Mommy Dearest is Back in Episode 14 of It’s Okay to Not be Okay as Viewers Riveted to the Tension with Ratings of 5.403% and 5.947%

This was a rough episode of It’s Okay to Not be Okay to watch, probably as dark as it gets with both the narrative and the title fairy tale written by Moon Young of The Hand, The Monkfish,. There is usually some levity in each episode, and a sense of hopefulness, but episode 14 was the hammer dropping of both real and psychological danger in the form of returned Crazy Killer Mom. It’s a bit too Lifetime Special for me but the drama has laid the foundation well since episode 1 so it’s not a last minute twist, but I don’t know if I need this type of life threatening worry for my three babies Kang Tae, Moon Young, and Sang Tae.

Each is dealing with so much childhood and life trauma already, but now it’s all converged into one villain. She is majorly scary don’t get me wrong, able to fool everyone and lay in wait for 20 years to enact her revenge and play her mind games, but I have faith that the kids are now strong enough to stop her AND surrounded by loving, caring family and friends they didn’t have when they were growing up. I can’t wait for next weekend’s finale, it’s going to be sad to say goodbye but I truly want to see what the scriptwriter’s final chapter wants to tell. I think the denouement will validate the journey so I have faith that my babies will explore the world in their camping car after all is said and done.


Mommy Dearest is Back in Episode 14 of It’s Okay to Not be Okay as Viewers Riveted to the Tension with Ratings of 5.403% and 5.947% — 22 Comments

  1. I read a theory that Nurse Park is actually Moon Young’s mom sister. That is why episode 13 tell about two sisters: one is kind, one is bad. The kind one is Moon Young’s mom, the bad one is Nurse Park.

    Moon Young’s mom was dead in that time. Nurse Park then pretend to be Do Hui Jai (Moon Young’s mom).

    Nurse Park came to the cursed castle when Moon young was born. She was there to take care of her niece, Moon Young.

    Do Hui Jae became busy with her book promotion. So, Nurse Park took care of her. Besides that, Nurse Park started to dress up like Do Hui Jae.

    Moon Young felt her mom sometimes warm, sometimes cold.

    The warm mom is her real mother, Do Hui Jae. The fake mom is Nurse Park.

  2. I knew that something was off with Nurse Park. She seemed way too important to be a side character and also really cold in the episode where she just got rid of a former patient’s items.

    I kept thinking that she might be MY’s mom but not sure if she’s the actual mom or the sister.

    • The dad has brain tumor and it’s been said that it may affect how he views or remember things – it may be incorrect. So far the pushing mom over the landing was confirmed by MY but the lake incident has only been from dad’s perspective. So we’ll have to see. I also didn’t want Nurse Park to be THE crazy mom but I am willing to trust the writer.

    • It seems impossible for me too. I can’t seem to accept if Nurse Park really is Mun Young’s mom. It’s more acceptable if she’s Mun Young mom’s sister trying to get revenge on her sister’s death or something.

  3. The acting of the entire cast is still on point, especially KSH. KSH’s excellent acting just touches you to the core and you can’t help but cry or worry with him. The production value never diminished. However, I was disappointed at how easily they made it for the psycho mom/aunt to get to Sang Tae. They knew they were dealing with an evil, psycho person, who has threatened to kill Sang Tae, and yet no one seemed to take extra precaution or band together to keep each other safe (esp Sang Tae), or even ask the police for surveillance or protection. I was hoping there’d be a tighter storyline on how the psycho mom/aunt gets hold of Sang Tae, but alas, she didn’t even break a sweat. Nevertheless, this is still one of my fave dramas and I can’t wait for the next 2 episodes.

    • It’s because they thought Mom’s target is MY not ST. That’s why MY tried to lured Mom out to get her by spreading a gossip that Mom’s book going to be publishes. She was hoping Mom will comes after her and leaves Moon Brothers alone.

  4. I was shooketh to the core. The mystery of the nurse was brought out, but I already had my suspicions in episode 6 where there was someone watching 문용 and 상태 from the window.

  5. Moon-young’s mom aka Nurse Park is effing scary. Even though there were suspicions that she was the mom, the reveal still gave me the creeps. Bravo to actress Jang Young-nam for her take on her Mommy Dearest/Maleficient-like character.

  6. The scene where a crying Moon Young is sppon fed by Sang Tae….oh my heart…Nurse Park…I knew she was off but not to this extent. Also who was surprised that the terrible guy nurse is the hospital head’s son…I laughed so hard at that.

    • @Gem

      Spot on. I cried when Sang Tae fed Moon Young. So much feels….And although head Nurse Park being Moon Young’s mom was a shocker, the biggest reveal for me was finding out that gossipy jerkish guy nurse is Hospital head’s son! Lol! What a laugh!! It explains a lot, though.

  7. I loved the first half of the drama but have just liked the second half. So many people had already guessed there was something hinky about the nurse so it actually wasn’t a huge surprise to me. I do like so much of the drama and am looking forward to finishing it up.

  8. I’m worried- Where the hell is Mangtae? Did Kang-tae keep it? Anyway 2 episodes left and I get my life back again to pine and mope over IOTBNO and replay episode 11 kiss scene for the 1000th time. Desperate measures during desperate times yep that’s me in a nutshell. My tear ducts are permanently clogged geez JY the writer really knows how to twist and turn the storyline. I need the fluffy bright lights and bells for the last episode to get me over this. I can hold out till then. ??

    • Mangtae is safe, but kinda feel bad that they left him out of the family portrait. I think there will be at least another kiss since Sangtae kept saying it is better to kiss than to fight. Hopefully it’ll be as hot as the birthday kiss. Maybe Kangtae will cooperate with the baby making plans ?.

      • Oath I’ve been wondering where our lil wing man MT has been hiding. I would seriously crack a fit if Nurse Park somehow has him in her crooked claws. Sorry I’m trying to divert my attention because the end is near and I’m trying to stay positive. Last episode, I want to see both MY and KT get rotten drunk and as KT said it would be ‘bad’ . Yep that one the ‘be bad’ would suffice and be nice. We deserve that for all the angst we’ve been put through please. I can then rest peacefully.

      • You know it might not be a bad thing if nurse Park has her hands on Mangtae as we know Sangtae would not go easy on her. Imagine what would happen if he has to save both his little brothers.

      • Yep I’m hoping Sang-Tae rages like he did in that pillow fight with Moon Young except he won’t be using a pillow but his present from the Head Nurse – Dinosaur Dooley.

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