Kim Yoo Jung in Talks for Female Lead of Sageuk Hong Chun Gi by the Writer of The Moon Embraces the Sun and Sungkyunkwan Scandal

I feel like so many things in my drama loving past have converged like some sort of imploding sun, and in a good way of course. K-actress Kim Yoo Jung has been offered the female lead of the titular sageuk Hong Chun Gi, and she was my first pick so it’s rare that I get my dream casting lol. The sageuk is adapted from the same name novel by the writer who also wrote The Moon Embraces the Sun and Sungkyunkwan Scandal so the source material is not in doubt. If she accepts Kim Yoo Jung will be playing Hong Chun Gi, a talented Joseon era painter and the first female royal palace painter. She is extraordinarily beautiful but paints not for glory but simply to make money. She enters the palace and thus ensues a love triangle with the blind palace astrologer and the dashing playboy prince. Ahn Hyo Seob has been cast as one of the male leads already so hopefully the final leg of the triangle is confirmed soon as I can start picturing everyone together.


Kim Yoo Jung in Talks for Female Lead of Sageuk Hong Chun Gi by the Writer of The Moon Embraces the Sun and Sungkyunkwan Scandal — 55 Comments

  1. OMG!!! Meanwhile, So Hyun is in talks for a historical drama as well. These ladies are dominating their generation. The fierce competition between them is helping them land big leading lady roles.

  2. GASP. My dream came true!!! She’s back in a historical drama!!! With the same writer from sun embracing moon? Wow! What a great day! I don’t like her male lead, I hope he turns it down.

    • I think the drama writer will be different from the novel writer. So, let us hope that it will be writer with good track record.

      • Oh I see. As long as it is not the same writer as back street rookie, I will most likely be satisfied. But yay my girl is back!

  3. Kim yoo Jung my idol,she’s very pretty and i can’t wait to watch her drama , she’s very good in acting I love her beautiful face …

  4. Wow I love KYJ’s new agency. Finally an age appropriate pairing and interesting drama.
    Nice to see KYJ and AHS finally getting the chance to work together again after the missed opportunity in CWPFN.

  5. I dont know who the actor is or his acting proweds, but at least its a step in the right direction. He is within her age group and from the looks of it, matches her visually. The production team doesnt look too shabby either. Fighting✊🏾

  6. actually I’ve been hoping that kim sohyun will be offered this drama as female lead. and to be honest, i didn’t even know that kim yoojung was in talk in this drama when the news of kim sohyun being casted as the female lead in the river where the moon rises. and you know what my feeling knowing the news is? damnnn this is a DIRECT BATTLE between the two kims! i started to have a headache. i wish there’s no unnecessary fanwar between the fans again because it just so tiresome… and I’m hoping they didn’t airing in the same timeslot..hahhahha. wish success for both of them

    • I guess So Hyun is offered of the HCG role but I it did not attract her because the Pyonggang role has a stronger character.

      Nevertheless, let us expect intense comparisons next year since these dramas will be aired in the same period.

      How I wish Sae Ron is offered these kind of roles. What happened to her?

      • My guess is they were waiting for her to change her agency and finish with backstreet rookie so that they can offer her d role that is the reason the casting has been done so late becoz as far as i know the ml was long chosen but fl got the offer

        Hope my queen will shine as always

      • No, Kim So Hyun never received this offer. The first choice is no other than Kim Yoo Jung for the titular role of HCG.

    • As any one who watches korean dramas of historic genres know ,
      Kom yoo jung is famous for acting in historic characters very well, it seems she does painting well in real life .
      So they would have perhaps thought of her as first choice not kim so hyun

    • I dont understand why they insist on this troupe. Its boring because more often than not, we know the main leads will end up together. The other one is childhood connection. How many couples in reality met as children and fell in love..maybe 1%.

      Back to the triangle thing, seriously if I am stuck in a triangle. The wise thing is to dump them both and date a third person. Or if am the guy/girl with the unrequited love. Its better to let go as soon as to you know the love is not reciprocated. Too many fishes in the sea. Just cast four leads. Main leads and Second leads. Finish. Not boring love triangle.

      • Yes and often the second lead do most of the effort for the first lead but at the end, the main leads will end up together.*sigh* what an interesting plot (sarcastic tone)

      • i think the novel writer is a fan of a love triangle. just see her past works (tmets and skyungkwan scandal), the 2nd lead syndrome is very strong there. I’m not sure whether the current korean is still fond with the trend. After all, it’s already 7-8 years ago

  7. I’m pretty sure this is already a sure thing since I’ve read about this casting before. I’m just not thrilled with the love triangle angle especially with the blind astrologer. Because an astrologer needs eyes to study the stars unless he has psychic powers.

  8. Yoo Ah In was one my first second lead syndrom in Sunkyunkwan Scandal. His character was so more interesting than the lead, and better acted too. I’m really happy for KYJ because I loved this kind of sageuk! And she always shines in sageuk.

    For the lead, I’m not a fan of Ahn Hyo Seob but he’s not completely bad, I hope he will be able do do well in sageuk because in Splash Splash Love, he was meh.

  9. Ahn hyo seop will be the weakest link. He’s a terrible actor. Never could get much chemistry with his female co-stars going. Not even chemi queen park bo young could spark with him. I hope they cast a strong actor to complete the triangle. At least if the male lead falls short there’s still second lead syndrome to look forward to. As for Kim So Hyuns drama, definitely a more interesting premise as she makes a general out of a fool but the director and screenwriter attached are too old school. Their past productions scream not in trend with the times. Haiz. Can’t win for any of these talented girls. I hope Kim So Hyun at least scores an interesting male lead. Yeo Jin Goo?

    • hong chun gi has already a good track for having a renowned pd and writer. but nothing is sure yet because BR also have a renowned pd but the drama does not have a good record. On the other side, this was one of the most anticipated drama, so the rating might be high

      • I agree, I think this drama has high potential due to such a good director and writing team. The other drama has a more interesting premise but not so good directing and writing team.

  10. Is someone already read the novel? Can you share an interesting description about Kim Yoo Jung’s character and also about the whole premise of the drama.

    • Painting is her life. And she does this not for recognition but for the money. 😂 In the novel Haram fell from the sky (but maybe it’s from the tree) and Hong Chun Gi remembered how her mother wish for a guy that would marry her. And so she thought haram was a heaven sent man for her and she fell inlove with him. And she went to great measure to pursue Haram. 😂 According to her character info she’s a bubbly and straight forward girl. She’s not afraid to speak her mind.

  11. I’m soooooo happy … I was praying to God that she will accept this role and then boom it’s been offered to her …. that’s my dream casting …. can’t wait to watch it …. so so excited

  12. truthfully. i know tmets and skyungkwan scandal has a high rating. but i never finished the drama due to the 2nd lead syndrome 🤣 so 2nd lead syndrom must be strong in this one too. i think I’ll pass because I’m tired to feel angst due to 2nd lead syndrome

    • Actually sungkyunkwan scandal didn’t do too well but it was critically acclaimed and the reviews were fantastic. But domestically it rated so so and did better internationally.

      • i see.. i thought both were doing great domestically. but never finished watching both the drama anyway. lost interest already when the male and female lead became together 🤣

    • I don’t think the age gaps were bad at all, just my opinion, it’s only the writers weren’t good in her last two dramas.

    • @sabrina
      i Agree. at least her new agency is being useful. Her last MLw were like “uncle” to her specially her partner in Clean with passion for now” their kissing scenes made me want to puke. his built, looks and acting did not match hers.

  13. Ahn Hyeo Seob and Kim Yoo Jung again, I hope this time they’ll meet.

    KYJ is saeguk always makes me feel like she belong there, she sounds so good in historical drama.

    • Hating the actress is not enough reason to wish her drama flops. We all know that they are working hard for it. (SMH) Get a life.

    • @imjoanne
      I dont understand why u wasting ur energy on someone who annoys u and dislike and same to you with ur idol whoever it is.

    • Wait for your favorite dramas Karma. Lol. All of Kim Yoo Jung’s saeguk drama was commercially successful. I remember those days when Ruler or the mask promoting hardly to reach the success of Love in the moonlight but they didnt reach even half of the LITM ratings 🤣🤣🤣 Thats what we called KARMA 🤣

  14. so I’ve heard that the screenwriter is a rookie who had co writed be melodramatic? but he isn’t the main writer in be dramatic right? i really thought the screenwriter is the one who wrote the sript in tmets.. huhu.. turns out only the novel writer is the same.. i thought the screenwriter also the same

  15. Reminds me of 2010-2011 era, Han Hyo Joo and Moon Chae Won (who previously played as rivals for one love interest before), get to be leads in Sageuks (Dong yi and Princess Man)

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