Park Seo Joon to Cameo in Record of Youth and His Agency May Sign Free Agent Kim Yoo Jung

Big news around K-actor Park Seo Joon this week and both are very positive. He’s revealed to be cameo-ing in the currently airing tvN drama Record of Youth, as he worked with the screenwriter in One Warm Word and also male lead of RoY Park Bo Gum guest starred in his most recent drama Itaewon Class. I feel like the acting gods are just teasing us with a possible Park Seo Joon-Park Bo Gum project together, which would blow minds but would be so so amazing. The second big Park Seo Joon tangential news is that his agency is in talks to sign Kim Yoo Jung, who is a free agent as her contract with Sidus HQ is up. Ugh, so many feels to be able to write a post about Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung together after their amaze-balls chemistry in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. This post just makes me happy.


Park Seo Joon to Cameo in Record of Youth and His Agency May Sign Free Agent Kim Yoo Jung — 18 Comments

  1. If Kim Yoo Jung follows through with this, it could do wonders for her career.Girlie hasnt had a break for the past couple of projects.Going from one bad production to the other(especially her last two drama projects didnt do it for me). The last drama I have watched her and enjoyed her performance was in “golden rainbow” and that was like in 2014.She pulled her weight in Moonlight drama with PBG but I feel she was overshadowed by him and got less credit for her performance. She should align with Park Seo Joon and get tips on how to select scripts.I hope they start casting her with co-leads around her age.I like her and I know she has potential to be greater than she already is. She has it all. The star power, the screen presence, the acting chops. The looks. She just needs to pick her dramas better going forward.

    • Lmaoo she got the most hate because people are jealous of her fame.. you saying park bo gum overshadowing her is just biased kim yoo jung is way more popular than bo gum its just his fan girls are always being a btch to his female costars. Withou yoojung in the drama that drama wont be a hit lmao

  2. Personaly, I liked her last dramas. The most important part being that she was really good in her roles. She never was bad or not credible in her roles.

    10 years are long in the same agency, change would be normal.

    I think that PBG’s role in MDBC was his best role until now : the humor, the chemistry with KYJ, his role as a Prince in a sageuk, etc. It was really a great drama.

    PBG as chief in IC was nice. I wonder what role will have PSJ.

  3. Finally Kim Yoo Jung, it’s Time to leave Sidus. I will contine to root for you and cheer you on. You are the best, the most talented and prettiest. No one comes close to your beauty, talent and charisma. You are this generation’s queen. We love you.

  4. Sidus really didn’t know what to do with Kim Yoo Jung. I wouldn’t they were bad to her but her project choices have been odd past Moonlight Drawn by Clouds…Clean with Passion and then Backstreet Rookie. Backstreet Rookie was hella problematic but she did really well with that train wreck script. They have tried very hard but can’t seem to help her shed her child actress shadow. I get that she wants more adult roles but they didn’t really get good projects to aid in that transition. Here’s hoping she finds better management team next.

    • I feel the transition ahould have been slow.She is only 21 and she looks younger than her age.There is alot of time.No need to rush.There was no need to throw her in the deep end. It would have been better after moonlight drawn by clouds to cast her in a slice of life/ coming of age drama like “age of youth”, “The reply” series or even like the one Park Bo Gum is doing “record of youth”. She has a long career ahead of her to play other genres like action,romcoms and such when she has matured more and have enough life experience to pull it off. She is also very good at sageuk.I really liked her performance in “Moon Embracing the Sun” She did better than her adult version. I hope whichever agency picks her can redirect her acting career on the right track.

      • I agree that there should be no rush ideally speaking and that she does indeed one of those actresses with this youthfulness that makes her looks at the very least 3-4 years younger than her actual age. But I also understand her frustration. She has been in the industry for years, she probably no longer wants to play school kid roles…. but what she needed was a “Reply” or “Be Melodramatic” or “Age of Youth” or maybe “Extracurricular” if gritty was what was in he mind…..Instead they gave her “Backstreet Rookie”

  5. Finally! Girl needs to get out of there. Her career as an adult actress hasn’t been what we expected from someone we all had high Hope’s for. I’m not comparing but since they’re the same age it’s a worth example, Kim Soohyun, they both grew up in the industry but her transition has been more smooth. She took on roles that went with her age and more importantly had co leads in her age group. I agree with someone else’s comment that KYJ looks younger than her age and there shouldn’t be a rush. She needs youth dramas not getting paired up with men in their 30s (with her face its uncomfortable). KSH had adult roles but still played a highsvooler in love alarm, they both have time. I hope she finds better management that can propel her career to where it was meant to go.

  6. why i think there are miscommunication between kyj and her agency sidus? 1st article said that she bid a beautiful goodbye to sidus, then suddenly there’s an article saying that they’re still in discussion to renew the contract, and then came out article saying that she chose awesome ent. but then awesome ent side said that they’re still discussing and no exclusive contract has been made yet. sidus is still following kyj and awesome ent boss already followed kyj. wow that’s complicated… usually, when you bid a beautiful goodbye, the former agent would be the one who give out the announcement. but in her case, it was an insider who announced it. i doubt sidus knew her decision and i doubt it’s a beautiful goodbye…she better end it clearly with the former one before joining the new one. and one more thing. i noticed that awesome ent is under kakaom. if she was to join awesome ent, it means that she also will be under the same roof with her former rival in sidus kim sohyun. but thank god they’re in different agency. otherwise, i think there will a blood bath war between fans especially about the fairness thing.. haha. and i wonder, will awesome ent has many resources as sidus? i do think sidus actually gave her many cf resources. it’s just her latest 2 dramas that didn’t do very well which caused dissatisfaction among her fans on sidus

  7. For me whatever Agency KYJ have, She is the most brilliant the most beautiful actress ive ever known in Korea.I love her beauty, her acting and her attittude towards in everything..Whatever it will be I only support her and no one else from thefirst time i watch and get to know her.Her eyes and genuine beautiful smiles is like a magnet.I watched other actress in korea but no ones likes her a total package in everything.

  8. Im here for Park Seo Joon and Park Bo Gum I liked PBGs cameo, as chef, in itaewon class. looking forward to the day that these will work together in a project.

    As for kim yoo jung, im not a fan. she isnt my cup of tea, theres something about her that annoys me. hahahhaha. her last drama did not catch my attention.

  9. tell kim yoo jung to go to college so she will be smarter during interviews.

    and she looks like kiss starved in her roles. act like 21 Girl. shes the actress that I dont like. shes irritating to look at

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