Kim Hee Sun and Joo Won Travel Through Time in Sci-fi Fri-Sat SBS K-drama Alice

This is the year of time-travel and/or parallel universes, it has been done before in K-dramas but seems lumped together this year with Train, 365: Repeat the Year, The King: Eternal Monarch, and now Alice. This past weekend felt a little empty because the normally bustling with viewer commentary SBS Fri-Sat time slot was empty after Backstreet Rookie ended the prior week and Alice not premiering until August 28th. A little break during the dog days of summer isn’t bad and I don’t think it’s due to readiness because Alice has been filming since what feels like forever. Starring Joo Won, Kim Hee Sun, and Kwak Si Yang, this drama is the third in the line of high profile K-actor who went to the military return projects in a row after Lee Min Ho in The King and Kim Soo Hyun in It’s Okay to be Okay. Joo Won had some blergh dramas right before he left but has two hits with Yongpal and Good Doctor so is coming back still high on the radar. The pairing with Kim Hee Sun isn’t that odd, she and Lee Min Ho are fan favorites in Faith together so let’s see in two weeks what Alice has in store. The previews and posters look nicely intriguing.

Teasers for Alice:


Kim Hee Sun and Joo Won Travel Through Time in Sci-fi Fri-Sat SBS K-drama Alice — 9 Comments

  1. Can’t wait for his comeback.
    For me she is most stunning looking korean actress of all time. Just out of world beauty

  2. How does Kim Hee Sun keep her face so preserved throughout these years? I’m impressed! She needs to share her skincare routine.

  3. its rating will never exceed 9.5% highest rating achieved by Backstreet rookie. Backstreet rookie is sandwiched by one flopped drama (TKEM) and one potential Flop (alice)

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