Ahn Hyo Seob Has Stopped Acting Like a Blind Man in the Second Half of Lovers of the Red Sky and It’s Can’t be Missed Acting Comedy

Somewhere the drama gods are laughing down on this drama, and I’m actually neither mad or sad but enjoying the off the rails ride at this point. Lovers of the Red Sky hasn’t just gone off the deep end in terms of the most nonsensical plot and character behavior I’ve seen in any drama in a long time, it’s also a masterclass now in bad acting. Actually I can’t even call it bad acting, its better described as wrong acting, and the number one case in point in male lead Ahn Hyo Seob. I’m fascinated by what’s going on behind the scenes because in front of the scenes he’s stopped acting like a blind person. Like, full stop, he’s not even making ANY effort other than using a cane to essay resemblance to a blind person. He tried in the first 6 episodes and gradually he tried less and less until the most recent two episodes 13-14 he is just flat out being a normal sighted person. If his character can see in the drama then Ahn Hyo Seob is actually doing okay with his sageuk acting, the diction is on point and he’s got that reserved poised scholarly demeanor down pat.

But Ha Ram is blind!!! And not just somewhat blind, a little blind, or pretending to be blind, he legit hasn’t seen anything since he was like 10 years old. So watching Ahn Hyo Seob constantly looking at his costars at the right eye level and making eye contact in every scene is so INSANE to see, a lead actually stopped acting one the main attribute of his character, It would be like a leg cripple just starting to walk normally midway through the drama. I thought Ahn Hyo Seob had so much potential in Thirty But Seventeen but since he’s gotten male lead roles it’s just been inexplicably flat. I hope he regains his spark and delivers on the potential soon. For this drama I’m more amused than upset because what’s tanking it is one of the the worst scripts in the K-drama script pantheon so his not acting correctly isn’t making it worse and is making it more fun for me because I’m so curiously following him staring at everyone and everything in all the scenes.


Ahn Hyo Seob Has Stopped Acting Like a Blind Man in the Second Half of Lovers of the Red Sky and It’s Can’t be Missed Acting Comedy — 64 Comments

  1. I don’t why but I lost interest in all of the current airing dramas I was watching… I dropped yumi’s cell, and this one as well as so many others…
    any suggestion to something nice and family-ish like the old gems ojakyo bros and my strange father?
    I’m not liking this year list.

    • Same predicanents here with many korean dramas lately and i am not keen on fantasy/historical dramas, but watching LORS cuz i like both leads KYJ & AHS, came to like 2nd lead Gong Myung.I am currently enjoying Young Lady & Gentleman, also the family drama from year ago, Mom Is Hahing An Affair. I want some real comic, some lol!

    • I love this drama. His acting as blind man is charming . He got the cutest blind red eyes. I would like them to win an acting awards . Beauty us in tge eyes of the beholder

      • Eu amo também esse dorama lindo demais apaixonante e não vejo nada errado na cegueira dele acho simplesmente um dorama bem feito e perfeito . Atuação dele e dela nota 10000000 ?????????❤️

    • His blind act was what put me off since the beginning. It was in small gestures and movements that aren’t possible for a blind person. I just stopped watching. It’s now amusing to know that his straight up a seeing man now *smh*

  2. as a fellow disilussioned watcher for this drama, your posts about it have proven to be cathartic and hilarious. i don’t even know why i continue watching ??? i remember i found his acting good at the beginning but what the hell happened. was there a mass lobotomy at the set starting from the writer to all the actors? i guess when they received the scripts they figured why even bother. only gong myung is still taking this show a bit seriously acting wise, and that’s quite surprising to me considering i always found him flat and boring in his other roles.

    • he doesn’t like his character here probably explains all of this situations. maybe he is forced to do this drama so he gave up. but i don’t think that’s the case here because who wants to reject pd jang’s drama right? him acting like a normal sighted person actually can make the viewers awkward watching it. i wonder what has contributed to him for stop acting like a blind person? ? actually, i also don’t really trust fl lead acting too. while her overall actings can be considered good, but she sometimes was too loud in conversations and tend to overacting in some parts. i also still stick to my former opinion that the writer should age down ther lead’s age as in terms of looks and characters, they looks nothing like 28 years old person in the drama.

      • He was enjoying the film and hopefully it will be extended because his chemistry to KYJ is superb and makes us forget everything but knly to love them

      • Lol how do you know he doesn’t like his character here. Is there an exclusive interview about it or a legit source? You just didn’t have a good grasp with his character. It’s okay to not like the drama and become a critic but don’t make it too obvious that it turns to hate and you’re spreading false rumor.

  3. I already left the boat to King’s affection as I like Park Eun Bin but once again since Yoon Eun Hye and Moon Geun Young , i don’t know how in the drama, characters can see her as a man . Aside this fact, the drama is classic . My favorite drama actually is Da Li and the cocky prince , a true gem , hope that it will be this good til the end .

    • same. dali and the cocky prince is the only airing drama i’m watching. everything else seems so boring or just plain bad. hopefully jirisan will deliver.

    • With YEH I could at least see it since she really dropped all feminine mannerisms from her speech and body language for Coffee Prince, even her walk was tomboyish. But with most cross dressing sageuk you just have to suspend disbelief and think that the possibility of cross dressing was so remote that it doesn’t occur to people that a girl can dress as a man, the idea that these girls are believably male to others is as much a fantasy as the idea that chaebols lurk on every corner in kdramaland.

    • Because nobody would dare to do what she has done. It’s a big crime.

      But PEB is pretty credible for me. The way she walks, talks, etc. She’s very charismatic even if she’s tiny.

      • Agree,as i said i love Park Eun Bin in all her dramas . It’s just that she is so tiny and pretty that she should have add something more to act more as a man . Because she is a true professional actress . She was fantastic in Age of youth and in Do you like Brahms ? she played her role with emotion without going overboard . She is one of my favs of her generation .

  4. ^Helen: ppl are allowed to watch and critique a drama yeah? We don’t all have to like everything we watch.

    Anyway yes. I was so bothered by this bit of him acting like he can see shen haram is blind as a bat that it’s one of the reasons I dropped it. He looks at his costars, looks at ppl when he is fighting, has no problem getting on a horse- i cant ?Actually everyone’s acting here Is really bland and unnuanced. I blame it on the horrible writing but past ep 8 or sth it’s like nobody is giving a fck acting wise too. ?

    I only liked ahs in 30 but 17. His character was rather one note too but well written. Havent liked him in anything since. He’s incredibly bland n has little to no chemistry with his costars. I’m surprised he’s given lead roles n wonder who is giving him such strong support behind the scenes.

    • As a fan of Sageuk dramas, I enjoyed it a lot. It may not be perfect to everyone’s eyes but it takes a lot of effort to film a drama. It’s not just about the characters, but the whole production and team. Very interesting plot I wish I could see more since usually Sageuk dramas are mostly 20 episodes or more. I’m gonna miss this drama. It’s entertaining it can keep you sane this pandemic.

      • Nobody is asking or expecting a perfect drama. As I said above people are allowed to critique what they watch, this leads to higher quality productions in future. So what if a whole team filmed it, it’s the same for every drama and if it’s bad, it just means the team needs to improve the next time around, Sageuk dramas have never been anything more than 16 episodes the past few yrs, surely as a self proclaimed sageuk fan you should know this. And lotrs will not be given anything more than 16 eps given how poorly SBS thinks of it lol

        You are all over the comments trying to convince people that this is the best drama ever. Why don’t you take your own advice and watch it in peace and allow the rest of us to dislike it and criticise it in peace.

    • I never understood why people loved him so much in 30 but 17. His acting was mediocre there too, but I guess people found the character likeable?

      • I found his acting mediocre too in 30 but 17. His character there really saved him. tbh, he didn’t convince me as a male lead and his eye doesn’t speak. I even didn’t care about his character in abyss and dr kim 2.

      • I feel in love with AHS after watching my father is strange……idk why u hate him….he is a talented actor for sure

    • Imho, he is not really mediocre. At least he tried his best. Compared to the so-overrated Cha Eun Woo. Damn, please watch Cha Eun Woo’s Rookie Historian Goo Hae-Ryung, it is the worst sageuk drama I’ve ever watched (he also acts bad in other dramas)

  5. That is the fault of the director too. If he is acting out of character it’s the director’s job to DIRECT him and remind him he should be acting like a visually impaired person.

    It sounds so weird that the drama has just forgotten this attribute of his character when he was convincingly acting as a blind character in the earlier part of the drama. Did they think the audience would just forget?

    • Writing, directing, acting everything has failed and it’s painfully visible in the behind the scenes videos. Fake smiles and forced conversations just because the camera is rolling but literally nobody wants to be there.

  6. AHS was not bad in Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim 2, definitely not bland there.

    In this drama, he was quite decent but yes, he stopped acting like a blind man in the last few weeks’ eps. I can understand it’s not easy to consistently ensure the eyes look blank while acting and unseeing, it’s natural to slip back to normal however, wouldn’t also be PD job to remind him and correct it as much as practically possible?

  7. His only other drama I’ve seen is Doctor Romantic 2 and I found his performance there good enough. He started off alright in LOTRS but I don’t know what happened to him. Truth be told, he’s not the only one whose acting has deteriorated at some points during the drama. But I think it’s the shoddy writing and directing that’s negatively affecting the acting.

  8. It’s basically A Diary of The Nightwatchman scenario where everyone just gave up on acting after some point. Not that Yunho could ever act but even Jung Il Woo just gave up even trying. I’m surprised at this directing failure considering his past works but there was clearly a reason why this drama was in pre production hell for years.

  9. If we are talking about bad acting the whole cast qualifies. This drama has everything from no acting to bland acting to over acting. Bad script and directing cannot be saved but can be alleviated by acting but there is non of it here. Waste of resources and airtime making this drama.

  10. I skipped some episodes and was like ” wait he is not blind anymore ? Since when did he regain his sight?? I even went back some episodes tô find out he didn’t lol I lost interest in this drama

  11. Get an A+ actress and actors to act..not a one-hit wonder actress or actor to do so. Also, who picked the writer and director of this show. Overblown and overhype drama from the start.It is no wonder it cannot go abv 10% for a sbs drama

  12. Thanks for this post Ms. Koala it made me laugh so much.

    Just wondering was the writer the same one who wrote The Moon that embraces the Sun?

    Wasn’t this story adapted from the novel? I wonder just how much was changed to fit 16 episodes.

  13. I thought I was the only one and was wondering why I did not feel the urge to go back and watch but it seems many of us are feeling the same way. Story line is disjointed and very hard to put everything together. It’s not always about the cast..it’s always the story that’s the pull factor although actors and actresses do contribute to the pull factor. I’ve not gone back after episode 5. On the other hand, I can’t wait for the next episode of the king’s affection.

  14. Hum the issue is the writing and the directing too. They asked him to do this things that should be difficult for a blind person…

    But ASH is kinda boring in this role. His ton is monotone and his acting too.

    When everybody wanted someone younger for KYJ, she had way more chemistry and fun with her other partners. She’s kinda an old soul.

    • Sad the drama is ending. Loved the drama and the actors are the best in their respective roles. Monday-tuesdays will be boring after this dama ends. Nothing to look forward to, after the drama ends. Hope at least another casting news comes soon for yoojung.

  15. With the characters awesome performance on screen and behind the screen makes me laugh giggle and my heart flutters, I am always looking forward to every episode and love every bit of it…I love this kdrama and it makes me sad knowing it’s near the end…kudos to all for an excellent job❤❤❤

      • Let them enjoy the drama just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean everyone can’t like it. You can’t convince us either. I really like the drama and enjoyed it very much. The plot is very interesting there’s a lot of potential and the actors have great visuals. If it’s true that everyone was forcing a smile and enduring it to the very end then that’s sad but is it bad that some people loved the drama. The cast may be forcing themselves but not the people who enjoyed this drama. No one is forcing them. They chose to watch it like how you chose to watch it.

  16. With the characters awesome performance on screen and behind the screen makes me laugh giggle and my heart flutters, I am always looking forward to every episode and love every bit of it…I love this kdrama and it makes me sad knowing it’s near the end…kudos to all for an excellent job❤❤❤

  17. I read this article and found it interesting but I have to say the analysis of this quite wrong.I honestly believe the acting was on point and all emotion visible and invisible were felt. Ha Ram is blind and the act was quite on point if I must say. Being blind don’t weigh one down from doing things besides the girl at the first episode kinda taught him how to saw through sounds and words. Besides not only is Ha Ram blind but also the smartest man in the movie who is always in mask and is being sought for by the Grand Prince and in this notion I beg to defer that Ahn Hyo Seob (Ha Ram) acting was bad or wrong

    • Exactly my point. I don’t see anything wrong with it but that doesn’t mean it’s all perfect. Maybe they just didn’t have a good grasp about his character. There’s a difference between watching with your own eyes and watching with your own heart.

  18. I have no idea where people just get the idea that it’s totally fine to trash talk on people and what they do. There’s something called constructive criticism and its a shallow thing to just outrightly hurt people with words. No courtesy or regards at all and it’s a shame. I won’t say I didn’t notice it especially in the last 2 recent episodes. Where he flicked his eyeball around when speaking to the grand prince or so but that’s not to say he hasn’t been playing out his role really well.

  19. Lol I regret reading the article I wasted a minute of my life. ? I’m currently enjoying the drama. Indeed there’s a lot of scripts I question and how the story goes from intense and melancholy, to being funny real quick. I feel like the whole 16 episodes is too short and it just felt like yesterday since I watched the episode 1. It’s my first time seeing Ahn Hyo Seop in a drama meaning I haven’t watched his other dramas and I liked his acting. I watched a lot of Sageuk dramas and this is also my first time watching a blind mc and I think he’s doing pretty well. Honestly I hope the drama has 20 episodes because the plot is really interesting I wish I could see more episodes. Sadly, this drama is about to end. I really enjoyed Ha Ram he’s an interesting character and how his fate is tied with the title character Hong Cheon Gi. Not to mention his charisma and those beautiful eyes. He already have best visual and those eyes finally made me use the word ‘ethereal’. I’m really enjoying this drama. Kudos to the Lovers of the Red Sky Team.

  20. People are negative all the time.? just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean everyone can’t like it. AHS is not that bad probably he was enjoying film..i think it’s the directing that negatively affecting the acting. but his chemistry to KYJ is so overflowing and makes us forget everything but only to love them. I hope they’ll cast again for modern based series cause AHS and KYJ chemistry is superb.?

  21. His acting is superb and I love this role and absorbed in d movie. Hahaha stop being jealous of him. The movie & movie script n directing too is Good.

  22. Ma wang is helping him see….. I don’t think he was truly blind …maybe some vision loss because of shamen incidents earlier on.but I’m enjoying this Kdrama because the Joeseon era are my favorite to watch first of Kdrama,then I search for the 56 Kdrama I already have watched on Viki and Netflix and AsianCrush on to number 57 Fan of Kdrama Battle Creek Michigan

  23. For me being a blind with skills he is great.. it’s like normal humans blind who use his eyes where the sound or where he is talking too its natural. Blind person can also respond like a normal human who can see the difference is the eye. I love them. Keep it up!

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