Major Realizations Along With Transformation Awaits in Episode 7 of It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Ending with Ratings of 5.054% and 5.555%

Each episode of It’s Okay to Not be Okay surprises me, catches me off guard much like Moon Young’s striking utterances and the unfolding truths about what the past was for these main characters. Normally I stan the romance above all else but here I want these characters to heal first because they can’t really sustain a healthy relationship otherwise. In the excellent It’s Okay, It’s Love, the drama hid the male lead’s schizophrenia until we found out alongside the female lead long after their romance was cemented. Here both Moon Young and Kang Tae are so broken, as are those around them, that their romance feels both beautiful but ancillary to the more meaningful development that these human interactions help people break through and confront trauma. It may not always be a easy balm or a magic healing bullet, but it brings forth a willingness to work through the pain. Episode 7 was lovely, I cried and laughed and as always cannot wait for the next episode to drop.


Major Realizations Along With Transformation Awaits in Episode 7 of It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Ending with Ratings of 5.054% and 5.555% — 48 Comments

  1. The character is so problematic, I am afraid with how they’ll end this drama

    I don’t want to have “love cure it all” moments. They need to have someone with sanity around them.

  2. I love this show so much. Every scene has its value. The dog’s story broke my heart. It touched the sensitive part of our life. Somehow we forget how to untie the unpleasant thing.

    This one is not the usual kinda drama. This is a deep drama. Love it.

  3. Seems like kim soo hyun cant defeat kim yoo jung’s star power in korea now. Tbh tmets is a hit because of kim yoo jung and yeo jin goo.

    • What are you talking about? 5.5% on tvn is 2 times on national tv. It’s like 11%. And popularity wise, its okay is moooreeeee famous. Sigh.

      • Cable channel ratings has change when twotm cloy and itaewon class came out lol so dont excuse your so called cable channel lmao

      • What change??? R88, mr sunshine, sky castle, goblin and of course, the world of the married got moreeee higher rating than itaewon and cloy. It hasnt changed just bcuz there were some hit dramas. Hospital playlist got 14% also. That means these dramas are crazily popular. Like dots when they got more than 30%. 5.5% was not bad. Especially with this theme. Duh. Check your fact first.

    • KYJ’s star power? Get the fuck out. This is the same person who’s last drama in a cable network couldn’t even touch 3.5% consistently. And BSR getting a mere 8% in a main network channel gets you the gall to gloat over it?! Your standards are very low I must say.

      Lastly, MoonSun’s highest rated episodes did not feature a single second of KYJ. So either you get your facts right, and save yourself from looking like a complete fool, or you do your research. The result will be the same anyway. There’s an ocean KYJ needs to swim by hand before she can get to KSH’s level. I used to like her, but god I’m really tired of her fans bullshit. When your fans are shit, even the actors feel despicable.

    • Yes thats true, the power of Kim Yoo Jung. if it’s not for her or if Ji Chang wook had a different leading lady, BSR would have not gotten 8.7% viewrership rating on its latest episode. I expect this to increase in the succeeding episodes like hitting double digits when saet byul and Choi Da Hyun become a couple. Knetz live these two soooo much. Haters can hate -Ive mentioned this before, its rating will be like the fiery priest.

    • 5,5% and 8,7% on a public channel is a hit now? This is the real world, not the one in your delusions. You’re obviously a troll, but at least try a bit harder.

      • It probably because bthe same people argue that the king’s finale (5 and 8%) is a hit.

        Honestly this just boi down to
        BR performed better than what people predicted and It’s okay perfor lower that the prediction

        Accept it and move on

    • lmfao who’s KJY? The one who’s last cable drama could’nt even hit 4%? Or the one who’s current drama – despite being on public network – can’t make it to double digits? Also, is she the one who can’t even touch It’s Okay actors in most searched actors despite her current drama being “oh-so-high-rated”?

      Delusional to another level. It’s entertaining tho. Keep going peeps.

    • If anyone should get the credit for BR, it’s probably the PD. The PD has directed Punch (Baeksang winner), Whisper and The Fiery Priest (both finale surpass 20%). So 8% from his drama is expected. Korean loves him.

  4. Awesome, awesome healing drama. The pace (yes, might be a bit slow for others) is just right for what it aims to impart to the audience, I think. I too cried and laughed at the same time. All the cast is great, but special mention to KSY, him crying is just too much for me, such a great actor! I think this is one project that the cast and crew can be very proud of.

  5. Loving this drama so far. It’s in a class of its own with brilliant writing, acting, directing. KSH did well in choosing this for his comeback.

  6. Each episode gets better and it’s full of deep and meaningful messages, amazing acting by the cast, strong direction and overall production. I alternate between laughing and crying every single episode. It may be one of the best Kdrama I have seen and I’ve watched soooo many since 2003.

  7. As a rule, when KSH cries, I cry. I literally don’t remember a single scene in any of his dramas where he cried and failed to make me follow suit. He’s just fantastic and yesterday when he remembered that actually his mother did love him – that broke me. That was honestly gut wrenching. The fact that he hasn’t done a drama in 5 years and can be this good – it’s mind boggling.

    He’s always been a favourite obviously, and this might be a recency bias, but right now, I can’t think of a better actor in his generation. I hope he acts forever, irrelevant how successful he gets. I need him on screen for a long long time.

  8. I love this drama. Each episode brings in not only healing but self-realizations as well. I am always excited to see the growth of each character.

  9. Yes thats true, the power of Kim Yoo Jung. if it’s not for her or if Ji Chang wook had a different leading lady, BSR would have not gotten 8.7% viewrership rating on its latest episode. I expect this to increase in the succeeding episodes like hitting double digits when saet byul and Choi Da Hyun become a couple. Knetz live these two soooo much. Haters can hate -Ive mentioned this before, its rating will be like the fiery priest.

  10. Alot of people have dropped the drama silently. It’s an empty boat currently and I dropped it myself it became to much melo and the same Kdrama trope going circle nothing refreshing

    • Really? I suppose that’s why it’s the #1 searched drama ever since it started and why the score is also triple of the #2 spot. Prob also why KSH and SYJ have the #1 and #2 spots for actors – also since it’s started. It’s also prob why it’s the best rated drama in *cable* which is clearly something some desperate fans here don’t understand…

      But yup. “Alot” of people prob dropped it. Yup. Logic makes sense. ?

      • I drop it too, it wasn’t that good. Not bad but I don’t care of any of them. On the other hand, I like their fashion and Kim Soo Hyun.

        The Name Kim Soo Hyun Will be bad if it’s not in any search. Saying that it’s trending is like scraping the last achievement it could get when it’s a given, he is famous he acted well and he has big fanbase. Being not in trending will be something to be concerned.

        Also do weird that tvn split the episode, it’s like how people are silently dropping it, they silently make it 2 parts.

      • Your answer contradicts your own argument. “KSH is popular so he will be searched”. Well… duh. The point was OP saying “people” are dropping the drama but unless there’s actual proof of this excluding you claiming to do so yourself, you’re basically loud empty can – to borrow Kang Tae’s phrase LOL. Now some basic math:

        Silently dropping = people stopped watching
        IOTNBO Avg Ratings = 5.3% (7 episodes)
        IOTNBO Premier week Ratings = 5.4%
        Drama interest level = 18 (1st week), 31 (2nd week), 33 (3rd week)

        We can go back and forth obv, but nahhh, I’ll pass. The point is “silently dropping” is an assumption with zero base. In most cases it’s wishful thinking. Actual data says otherwise.

      • I have also dropped it. I think the up means allover the place korea and including overseas since the drama is lacking to grab or create anything of interest it’s lost in the same tropes and I have watched 100s of dramas like this one. It just doesn’t excite me. I am like Meh. Episode 6 was the end for me. I will catch out SF8 to see if that one will grab my interest

      • I can dropping the drama but still clicked on the news, that’s how they get trending page without people watching it. Like how you can di-like your favourite artist new releases but still checking up the updates.

        5.6% for the Kim Soo Hyun is not that good.

    • Judging by the comments section that only get a lot of comments when people compared it to another drama, yeah seems that way

      • Lmao this drama that always trending on Twitter and on Reddit the comments section keep increasing per episode even knetz comments are still very much engaging.yall just hating at this point

      • It’s on Netfli, more than 60% of Kdrama Reddit people watches Netflix. Look for drama that’s not in Netflix, people don’t watch it so it’s a skew perspective. If people don’t talk about it despite being on netflix, that’s some sad things.

        Also have you seen that they downvoted anything that isn’t super positive? Even comments on her changing hair is downvoted. What’s the point of having spam comments that makes no sense, doesn’t accepted any criticism and brag about the said comment section.

    • I haven’t gotten that sense, every kdrama related site I’ve come across there are a lot of comments and very engaged viewers, including in korean netizen comments. But if you’re not feeling it and think a lot of people are dropping it then it is what it is. It doesn’t change the fact that so far anyway, there are a lot of people really liking the drama. Sorry if that’s hard for you to swallow.

    • @ponpon they so many other show on netflix like mystic pop bar, song ji hyos new show that didnt get half the engagement that it getting even hospital playlist. Just click the hashtage on Twitter and see the amount of viral tweet it has. Even on dramabeans it the most commented show this year with most comment being positive. My point is just because you dropped it doesn’t mean many others did because there are Lot of Ifans still peaking watching.

  11. Schizophrenia is a true mental disorder and should not be used loosely even to describe a character in a fictional drama. Refer to DSM-5 to truly understand what it means.

    • @Angelica

      Koala is not using the word lightly. She’s comparing this drama to another mental health drama It’s Okay Its Love in which the male lead was diagnosed with Schizophrenia, however, the audience didn’t find that out until the latter part of the drama. It’s a recommended watch, if you haven’t done so, much more upbeat than this drama; and is one of the earliest mental health dramas, I believe (not counting amnesia which is a kdrama panacea for sh!tty writing).

  12. It’s unfortunate that most of the comments here devolve into a ratings discussion instead of discussing the merits of the drama. It’s a beautiful drama and I love it dearly; but I can see why a good number of people would drop it due to its heavy subject matter and melodramatic feel. Like it or not, it is not designed to be a drama with mass appeal. And that’s okay because some of the best, most enduring dramas aren’t always the most popular ones. It reminds me heavily of Just Between Lovers because it handles a tough subject matter in a semi realistic way. Seo Ye Ji rocked the first six episodes with her explosive character, but now she has passed the baton onto KSH as her character has mellowed down; and KSH’s understated character flourishes and blooms. I can’t wait for next week’s episode, to see what’s to come.

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