Episode 13 of It’s Okay to Not be Okay is the Inevitable Calm Before the Storm With a Twist and Ratings of 4.974% and 5.696%

tvN Sat-Sun drama It’s Okay to Not be Okay is both about psychiatry and fairy tales, or really how fairy tales is an encapsulation and discussion about mention and emotional issues. Each episode is named about a fairy tale, most are from Western tales with a few taken from Moon Young’s stories that she’s written. Episode 13 is the first time it’s touched about a Korean fairy tale, namely the tale of Janghwa Hongryeon. two sisters in Joseon abused by their stepmother and died wrongfully only to seek vengeance and justice. This episode discusses the father of the two sisters, the one who silently allowed the abuse, and shows it through Moon Young’s father and also explains the backstory of another patient, the one who acts like she’s a shaman.

Turns out she was abused as a child and developed dissociative identity only for her dad to sell her to a shaman thinking she was seeing ghosts. These silent enablers are the ones who leave so much more pain, because they could have stopped it, and we have watched the leads of this drama make so much progress through 13 episodes and at the end of this episode we come to what will be the biggest reveal and painful obstacle in their way. I have faith, but goodness I was gasping for breath at the very end. I’m glad Kang Tae already worked through the knowledge that Moon Young’s mom killed his mom, again the Moon Young is also the victim so he’s accepted that. But Moon Young has to work through that once she knows, much less what is looming of either her real psycho mom NOT being dead and back or more likely her aunt (i.e. sister of her mom) is here to wreak havoc. Either way this stuff looks dark to come.


Episode 13 of It’s Okay to Not be Okay is the Inevitable Calm Before the Storm With a Twist and Ratings of 4.974% and 5.696% — 9 Comments

  1. Was the psycho lady at the end of this episode the Nurse? I knew she would not just be a side character. That nurse actress always have a substantial plot turning role in all the dramas she has been I’m and she has a lot of screen time compared to the other hospital workers. That actress is similar to the doctor, they always play important drama figures.

  2. I too was shocked at the end of the episode. My brain was so rattled that I tried to add the episodes leading to the end of this episode. The best drama of the year for me so far!

  3. She came off creepy in an earlier episodes, that’s what made me suspicious of her. I didn’t think of possibility that she’s the aunt but that sounds more reasonable

  4. I think it will be weird the nurse being the mum. I don’t see the mum as person who can take care of patients like the nurse did. She always looked like she really cared about them and she was really competent. So I’m really curious about it.

    • She’s a psycho. They can live like a NORMAL person, but they’ll hurt or even kill you when they want it. Most of the psychopaths are smart. Not most but all of them. That’s why they can act like ‘normal’.

  5. It makes sense if the nurse ends up being the aunt. Though I had watched conspiracy theories videos about the nurse being the resurrected psycho mom, the ending of ep13 really shocked me and creeped me out. I had my doubts as it is impossible for anyone to survive such a blow to the head, with heavy bleeding and no medical attention. Although the nurse was really empathetic she did act questionable in some circumstances, like defending the father of the abused shaman. Poor Moon Young, after putting into context what she endured in childhood, she actually end up being tolerably normal. It also explains her penchant for violence, and kicking people down the stairs.

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