big NO. It also doesn’t speak well of you to repeat such words here.

  30. 100% AGREE WITH YOU!

    I don’t know where they are getting the nerves to say that BSR got high ratings considering that it is only hitting single digit in a Friday-Saturday timeslot of a public channel. These KYJ fans are full of delusions everything about their idol. Ewwww.

  31. BS rookie will bit double digits this week, this friday. at 12% this friday and 14% saturday. Can wait ti see rating hit 20%.
    Stay jealous peeeps

    • *hit. Soar High Fly High backstreet Rookie. Go for 20% rating. You can do it. Changwook and Yoo jung Congrats in advance. wooooohoooo.

  32. Pls stop with the comparison of this drama and BR. They’re both are well received by international fans. Don’t hate on IOTNBO if you like BR and vice versa. If your a fan of JCW and KSH support their dramas. Being harsh won’t help. And both dramas have different genres, the comparison makes no sense. stay positive for IOTNBO too, low ratings don’t mean the end of the world for it. No need to be pressed just becuz BR got higher ratings. Grow up fellas!

    • Is it really higher though? One is on public channel and one is on cable. Besides 5-6% on free channel is nothing to get excited about, unless the bar is set that low.

      • Yes. It is high. It topped its time slot. And given that it’s just the 4th episode and has reach an all time high, even though the first episode got criticized for sexual content, it is a success. The ratings are overwhelming, and higher than most of the dramas airing rn be it on public or cable channel. And jbtw, it is 8.3% for the latest episode, not 5 or 6%, so the team deserves to be applauded. Pls try to be happy for others too, I’m sure IOTNBO will also get better ratings. And as long as the dramas are creating buzz and are well loved, I don’t think comparison will make any sense here. Xx

  33. How is mental illness viewed in S. Korea? If it’s not something widely embraced or discussed that could be why ratings aren’t the greatest. Autism and mental illness are very heavy topics and in drama land, need to be approached with care.

    I’m loving this drama so far and honestly commend the writer for managing to create poignant stories within a story. I hope it continues on with Go Moon Young’s books paralleling what’s going on in the main storyline.

  34. I don’t think the actress is good at all i admit that when i saw her pictures with kim so hyun before the drama starts i thought she has a good chemistry with him but when i started the show the girl is 0 acting skills and 0 chemistry with kim so hyun so for me bad actress choice ???

    • @Nahla Khaled – So if in your opinion she is a bad actress with zero chemistry please advise who did you want as the female lead? I think it’s only fair to know who you would have instead? Please do share, I’m keen to know.

      • Hey am not a director to choose from actresses?,, judging her chemistry with kim so hyun is my personal point of view and judging her acting ( in that specific role ) based also on my personal point of view as a fan to the drama??‍♀️ ,,, I didn’t feel it from her at all the role need more charismatic character and as i said i expected more from the pictures I previously saw ,,, maybe we see more from her.. i don’t know but so far it’s not what expected

      • @Nahla Khaled – So which actress did you want cast then? It must be a pretty hard watch if you like the drama but not the FL and the chemistry which is 80% of screen time. I wish I could watch a drama but exclude the FL and chemistry between the leads that would leave me with virtually zilich to follow.

    • agreed. Poor acting skills and ske looked like Kim Soo Hyun. she looks manly to me. negative chemistry with kim Soo Hyun.
      just watch BR. Kim Yoo Jung and Chang wooks have sizzling chemie

      • @ Joane –

        I love both BSR and Kim Yoo Jung and IOTBNO and Seo Ye Ji as well. Can you please stop your nonsense in trying to incite trouble cos it’s really tiresome reading.

        You sure want to bring KYJ into disrepute aye..really you are an anti fan of KYJ it’s obvious.

        Both FL are doing fantastic in their respective dramas and I can’t praise them high enough. My weekends are a joy once again please don’t ruin it any further it’s really not nice at all.

  35. I guess BSR fans need to realize that the drama’s 8.3% rating is equivalent to 1.65million viewers while IONTBO’s 4.9% rating is equivalent to 1.40million viewers based on Nielsen’s data. Hence, there is nothing to be proud of about BSR’s ratings because it is almost the same with IONTBO’s in terms of equivalent number of viewers. IONTBO is the winner here because it is aired in a cable channel which is access only by few.

    • Get your facts straight. I’m a IOTNBO fan but sucks to see other fans trying to put BR down.The ratings for BR are high, kindly don’t try to justify IOTNBO less than expected ratings by using BR ratings. It’s very low of you. Appreciate a drama if it’s doing well. And it’s just the 4th episode, keep that in mind. Accept the fact that the show isn’t doing well in Kr, I’m also accepting it as a fan. And being a BR fan, I’m more than happy for their team.

  36. I think this is one of the best dramas I have seen in a long time. It is a little dark,but the acting is spot on.

  37. There are many ways to tell a story. The way this drama is unfolding is not very conventional but it sure is an interesting watch, in my opinion. Its fairy tale-esque story telling compounded with beautiful cinematography and good acting make it a beautiful work of art. It deserves more love in the ratings game.

  38. The comments here are so strange.

    Do you all not realize 4.9% on a cable show and Netflix is great? The show will video on demand numbers too.

    Really odd to try to compare free public broadcast channel ratings to a paid channel like TVN.

    Not too long ago 1% was an amazing sucess on cable. How times have changed.

  39. The excuses being made by some IOTNBO fans. If the King didn’t do well on tv, it did great on Netflix; the numbers reflected that. But the same can’t be said for IOTNBO.

    BR fans, if you’re real fans and not pretending to be, stop.

    And yeah, it’s on cable tv, which is a paid service. But if it was doing stellar then some of you would be saying the opposite of what you are saying now. A lot of people have cable now; just look at Sky Castles number and CLOY.

    And yes, both dramas aren’t giving great numbers. But today, competition is tough for both local and cable channels.

    Stop comparing BR and IOTNBO; both don’t even come in the same timeslot, they are not each other’s competition. So both sides need to stop.

  40. Its disgusting to see some fans of BR coming here to talk about BR whule this is a review on IOTNBO. Get a life BR fans. We dont need your approval to call this show our favourite. Not all people like all kinds of dramas. We dont expect you to like or even begin to convince you why you should watch this. Because looking at y’all, I’d try keep you and your toxicity away from this drama as much as possible if i had a chance, be it positive or negative. JCW fans need to accept that these 2 dramas are different with respect to time-slot, genre and literally everything. Ive seen plenty of amazing shows get bad ratings and plenty of trashy shows get the highest ratings. And after watching some shows this year, I’ve given up on judging a show by its rarings. JCW fans really need to take an exit door to this page and let the rest of us cheer for this drama.

  41. I’m crying watching this ep. That zombie’s story really heartbreaking! SYJ acting is so great and she is so pretty, I think I fallin love with her.

  42. it’s sickening how ill willed people can be just when another drama thrives that they wanna compete with. Ffs, grow up. Don’t justify low ratings for one drama by using another dramas ratings. It’s very low. If you support IOTNBO truly, you should wish them the best instead of fighting with other fandoms. The hate in this comment section for the drama is too much. Accept and move forward. Stop hating, and start supporting your biases by not being counter productive like this.

  43. it’s sickening how ill willed people can be just when another drama thrives that they wanna compete with. Ffs, grow up. Keep the competition healthy, and be supportive. There’s too much hate in this comment section for both the drama by both the fandoms??‍♀️

  44. Since everyone is comparing, I dropped BSR at episode 2 and now I am dropping IOTNBO at epsiode 4. The former is just stupid and the latter is just trying too hard. And let me just say this outfront, both ratings are bad. BSR is bad because it is actually very low. And IOTNBO ratings would be doing well if this was a low budget drama with new actors not a high budget drama with the most popular actor in korea. Now that this is out of the way,I’m gonna focus on IOTNBO since the post is about it.
    The drama is All Over The Place and it’s not creative, just chaotic. It’s a Hotel Del Luna x Dr. Romantic fusion wannabe, the genre is all over the place, is this horror/romance/comedy/tragedy, like seriously just pick one!! The good themes are getting lost among the mess!

  45. To be honest both dramas are not doing well ratings wise and I have dropped both because neither are interesting enough to keep me wanting to go back.

    • So salty, pls don’t. You look like you hate both JCW and KSH. By not appreciating the former’s achievement and by trashing the latter’s work. Everyone’s loving the dramas, you can leave but don’t ruin it for others who genuinely enjoy watching them. Do better:)

      • So having an opinion opposite to yours is hating? And stating the facts is trashing? Ok Delusional people, enjoy your bubble.

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