Nam Joo Hyuk is the Ultimate Big Boy Posing with Cute Dogs and Sweet Coffee

K-actor Nam Joo Hyuk will next be seen on the small screen in the K-drama Start Up with Suzy and he’s been busy filming through Spring and now Summer with a scheduled August 2020 premiere date. This week he’s in the news attending a coffee brand event and also sharing a photo shoot for Christian Dior where he’s just as adorable as the two furry babies posing with him. He really looks like the third puppy in the picture above looking up so hopefully at the camera like it’s his own ahahaha. The dorky shorts, high ankle socks, and retro sneakers add to the look like he’s a big boy in a man’s body. I find him so easy on the eyes with a warm vibe onscreen, he was so awesome in The Light in Your Eyes and I hope he keeps up that substantive improvement heading into Start Up.


Nam Joo Hyuk is the Ultimate Big Boy Posing with Cute Dogs and Sweet Coffee — 60 Comments

  1. He is very far from PBG to be honest. PBG is still the King of 90s gen.

    Nevertheless, NJH is very lucky to have an agency that keeps on pushing him. He maybe a Suzy Bae male version in the future.

      • Still better tham your fave the eternal chaebol king of posing for nearly 20 years. Even Vagabond did better than your mediocre king’s supposed grand return with the biggest budget and biggest writer lmao.

      • My fave’s drama opened better and actually made profit. That is star power without mediaplaying like ur darling who says she gets more paid than S tier actresses. But ur fave drama sequel got cancelled bcoz she cant bring profit

    • He wishes he was on Suzy’s level. She is PHR’s darling and the biggest idol actress with the best offers. Unlike Suzy, NJH has never had a hit drama aside from TLIYE which was primarily popular because of veteran ace Kim Hye Ja. Stay pressed while Suzy is about to have a another popular drama und rher belt as well as the most anticipated movie of next year.

      • Biggest idol actress? It is iu with best dramas, movies ( main roles not side kick ), more cf deals. It is not 2012 anymore. Working with ten actors is not going to help her. we all know when she had to carry a movie. it sold less than 500k tickets. That is her level

  2. Pbg is number one . But kyungsoo and he can form the trio of 90s.
    I wont be surprised if bts members jump into acting in mid 2020s but they make more money as singers. But pds will happily sign because the overseas sales they will bring. But it is tough to afford them. Their online concert grossed 21 million in ticket sales and 9 million in merchandise. Each member walked away with atleast 2 million usd for one online concert. So it is imppssible to afford them right now. But if they ever goes in to acting, they will slay . Taehyung side role in psj drama is nothing because his role was nothing special. V is already building connections with movie industry

    • BTS’ music careers will soon expire. They don’t have a great footing in the acting department so they better venture in variety shows. TaeHyung may have a chance if he will be paired up with rumored gf Kim So Hyun in a drama. He may achieve a Rain’s acting stardom like in Full House.

      • rofl antis like u r dreaming about thier expiration since they debuted. U must be big 3 fan who is mad that ur beloved groups actually expired and bts destroyed them. Bts fanbase is growing every day and they are no where peaking.

      • AND STARDOM? R U SAYING V NEED KSH FOR STARDOM. hwas number 4 in gallup just behind his 2 group mates and iu ( general public queen ). ksh needs to get in gallup first , then talk of stardom. Bts maknae line is not going to enlist before 2024. Ny then they would have complteted 10 years at top.

        And btw parasite director called way bigger star than him. Do u even know who he is even? biggest director in korea.
        Ofcourse bts will never be forever at top. it is obvious. Rap line is already dominating and will be producers. iu got her biggest hit worldwide thanks to his produced song. Jin has 100 times said he will be actor. Jungkook jimin tae are solo materials. Their albums are going to sell millions and will have successful solo tours as well. Don’t worry about their stardom. Tae doesn’t need his rumored gf’s help when it comes to stardom. He is way bigger star and actually ranks in gallup.
        Ksh can’t ecen beat jennie, irene, hwasa as IT girls in korea. Let alone bts member stardom.
        Tae himself said he gets acting offers all the time, but he has no time for roles bcoz of his own stuff. A drama can pay u maximum of 1 to 2 million usd. That is the amount he earned in online concert. he doesn’t needs it. And his 18 brands deal including global ones and album sales profit. He is doing more than fine. Ksh adds nothing to him stardom wise.
        And bts said they will work together forver means even when they wont be top most , they can still tour and gross 100 of millions of dollars in revenue.
        30 million usd in one online concert shows where they are right now
        ur girl will be lucky if he ever works with her. The international army gonna eat his drama bringing huge sales.

      • you wanna talk about stardom. Call me when ur girl give speech at unicef, recent speech alongside obamas, win biggest music award in korea ( kmas ) ( her award in acting field ), can gross 30 million dollars in a day . Get global deal with samsung hyundai, playing worldwide.
        The delusion level of ksh fans is other level.

      • Lol. What is the connection of KSH here? I don’t think abe is referring to So Hyun for V to become popular. Abe is making an imagination that if V pairs with So Hyun it will be huge hit because of their star powers. Poor girl, she is so innocent to be dragged like this.

      • THAT PERSON CLEARLY SAID HE WILL GET RAIN LVEL STARDOM LMAO. Frirst shk had better record than ksh when she acted in full house and Rain was already a megastar himself.And none of bts member need ksh for fame or stardom. If someone brings her to say that she will increase BTS’s members stardome ( big joke ) then they will get replies. First she needs to pray that bp members or twice members are not into acting. when nugu idols get such offers, there is no doube what they will be getting. Jennie alone will destroy the game. Beat her stardom first. Tzuyu sana nayeon are huge names as well. Tzuyu and sana despite being non korean are huge.

      • I’m sorry ady but you need to check your reading comprehension skills. The intention is not to make it look like that BTS needs KSH to become popular coz it is fucking obvious that they are mega popular. The statement implies that if V tries acting, So Hyun is better fit for him because their combined star power will make a huge hit. Do you think V can achieve huge hit dramas without a reliable partner?

      • agree with you, just look at other boy groups for example super junior, where are they now?, after they reach 30 or get enlisted, they r nowhere to be seen after that, BTS bubble will pop sooner or later, u will see. p/s- won’t bother to read adyjunjuhyun long posts 🤪

      • Suju are among top 1% earners, had massive touring and earns more than most k celebs. And seond they were never the biggest thing in korea whereas bts stays unbothered. Suju last ysar tour was massive success and they kept most income
        Taehyung earns so much in one year that ur local girl ksh cant even surapss his one year earnings with her whole career income lmao
        And u guys r wishing to see bts bubble poping since their debut and they keep growing. And soon will complete one decade at top. Makane line is not go8ng to enlist before 2024 . By then they wouldve completed 11 years at top and their solos r going to sell millions.
        Only bubble is going to get destr9yed is kpoopies dream of bts being over lmao
        They r koreas pride
        Army r bts fans not kpop fans. We r not going to stop stanning them. We keep growing every day. Army dont care about kpop at all
        We will keep buying their stuff
        And they dont need to be top forever. They can keep earning millions from sales tour even if they stop giving hits. Like yvxq or suju or criminal group bigbang. Touring is the real money
        Ur girl ksh wishes to work with bts member for interntaional relevancy😂😂bcoz she is so local
        Taehyung rejects acting offers all the time. That is power🙀

      • @joane tae was not even official visual of bts. It was jin. But his face is most in demand in korea as well as overseas . His visuals r universal that fits any country’s beauty standards. Recently he also went viral in japan for tv performance when he had least lines and screen tine. Her fans think she is on his level of fame and can give him any popularity😂

    • U bothered to read then n u will bother again.
      Bts r busy witb ibamas. In 30s they eill have successful stocks in bighit, producers, soloists , keep toiring together when they wish. Tae, jin will have mega acting careers as well lmao. Theh would be selling their projects at high rates overseas.
      Where as ur girl should worry about jennie, twice members . Jennie recently signed under yg actors ( same agency shared by kim hee ae ). Worry about her or twice members taling up every best project. Irene jennie tzuyu were also most in demand faces by clients acc to sirgeons over new gen of actresses.
      Bts r busy with speeches along obamas. That is their level or getting culture awards from govt. Onlt idol group to do so. Their solo careers will eat ur faves alive😂

  3. ady just proves how toxic BTS fandom is. 😂😂😂

    apologies for the fan of SH, i don’t mean any negative thing but this ady thinks it was so.

    • And u proved how toxic kpoopies are. being pressed about bts and u wished to see their careers being over n brought ur girl who cant even beat female idols like jennie, nayeon, hwasa, irene, tzuyu, sana etc. Let her reach their level of stardom first.
      BTS fandome have seen people like u hating them for wearing uniforms when they were nugus from small company. So it is good to see how bts success hurts u
      And u were negtative. Dont twist ur own words!

    • Atleast learn to own up ur own words. If i hate, i openly say. I am not a hypocrite like u! u were wishing to bts career getting expired. Keep dreaming. Even when they wont be at top, they will continue as legacy act like tvxq who sells millions of tickets in tour. lmao. That is called legacy and solo careers. Army is going to eat up their solo works! Touring money> any acting money!

      • same 2 u. POOR girls whose fan actually started whole thing. ur selective eyes

  4. Sometimes I feel like ady has a mental disorder. Maybe it is about time for koala to ban another crazy-tard here in this blog.

    • And why does it concerns u who ever i stan? And u r so obsessed with me that u noe joined ksh fans who bash ur darling😂
      And jennie has recently registered under yg actors and she is the one who gets pushed the most. Yg get her best deals. Dont be surprised when she get best acting offers like her cf deals

    • U r re tarded los er who cant handle truth. So hyun is d list celeb and w9uld be lucky if v ever gives her his name in ber project bcoz he is global star

  5. I really don’t understand why compare btw idols & actress.They two are different league.compared to actors ,idols always has big fandom.But that doesn’t mean actors are low.most of the idols will be from big agency also,so they get big deals & proud got to the actors who doesn’t have big agency but still gained idols level power.not KSH Fan,but she is really popular at this young age.that really admirable.she also has more insta followers compared to some idols mentioned here.not to offence anyone.but all are good in their own way,even if idol or actors.Even if comparing compare with some from same field & age.that will be belivable i think

    • At least BP don’t play with YT numbers unlike BTS who always manipulates numbers but still can’t reach BP’s viewership. BTS is soon to fail and they will never have a decent music and acting thereafter.

      • BTS r overall second most streamed in 2020 on utube. KTl and HYLT has 14 months gap. BTS relased like 8 videos. That is difference . we have multiple songs to stream unlike ur fave who has like 15 songs in 5 years.lmaooo. They r not musicians n bts will take that utube record. UR girls r not beating them overall, not on paid site called spotify, albums sales, touring, even endorsements. YF had only one third of revenue of bighit and bts generate 90% of money for bighit. they outearn ur girls by huge margin

    • in what way?they cant sing write, rap or dance with lame dance. They cant outsell them. they have nothing

  6. Let’s all give this post back to Nam Joo Hyuk, rightfully, please. Let’s specifically ignore @ady because there is no reasoning with her/him and you are all just giving her the traffic that she seeks and enjoy. If Koala doesnt ban this @ady, then let’s all collectively do it. SHE TOXIC. #IGNORE@ady

  7. It’s hard to believe Suzy and NJH are the same age since she started as an idol and actor so young. I still can’t get into their acting aside from a few splashes here and there (although I would say NJH is stronger just barely as he’s shown improvements with a shorter acting career than Suzy). Both are extremely pretty people that actually do better in wholesome next-door-girl/guy roles, which would be an interesting pairing, and I’m interested to see if they have onscreen chemistry as both look very good together.

    I remembered when they were rumored for a different drama together and Suzy’s team turned it down, some people were joking that NJH wasn’t big enough for her. Suzy is obviously still the bigger name and star power here, without a big name leading opposite her to lean on, so let’s see what happens.

  8. LMAO not crazy Ady writing essays again. I don’t like Kim So Hyun, but imagine thinking this V guy is bigger with Korean general public than her lmao. Nobody knows individual BTS members over there, they only know the group. The only one with big solo potential is Jungkook as he is the main vocal with both visual and talent unlike the talentless V lol. Blackpink remain bigger both domestically and internationally and as individual members too. BTS latest track couldn’t even top Melon daily chart lol.

    • GGGGallup is poll taken among gp and is more respected than ur opinion. # of bts members were in top 4. KSh wasn’t even ranked. same poll u boasted when suzy was among top in 2017
      SEcond V is official visuals and wins beauty polls.
      Third bp bigger than bts? u cant be taken seriously. $ bts members so far r more searched than them this year than lisa who has crazy sea fan base
      BTS beat them in sales, selling stadiums( when will bp sell 800k tickets in america ), spotify and overall youtube, and youtube is not bringing any cash to anyone. Touring does and album sales does.
      BP kill this love didnt ranked on daily chart. Not every song is smash. But bts album has set new record on melons for most week at number one and has crossed 2 billion index. Not possible without gp
      Fourth a non korean like u cant speak for korea. But gballup surely does. Korean suregons said men wants to look like v n ask for his eyes, He is the standard
      Fifth v has more talent than ur girl as idol anyday. He can sing dance and write. His fanbase even buy more albums than Jungkook.
      Fo ur research

    • BP attends every fashion show to remain relevant as they dont get music but dior comes to make custom made clothes for bts in tour. Not for bp despite all despo fashion shows. JEEz terrible
      BTS without solo activities remains more searched n popular both domestically and overseas. Google, gallup > u
      u r the one to talk about talent while stanning someone who was not a good idol nor good actress. V has more talent in his finger than ur non talented unnie whose faceis her career

  9. you do know that they specifically ask the question “who is your favorite idol?” for the gallup survey, right? lol of course bts members who have the biggest fan base are more likely to rank high. non-fans/GP don’t even know them. and yes, BP members are more popular both as group and individually. They don’t need fandom zombie streaming to top charts. public don’t give a fck about male idols aside from GD your fave’s fave lol. you really think V is going to top digital charts? lol his OST free fell out of Melon Top 20 so quickly lol. Jungkook is the only one with potential. All of the others will flop in Korea aside from good album sales.

    • I cant take someone seriously who thibks bp is bigger than btd. Bts brings 4 billion dollars economic egfect that yeat. Won order of merit. Only idol group. Internationally bp models r not even close. Get ur head of delusional land

    • U r typical gg stan eho cant beat bgs in ohysicals so syick to digitals lmaom gaon has named bts with most digital index since 2018. Gaon and u. Zombie streaming? U cant top digital index without gp. Dumbo. It is hetter than those 10 cent digitals ur fave sold back inm 2010s. After price change their downloads fell down. Come to earth
      2. Bts r bigger than bp individually n as group. It is not even close. 4 bts members r top of google n beat lisa comfortable despite her being spammed with Sea fans. What drug r u taking?
      3. Bp sour camdy failrd to chart on melon bcoz it is english song. So y r u using sweet night charting when it is in english?
      4. V can relase generic korean ballad and top chart but u see he is artist. He is workinf on his music skills. But how would u know that? U r gg stam eho pit no input on their music
      5. Rfl v has more talent as idol than flowerpot u stan. Junior idols name him best stage presenve. Do ur reaearch. His album sales r most. U r deldu if u thibk he is not going to be successful. His mew song has matched adele record of 104 itunes number one
      6. Digitals dont bring money. An alvum sellimg million copies sill boost idols account by millions of dollars. And then add hid global popularity. He will have successful solo tour
      7. How could i take i seriously who dsrdd to out bp above bts!.u r deldu fake feminist who think gg can compete with bgs lmao. Bp is mot anywhere close to bts. Come back to earth n stop taking pot
      8. Gallup is taken among hp across all ages including 40s n 50s. Bts ranked higher there. Bp ecen failed to make top 10. Jeeza
      9. An album shattering melon tecord is reality. U can use excuses
      10. V is household name like any other bts member. Bts is only bg whose digitals beat ģgs. Come in 2020 n stop taking pot
      . V will have massive solo career but u know they focus on group. Not everyone is like ur fave who ruined her group for her selfish reasons. Anyways they make more money as individuals than her. Jo bp member is on par with bts members. Lmao

    • Album sales >>> digitals with no profit lmaooo. Bts album sales brought 100 million revenue last year. And they get half of the profit. Jeez girl bp on par with bts? Call me when bp can pull an online concert and gross 30 mollion dollars in one concert. Lmaoo.
      Where is 4 billion usd gdp? Where is order of merit? Even on google depsite with all mediaplay n activities. 4 bts members beat them easily. Suddenly gallup doesnt matter.
      Samsung using v’s face in interntaional meetings lmao. Suregons saying his face is most demanded by client. Deldu who thinks he is not popular.
      And no solo potential? U lose ur mind there. He n jk n jimin n suga all r going ti be huge solo stars but their preference is group.
      Can u girl earn 2 to 3 million dollar in one concert ? Lmaoo😂😂

    • I was about to ask the same thing, haha, it seems she forgot to change her username lmao 😂
      Gurmeet kaur is @adyjunjhyun…

      • So what? U need a candy for finding out my name lol. Didnt u say u wont read posts here? Obsessed

  10. NJH looking very good. Love him more and more after TLIYE. Can’t wait to him again with my Ji Min, SMA and LBH. Looking forward to see more of him.

  11. @adyjunjihyun I usually agree with you because I’m a BTS fan myself, but why do you have to bash Kim So Hyun like that? First of all, she’s nowhere near a “d-list” actress, she has 9 million Instagram followers and one of the, if not the, most in-demand young actresses of her age group. Secondly, she’s known as one of the most humble and nicest Korean celebs, she’s just too pure to be dragged like this. You keep saying that it’s the KSH fans who brought her up first, which is true yes, but what the person said wasn’t necessarily negative in the first place, I think she just meant that if V and KSH have a drama together, their combined star power will make the drama a hit, she didn’t say that V needs KSH to be a megastar, as everybody knows that he is already a superstar. I understand that we ARMYs have to be protective of the boys since they have so many detractors, but I reread @abe’s comment, and the only negative thing he/she has said was “BTS’ music career will soon expire”, and you should’ve addressed only that. I just don’t understand why do you have to write essays bashing KSH when it’s absolutely not warranted.
    Also, really, comparing KSH to female idols? Of course idols will always have a larger fanbase than actresses, but that doesn’t mean KSH is not popular in her own right.
    Again, I usually agree with you, but not on this one.

    • Another thing, @abe said that V might achieve ACTING stardom like Rain if he gets paired up with KSH, which from what I’ve seen, is the part that pissed you off so bad you have to write essays bashing KSH. Like I said, I’m an ARMY myself but that didn’t offend me in the least, I don’t see it as abe is saying that V needs KSH to have superstardom. Abe mentioned Rain because Rain became a superstar not just in the music world, but also in the acting world, after Full House, which might also happen to V if he gets paired up with a popular young actress who has acting credibility like KSH, because let’s be honest, V IS a superstar but that doesn’t mean that the general public will automatically take him seriously as an actor once he gets in the acting world. Remember, idols are less respected in Korea than actors and actresses. So V does need a credible actress like KSH if he’s going to be a lead in a drama.
      That’s all there is to it. No one is saying V isn’t popular, WE ALL KNOW HE’S MEGA POPULAR.
      Now that it’s clear, can we stop dragging KSH’s name here now? I don’t care who brought up her name first, but it’s just really unfair to her.
      I hope this will be the last time she’ll get mentioned in this mess of a comment section.

    • I find her status as D list actress. Hee dramas r low budget dramas!
      That person clearly said he will have rain level stardom if he paira up with so hyun. It is u who mis read it and the post was shady when person said their career will expire. So there r no 2 meaning to it.
      Its okay. Army is not one person that we have ti agree with each other. We all know how these kpoopies mocked when they were nugus. So yes i dont take any crap for them
      Regarding your second parah, i have to disagree. BtS have surpassed every actor in respect as they r pride to country. U cant compare them to simple idols. Ecen actor attend shows to meet them. Kim hee ae said they r like her sons.
      Yes idols r not respected.
      But bts r not ur typical idols
      I wont bring her if her fans know their place!.
      And abe was shady as hell. U can stay oblivious . Not me!
      Lets agree to disagree

      • @adjunjihyun I’m new to this site, so I don’t really know to what fandom abe belongs to. His statement “BTS music will expire soon” is shady as hell tho and I don’t like it at all, but regarding KSH, I think he/she just meant V needs an actress with acting credibility. I read back at the original comment, and he/she did not say that V “might achieve stardom” if he gets paired up with KSH, since HE ALREADY has superstardom, AND EVERYBODY KNOWS IT (unless you’re a delulu anti). He/she said ACTING stardom, which is different. IDK, that’s just how I read it, but if you read it differently, then okay…
        I guess my main issue here is how you bashed KSH like crazy when it’s not warranted. I’m not a KSH fan, but I do like her as an actress. There are actresses that kind of deserved to be bashed (you know who they are lol) for their acting or whatever, I just think KSH is not one of those. I wish you should’ve just disputed that V needs anyone for fame and end it at that. But that’s just me and I can’t really tell you what to do lol.

        Anyway, at the end of the day, as a V fan (he’s my bias), I just want the best for him, so I’d rather him be paired up with respected actresses like KSH who can act, than some idol flowerpot type of actress.
        But right, we can just agree to disagree on this regard.
        I will always appreciate a good debate, providing we keep it civil, which I know is asking too much, I mean, it’s Koalas playground after all 😂

  12. By the way, let’s get back to the main topic now.
    Nam Joo Hyuk is looking great! I’m hopeful that his acting improvement will be consistent

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