IU Achieves All Kill with Release of New Album First Single Celebrity

The new year in 2021 brings lots of unknowns in every aspect but for K-pop I’m excited to see what’s in store in terms of really catch tunes. Last year due to stay at home life I was able to catch up on nearly a decade worth of K-pop songs whether club tunes or ballads in order to refresh my playlist. Wowsers there has definitely been lots of impressive new groups and great singles, but I was really wowed when I checked in on IU and saw that in her decade since debut in 2009 she’s just fully blossomed in her singing career. It’s been a steady rise and I love all her albums and her latest album Celebrity is dropping soon with the same name first single released last week to an All Kill. Keep on slaying Queen!


IU Achieves All Kill with Release of New Album First Single Celebrity — 11 Comments

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  2. lets talk about the Koreeda movie guys…

    My Mister really changed everything. I feel bad for the kdramafans who still with the narrative “IU bad actress”

    she is insane, new Chungmuro Princess is coming
    She is not just the best idol actress, she is one of the best actress in 20’s

    • YES!! I’m so unbelievably proud of her. I’m 100% certain Koreeda watched My Ahjussi, renowned Japanese singer-composer Ryuichi Sakamoto recently recommended the drama as well. I already see a lot of k-drama fans salty about her casting, but Koreeda is not one to cast on popularity alone. He looks for actors/actresses that fit his character-driven narratives or those he sees potential in.

  3. She’s talented, pretty and hard-working. I like her since I saw her in The producers and I became a fan, she stole the show in my view. I hope this new album is a success.

  4. When will she come back to dramas? I miss her after hotel del Luna 🙁 To tell you the truth, I don’t like her latest single, “celebrity.” It sounds like a cotton candy filler in sound, I’m not referring to the lyrics which I think is just okay. I like her previous singles more.

  5. IU is the ONLY artist in history to surpass 700 PAKs (Perfect All Kill, not just All Kill & CAK Certified All Kill).
    She’s a KPop legend in the making, if she’s not one already.
    And now we’re thrilled to see her endeavour in the chungmuro world. To have such a critical acclaimed director to cast her in a movie along with some of the biggest K actors/actress is truly an honor.

  6. I am one of the few who thought the criticism of her in Moon Lovers was a little overblown. I think she has a skill set and, if she chooses her scripts wisely, will continue to roll right along. Music wise she is just ok for me but there is no doubt that almost anything she does seems to always do the all kill. Music in general has all started to just be meh to me these days.

  7. She debuted in 2008, not 09 – I think that’s a typo.

    I was initially sceptical of her but she won me over completely in Producer and I think a lot of the issues with her performance in Moon Lovers were down to bad directing. She wasn’t bad, honestly, even in her worst dramas she hasn’t sucked.

  8. Off of topic but a long time ago, before my beloved kdramas, i used to watch “Saved by the bell” so RIP Justin Diamond . Moon lovers was a real addiction to me but the final was terrible .

  9. She was also cast in the next Koreeda movie!! Girl is absolutely killing it. Her career is so enviable. The biggest digital music act in Korea and now rising in the acting industry. She’s already S-tier in Korea, but this Koreeda movie is just going to catapult her to new heights.

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