Kim Soo Hyun Shares New Pics on SNS Looking Dapper for Photo Shoot

K-actor Kim Soo Hyun went back to being the shy quiet type on his SNS account after his summer drama It’s Okay to Not be Okay finished airing. During he was so active (or maybe the account handler was) posting tons of BTS pictures that really added to the fun of live watching the drama alongside. His character there was the hard working poor boy type so all t-shirt and jeans and sweatshirt type but he did get all suited up once to take in-drama family pictures. That’s the same type of look he’s sporting in these black and white BTS shots he recently shared on his SNS. I don’t know what exactly he’s filming but I can’t wait to see the finished result.


Kim Soo Hyun Shares New Pics on SNS Looking Dapper for Photo Shoot — 20 Comments

  1. My love 😍 who looks always like he’s from another star.

    Okay. That’s lame. I know. 😂
    Adore this guy tho. Can’t wait for him to be back and I’m really really hoping he picks up something before the year end. A part of me hopes he does that SYJ drama. But then there’s KNG and I’m conflicted af. Lol.

    • The first pic is from behind the scenes of the family portrait scene in the drama. The second set is from the CF shooting of Nutine, a brand he endorses.

      • Yes I know KHN turned it down. That’s why I said I’d like KSH to do it. Or KNG (mostly KNG tbh). KSH has a ton of options and I just can’t let go of KNG-SYJ’s chemistry.

  2. It feels like a long time since he did a drama. Except I know he just completed PBIO which was fabulous. Hoping he picks a movie soon!

  3. I understand that he’s being careful due to Covid but please pick something soon KSH.At least announce a project for later. Don’t make us wait for another 3-5 years. The last wait was far too long.

    • Perfect specimen…from the top of his head to bottom of his toes …He looks magnificent in everything he wears… I respect this actor and love his work

  4. He is sooo adorable 😍I saw him recently IONTBO nw watching my love from the star and later will watch all his other movies n dramas….I’m in love with him😭😭😭😭

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