K-media Writes on Four Young Stars to Watch in 2021 – Lee Do Hyun, Ro Woon, Song Kang, and Jeon Yeo Bin

Okay I totally agree with this four-some and how talented and ripe for (further) breakout in 2021, but there may be one or two more names I would add to the list. Nevertheless this really is a new bright era for K-dramas with so many genuinely good actors and actresses on deck to become solo male and female leads on their own. In 2021, it really has to be the Lee Do Hyun and Song Kang show and even better the two worked together on hit Netflix drama Sweet Home. Song Kang will have Love Alarm 2 (already filmed) and tvN ballet drama Navillera where he gets to work with veteran legends Sim Deok Chool and Na Moon Hee, while Lee Do Hyun will be back in KBS drama Youth of May set in 1980 during the Gwangju Uprising opposite his Sweet Home sister Go Min Si who plays his female love interest this time around. Idol actor Ro Woon will get his chance to prove Extraordinary You is not a fluke as he plays the ardent younger man lover in Sunbae Please Don’t Wear that Lipstick (She Will Never Know), and last but not least Jeon Yeo Bin has quietly amassed a ten movie resume but hasn’t had her drama spotlight yet but will have that chance as the female lead in highly anticipated tvN drama Vincenzo with Song Joong Ki.


K-media Writes on Four Young Stars to Watch in 2021 – Lee Do Hyun, Ro Woon, Song Kang, and Jeon Yeo Bin — 20 Comments

    • Agree with Ben.

      It is what it is. Kdramas are primarily watched by women who in more cases fangirl over the men/actors/male characters. Most love triangles that get huge fan wars are 2 male leads and a female lead – not the other way around. I can’t even think of a legitimate fanwar between 2 female fan groups. So there you have it.

  1. Song Kang started from that small role in Liar and His Lover but look at him now. Out shined every single person in that drama thanks to Love Alarm and solidified himself as the most prominent actor of the next generation thanks to Sweet Home. Lee Dohyun out shined the male lead in Hotel Del Luna and proved himself worthy of lead male status with 18 Again. This one will win a daesang in the next few years. Not idol actors or failed child stars these ones are the real deal. You don’t need 10 years to build a legacy you can do it in 2 if you’re talented and smart enough.

  2. Song Kang is the next rising star actor, I can feel it. He will be BIG in few years. I hope he can work his ass off before his military service

  3. I didn’t like Song Kang in Love Alarm and When the Devil Call but I didn’t see in recent drama. Netflix loves him Love Alarm 1 and 2, Sweet Home and now Navillera…

    I didn’t like Lee Do Hyun’s character in Hotel Del Luna, but I like the actor. I’m waiting for his next drama.

    Rowoon acted different roles until now, I’m very excited by Sunbae, the trailer looks so good. His name was mentionned for a saeuk with Park Eun Bin.

    I loved Jeon Yeo Bin in Be Melodramatic. She was so good. Even if this drama didn’t have good ratings, it was really great. Her story was the most touching. She’s a good reason to watch Vincenzo with SJK and Kwak Dong Yeon.

    • You know, I recently watched HDL and I just don’t understand why people keep saying LDH outshone YJG. The guy barely appeared in the drama and his few scenes didn’t make any impact on me the viewer. To be clear, I don’t have a bias for either actor. I just don’t get those comments.

      Be Melodramatic. The ratings aren’t stellar but is the drama worth watching?

      • I didn’t understand the love for his character. I mean this guy caused all the pain of Jang Man Wol because he chose himself… He betrayed, forced her to kill him, etc.

        Be Melodramatic is weird at the beginning, you need a little bit of patience but after the story is better. There are different and interesting stories for each character, nobody is forgotten.

      • It’s the chemistry. YJG wasn’t able to generate any whatsoever. I mean, it goes both ways I know. But the truth is, IU has chemistry with almost all her costars save him.

      • LDH’s role in HDL was small but he engages the audience with his screen presence. It was my first time to watch him in HDL and he has the recall factor, I’m not surprised that he booked good projects and roles after that.

      • It depends on your preference. For me, I find Love Alarm as a good drama. It is a syndrome drama to be honest. Hence, the reason why is it so popular. Song Kang broke out to stardom due to that drama.

  4. Very happy to see Rowoon here, I think he’s really proved himself of having the potential to rise to the big leagues with Extraordinary You. I’m praying this noona romance drama works out so the general public can give him the hype he deserves.

  5. Song Kang has that factor to be a next star, I can’t comment on Love alarm because I didn’t like the drama and I left it in the middle, but sweet home was a good role for him.
    This news is good for the industry, because most of the Korean superstars (especially male) are already in the range of their early 30s and 40s.
    postscript: I mean in recognition, not talent.

    • Both Song Kang and Lee Do Hyun have that IT factor that is difficult to describe but will make them a star. They just need to choose the right projects for the next few years and stay away from any scandals. If the public trusts them and they make the right industry connections they will both be very big.

  6. I thought they’ll have Jo Byung Gyu therem, he has sky castle -> stove League -> the uncanny counter.

    I think Kim Hye Yoon miss her chance but she also can get back.

    The reason the actress doesn’t seem a lot is because there are hardly school age drama and the still have super big name like Kim Tae Ri, Kim Go Eun, Kim Jo Won, Shin Hye Sun , Park Shin Ye and right after this generation Kim Yoo Jung, Kim So Hyun, Kim Sae Ron and Kim Hyang Gi with Kim Hye Yoon to an extend already solidified themselves.

    Actor has military service so some can get slow down but actresses is tighter competition.

    • Well. Kim Sae Ron has been downgraded to second class drama actress due to lack of promotion and inactivity. Meamwhile, Kim Hyang Gi is only active in movies and has no strong footing in dramaland. As for Kim Hye Yoon, she is a rising star right now but has no enough star power to carry a major drama.

      I think only Kim Yoo Jung and Kim So Hyun are the best 2 drama actresses of their generation who have the star power to carry a major drama. Actually, they do not need to compete with the girls mentioned above because their competition is the late 20s girls like Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun, Kim Tae Ri, Park So Dam and et al.

      • Didn’t Kim Hyang gi star in the drama Moments At Eighteen? She caught my attention there as I don’t watch K-movies. I wouldn’t count out Kim Sae Ron yet as all she needs is a few good projects and she’s back in the game; she has the looks, talent and name recognition which is a lot more than most actresses of her age range have in the industry. I feel she could benefit most from a change in her agency.

      • It is a good drama it is not a gurantee for Hwang Gi to secure major dramas in the future because most of producers prefer pretty faces which is something Hwang Gi is not fitting for. She is a future Chungmuro queen nonetheless.

        Meanwhile, Sae Ron needs a proper promotion to be relevant again and challenge the duopoly of So Hyun and Yoo Jung.

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