My Roommate is a Gumiho Stays Ratings Steady Around 4.2% in 3rd and 4th Episodes as the OTP Sweetly Grow to Care About Each Other

I found my drama crack of 2021 and it’s definitely tvN Wed-Thurs fantasy rom-com My Roommate is a Gumiho (Frightening Cohabitation). My adoration of this drama is up there with how much I loved Start-up last year, less that the drama is a “work of art” but rather the drama “works my heart”. It makes me love and care about the two leads 999-year old gumiho Woo Yeo and 21-year old college student Lee Dam. He’s an old soul in an even older body and she’s just a breath of fresh air for everyone around her, full of candor, sincerity, humor, and emotional depth. It’s crazy how well written she is as a female lead, with none of the purposely being obtuse stupidity or saying what she doesn’t mean passive-aggressiveness that is often foisted on K-drama rom-com females to make then seem spunky. It makes sense how playboy sunbae Gye Sun Woo is falling for her and even more sense why she has good friends around her who protect her and is a sounding board for her. If anyone says Hyeri is bad in this drama imma fight you cuz she’s just A-dorable (has she always been this adorable?) and does enough to make Dam enjoyable to watch. Plus her chemistry with both Woo Yeo and Sun Woo is beautifully layered and palpable. The writer also does a great job of providing context for the fox bead, glimpses into Woo Yeo’s past sadness, and hints at what it could do to Dam in the process of nurturing the bead Woo Yeo needs to turn human. I’m glad the toilet humor is lessened and we can spend so much time watching Woo Yeo and Dam live together and deal with life issues all the while talking candidly and caring about each other.


My Roommate is a Gumiho Stays Ratings Steady Around 4.2% in 3rd and 4th Episodes as the OTP Sweetly Grow to Care About Each Other — 24 Comments

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  2. I tried watching upon reading AKP’s earlier post on this drama but boy, I could not even finish the first episode. Apart from drooling over how handsome JKY is, I find myself almost dozing off even when I was watching it while walking on treadmill at speed of 6.4.

    • @Alexa we are two . Drooling over JKY , aside that …meh . And I watched the 4 episodes ! After readind Koala’s post i was hoping for my new fix but it won’t be this drama . Sigh

      • @cahill

        Have you tried Racket Boys, Crazy Guy in The District, Move to Heaven or Youth of May? I haven’t checked out those dramas yet but I’ve heard mostly good reviews about them.

      • @ultraviolence Racket Boys is so good! The first 2 episodes were pretty long but I loved it!

      • @ultraviolence, i just finish the 2 episodes of Racket Boys and it’s good !

      • @cahill

        Great! Since you said you were looking for a fix after Mouse and Taxi Driver but you didn’t like either DAYS or Roommate, I thought I’d recommend the above dramas for you to try. Glad you found something you like. ?

  3. I didn’t expect it to be this fun. It’s my first time watching jang kiyong and hyeri. So far so good. Their acting skill is not phenomenal but decent enough with this kind of story.

  4. I love this drama! Super light and enjoyable. The chemistry of Jang Ki Yong and Hyeri is palpable. I replay the funny scenes and adorable warm ones as well. I love how they are peeling layers as they get to know each other better. It’s great to see an appreciation post about this drama. I think it’s worth checking out. Episode 1 is slow but it gets better with each one after.

  5. But Hyeri is meh for me. I think could like this drama way more with another actress. She overacts and she can’t module her voice so she sounds pretty childish everytime. Fortunately, a exuberant role suits her more than anything else. But both actors are doing what they’re good at without being great at this…

  6. EP3:
    Loved it! My favorite part was the confrontation between Dam’s brother, her friend and Gumiho-nim. LMAO.
    But can they cut it out with the ‘eoreusin’ already? Plus, their dynamic sometimes seems like adult and child. It’s a bit uncomfortable to root for the romance when they emphasize the age gap in every episode.
    That sunbae is working my last nerve. What an ass.
    All of Hyeri’s expressions are meme-able. And I LOVE it! I LOVE her! And her friends.
    Can someone give Kang Han-na her own drama already? Really dropping the ball, dramaland.
    Can’t believe that incompetent nurse from PBIO is Dam’s dongsaeng. Lol. Nice to see him do a bit more here.

    Loved it!
    Dam is so relatable and lovable (And that’s all on Hyeri’s performance). My girl just wants to get through uni and graduate in peace. And all these idiots are trying to bring her down. I’m glad Woo-yeo showed up for her. And also took care of her when it was that time of the month. J’adore their moments!
    Favorite part of the episode was when he transformed into her and went on the date in her place. HAHAHA. I got a kick out of how the ‘girls’ were unfazed at the X-rated movie while the guys were all over the place. “This is mild.” LOL.
    I disliked the noble idiocy, though. Thank goodness, it wasn’t dragged out.
    Again, somebody give Kang Han-na her own drama!
    Boy, I envy how Hyeri gets to eat all these mouth-watering meals every episode! Lucky girl.
    And that preview? Can’t wait for next week!

  7. I love this drama so much. My new crack. Chemistry between hyeri and jang ki yong really good. It’s been long since I felt the burn sweetness from the two leads. Everything is good for me.. Can’t wait for next week.
    Bts hyeri is just like that in real life.

  8. Hyeri has a gift for slapstick comedy, she deserves full credit for being so committed to the gags and going all-out instead of trying to save her image or look “pretty”. But her crying scenes/anything that’s halfway serious, is still super awkward to watch.

    At least her chemistry with Jang Ki Yong is good though, for a romcom that’s the most important thing though can Dam PLEASE stop calling Woo Yeo “eorishin”, it instantly kills any swoony feelings when she’s basically calling him a grandpa-age person ?.

    Best part of this drama is still Kang Hanna though, she’s just so adorable and hilarious as the gumiho version of a dumb blonde. The faces she makes when a fresh piece of ignorance is revealed ??? I nearly died laughing when her answer to the “how to make humans happy” question was “date them” ??

    That said, there are parts of the episodes that drag but it’s fun so far.

  9. The leads have good enough of a chemistry for the “eorishin” to not sound bad for me. Whereas it was always hard to accept in Gobljn even though the leads were better actors and tried really hard to sell jt.

    And I thought plot wise it is well written so it won’t be awkward later on. They make it clear she sees his inner qualities rather than his age or the fact he’s a gumiho. That’s why she won’t date him no?

    Whereas for him he doesn’t harp on the fact that he’s old. It’s more of how he’s seen everything and nothing is interesting, till she came into his life.

  10. this drama is my new crack after vincenzo, although both leads r not the best actors, but they make it work. jang ki yong is so bland, he is better at melodrama. i love kang han na here, so cute and adorable. finally i found a female character with a good head in the shoulder, in lee dam

  11. I totally agree how well written the FL is so far, we need more female lead characters like this. I loved how the whole noble idiocy thing was handled by Hyeri’s character, in a typical kdrama there would be lots of moping and probably some silly life-threatening event with tears and whatnot to bring the ML back to realisation. But here, she just outright lay it out for him, tell him to stop all this nonsense and go back to being how he was before, and I liked how she gave JKY’s character that quick split-second opportunity to bring himself back by walking away and then turning back. I thought that was a breath of fresh air and I remember thinking “oh that’s different! Well done!”

    The confrontation between Dam’s brother, her friend and Woo Yeon was hilarious. I just wished they could have done a bit more to milk the funny confrontation instead of quickly resetting it. I wanted more! Haha

    I am not too annoyed by Hyeri’s acting here, cause she is doing a good job at the comedy and being adorkable. Basically I just see her as an older version of Deok Sun in college and instead of having a “pet-like” Taek, she now has a Gumiho pet instead. ???

  12. Finished all 4 episodes in one sitting. This drama is my new crack and Hyeri is Adorable with capital A. This is what doom at your service should have been.

    • I watched ONE episode of “Doom At Your Service” and although I am a fan of Seo In Guk, I stopped watching because both his and Park Bo Young’s characters are so unlikable!!! I can’t understand FL.. the way she thinks, talks, and acts.. is Park Bo Young exaggerating her tone? I find it a little annoying… mixed with the dialogues. I did LOVE Ailee’s OST for it though…

  13. Hyeri is doing a great job at portraying her character. FL is smart, not a push-over, isn’t afraid to embarrass herself, doesn’t fall for tricks easily, and is likable. My only problem with the character right now is that she’s immature – though it’s understandable. She’s young and just found out she may die in a year… she is overly dramatic which I find it hard to see how the 2 men are falling for her… but because she is so raw and real, I can’t help but root for her and ML. Hyeri plays these types of characters very well and she’s good at it!

  14. Kang Hanna and Hyeri makes me watch…Kiyong is handsome, but his acting is…(what happened to him? I liked him in Come and Hug me)

  15. Love, love this drama, not only for the humor and pretty, pretty people, but also for Lee Dam who has some of the best communications skills I’ve ever seen in a fictional character. She doesn’t scream or nag or wait for someone to rescue her (well, I guess she does, but not by choice, it’s that pesky bead’s fault!). Instead, she stands up for herself, tells people off when they need it, and confronts or asks for clarification when resident gumihos act in ways that are confusing. She apologizes when she’s wrong and isn’t afraid to ask for what she wants. And yet she is so, so relatable. Handsome gumiho touching your tummy? You bet I would be sucking in too!

    On the gumiho’s part, he treats her with respect and listens to her concerns without being condescending. There’s some murkiness going on with the bead and why he continues to leave it in her, but I trust the actors and readers of the web toon who seem to indicate that no tragedies await. Yes, there are too many long lingering scenes focused on him sitting around looking thoughtful, but well, it’s not that much of a hardship. He is *very* nice to look at.

    Regarding the toilet scene in Ep2, one reader of the webtoon said it was lifted straight out of the webtoon and was a pivotal scene where the FML and SML really interact for the first time. I was a bit taken aback by it too, but still found it super funny. (The toilet fairy line still gets me every time. Ha!) Anyway, just wanted to throw that in there because there are things in the drama that have been dictated by the original source that we as nonreaders might find weird.

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