Dal Mi and Do San Find Early Success Through Failure in Episode 5 of Start-Up

It’s still too early to tell but tvN drama Start-Up could become my favorite K-drama of 2020. It’ll have to beat a few other stalwart successes this year but it has that combination of sweetness, humor, and positive spirit that is so heartwarming to watch in these trying times. Episode 5 continued the Hackathon competition at Sandbox pitting Dal Mi and Do San’s team against In Jae and her more savvy guns. I loved learning that Dal Mi got into a good college but chose to work odd jobs to take care of Granny, so she is smart though not conventionally educated. Then learning that Do San was always a bleeding heart, hence his decision to show up for Dal Mi’s date at the end of episode 2 makes even more sense. But that strength is also his weakness and we see how finding something to fight for (his pride and Dal Mi) could be the trigger to “activate” his full potential.

I’m firmly resigned to Ji Pyeong being the hyung/oppa/mentor of this drama even though he has my heart because his hesitation (which Do San has none of) is what makes the difference between who gets the girl. Every scene with Ji Pyeong resonates because Kim Sun Ho is such an incredible actor (holding his own against Granny legend Kim Hae Sook) and his journey just like the other characters isn’t rooted in the binary formula of romance but of family/connection. In Jae is also a formidable rival withnot any rancor, she has done nothing to hurt anyone else but simply chosen her own path with no looking back and continuing to forge her own road. This drama is about more than the usual topes which is why is why I love it so, and the storytelling continues to make me laugh and cheer.


Dal Mi and Do San Find Early Success Through Failure in Episode 5 of Start-Up — 19 Comments

  1. I am loving this drama. Aside from Hospital Playlist and Stranger, this is the only drama that I am most looking forward to watch. It makes me laugh and gives me good vibes. Kim Seonho really has chemistry with all the characters eps with grandma. I hope this time, she wont die. For me NJH is also good as Dosan. I am rooting for all the leads esp the two sisters.

      • I ship Dalmi and Jipyeong so much. I know they won’t end up together, so I really wish Suzy and Seon Ho could get cast in another drama as leads (but that’s nearly impossible too). ? They are so freaking cute in the BTS clips and group promos, always laughing and interacting with each other. It’s a shame we won’t see their chemistry to its fullest potential in a drama. ?

  2. Yes, it’s my #1 drama of this year so far, ahead of CLOY, Stove League, 18 Again and Missing. This drama is so crunchy, well written ??

  3. Jipyeong is helping Dalmi like he used to write to comfort her, he didnt write to win her heart – he did know what feelings about except pay yhe debt.

    Even if he realise later, judging from his character, he will let dalmi choose who she wants and be happy so long as she is happy. Jipyeong will just be happy to be grandma “god grandson”. The lines said by grandma and jipyeong are so touching.

    Dosan kind of implying to jipyeong about those letters like dalmi knew it was not the real dosan who wrote it but jipyeong.

    I think there is more about Alex intention – whether he is helping dosan or something else.

    Loving this drama and Seon ho and grandma acting are brilliant. Everyone acted so well.

    Looking forward to ep 6.

  4. I just watch it for Ji-Pyeong, I love this character. He’s funny and touching. the best relationship is his one with Grandma.

  5. I mean, Ji Pyeong is my favorite character but he’s douchey-ness is just a notch too aggressive this episode especially with his assistant. Calm down a bit grumpy dude!

  6. just wondering how come that the rating for this drana in ep 6 is 4.7 only? with mega popular actors and writer and PD? plus everyone is saying this is a very good drama. well acted and well written.
    Search rating has increased to 3.9, btw.

    • 4-5 in cable rating is not too bad .for cable
      , you multiply by 2 then it’s equal to public drama rating so around 8-10%

    • I guess maybe knetz have a prejudice against the main leads? I’m trying to understand it too because it’s such a well-written show with lots of heart. Secret Forest 2 got high ratings in the time slot, so I thought weekend cable ratings were steadily climbing again, but I guess not.

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