Model Park Bo Gum Pursues His Acting Dreams in Second Teaser for tvN Drama The Moment

The palate colors for upcoming tvN drama The Moment (Record of Youth) are so pretty. There’s an electric mixed with dreamy quality to the shots and frames male lead Park Bo Gum perfectly. As a model he’s strutting the runway in body but his mind dreams about being an actor. I don’t think that was the path Park Bo Gum took but many a K-actor did start out as top models namely Kim Woo Bin and Lee Soo Hyuk, among others. If Park Bo Gums needs anecdotes he should consult with them heh. I think Park Bo Gum is too boy-next-door in face to be a believable top model but at least he has the lean physique and height to at least pull it off for this drama. I’m looking forward to watching his acting dream quest.

Second teaser for The Moment:


Model Park Bo Gum Pursues His Acting Dreams in Second Teaser for tvN Drama The Moment — 23 Comments

      • Im Joane I agree with Yooj. This dramas ratings will bomb. I feel it PBG does not have the “model look”. Does it mean that the last drama 9f PBG before MS is Failure and Post MS drama as well?

      • In your opinion. But for TV stations, celebrities and advertisers, ratings are everything because potential earnings depend on it.

      • Yoo – What potential earnings? Are you an investor? PBG is going into MS after this. Advertisers will still bank on his appeal. He has lots of CF’s. Just worry about your bias. LOL.

      • I am not an investor but I am more concern on how a low-rated drama will potentially affects talent fees of celebrities. It is an unwritten rule that the more you have hits, the bigger your talent fees.

      • I’m sorry but I cackled like WOW, you are really worried about already rich and privileged people getting richer..are you for real…I can’t believe I just read that, I don’t even want to believe you meant that because that would just be really sad.

      • YooJ – needless for you to worry about PBG’s Talent Fee. hahaha. Are you his Mother?

    • Nowadays ratings are low even for good dramas. Give up the Ratings Game. I watch what I like. Who cares about the rest. Yoo – if you want to bash, this is not the place anymore. You are so old schooled!! Young people don’t care about ratings. Yoo yoo Yoo… Geez so dumb.

      • Lolo, you are the real dumb here because you cannot argue in an objective basis and just relies on assumption about me. Hahaha.

      • You must be talking about other actresses? You are just so jelly jelly of her and her career and her success. You will be more jealous when her latest drama hits doubke digits from this friday episodes til its last airing

    • Lol you don’t need to worry about him. He’s going to army when this drama air, even if this drama flop, people already move on when he’s coming back. btw he still have 2 high budget movies in his pocket and it will air next year. Both is hard to flop and more fresh. The guy is very smart.

  1. Jang Ki Yong was also a Top Model before acting. I wish JKY took this role but just too bad of the timing…. PGB is not too convincing as a model but he is a good actor. I have no doubt about his acting skill. Now it is all up to the script.

  2. All Drama of Park So Dam had super low low low ratings. This “actress” does not know how to act. She lacked charisma and star power. I saw her in Cinderella and four Knights Her acting was like a sedative drug. it put me to sleep. she is worse than Chae Soo Bin

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