Lee Min Ho Returns to Huntington Beach for the US Filming Locale of Heirs Nearly Ten Years Later

It’s a nice walk down memory land for me as a K-drama viewer and for actor Lee Min Ho as well, as last week he posted on his SNS pictures of him at a very easily recognizable place if you watched all his dramas. He was in front of Duke’s on the beach and of course that meant he was back in Huntington Beach, CA that was the location shoot for the US portion of 2013 K-drama Heirs. I have a super soft spot for Heirs because it was half stupid and half addicting and 100% harmless. It offended none of my good drama sensibilities in acting, directing, or script because it was self-aware and also assembled what will go on to be the top young actors and actresses of the current gen for the last decade. Lee Min Ho also gave his last hurrah as a rich high school student Kim Tan in this drama so it felt like a bookend to Gu Jun Pyo in Boys Before Flowers. I still rewatch Heirs from time to time, forwarding only to the entertaining bits, almost all of which include Kim Woo Bin in the scene lol.


Lee Min Ho Returns to Huntington Beach for the US Filming Locale of Heirs Nearly Ten Years Later — 17 Comments

  1. There’s one thing you have to admit, Kim Eun Sook knows how to pick her supporting cast for dramas. Heirs alone had Kim Woo Bin, Kang Ha Neul, Kim Ji Won, Park Hyung Shik, and then as the cherry on top – Choi Jin Hyuk and Im Joo Eun!

    (KWB/KJW scenes together had ridiculous levels of chemistry, like this kind of Cruel Intentions vibe? I felt so cheated when they didn’t have a love line)

    • One of my biggest gripes with the drama apart from you know all the wrist grabbing jerky male leads was that CJH and IJE didn’t end up together! How hard was it to give them a fairytale ending? Not like anything else made sense plot wise so why sacrifice the one couple that had strong chemistry the whole time. Heirs was addicting without question and Love is the moment is still stuck in my head.

  2. I must be one of the very few for whom the only watchable bits of this Drama, and definitely the only bits I REwatched, were those featuring Krystal – still one of her best acting performances imo. Of course, the Drama did make me a fan of the person my SO to this day still knows only as “Cheekbones”, the inimitable KWB

  3. I remember heirs being so ridiculous but so watchable
    Also it was the start of LMH fugly sweaters. Gawd it was so bad he looked insanely good. Every episode I would be “holy, this is one seriously ugly sweater. Why!!! And gawd LMH looks hot because no one in this world can carry that but Kim Tan can”

  4. I think it was a fun drama. For once, the ML was the stupid and nice when the SML was the jerk and smart one :p

    I like the other characters KJW and KHN were great together, Krytal and KMH were a super cute couple. KWB was really good.

    It’s just than LMH and PSH didn’t have any chemistry…

  5. Yes the supporting cast was unbelievable here. I think this is why KJW was cast again in DOTS.

    I wonder when KWB is going back to dramaland. Would he be KES next drama lead?

      • Smh. People here are so delusional they think they can go to someone’s blog and dictate what they should write about. Koala will write about whatever she wants if and when she chooses to. Now GTFO.

  6. The Heirs will forever be epic and my all time fave. Watching this as a teen made it more relatable cuz I saw myself in them going through so much and fighting for what I believe is right. Will always root for Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang!!!!…their onscreen and offscreen chemistry was intense and I love them both as co stars and as people for the level of mutual love, respect and friendliness they have towards one another!

  7. What’s even better is that apart from Lee Min Ho reminiscing on Heirs by going back to Huntington Beach, Park Shin Hye too posted a pic of herself this year in the area which Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang spent the night out together on the camping trip, infront of the mini bus with the fairy lights. The fact that they’re both reminiscing is so wholesome…even after so many years. LMH and PSH also stated in interviews this year when they were asked who their most memorable and fave character was…that it was Kim Tan and Cha Eun sang…upto date!!???❤❤❤❤❤

  8. Kiss Scene in the basement. Look at their faces. They are so blushed and enjoyed the scene. I bet they were burning inside. I love Heirs and i watch whenever it once a year at least along with Legend of Blue Sea.

  9. Huntington Beach is about an hour drive from LA without traffi where he is supposed to attend an event. For Lee Min Ho to take time to re visit the place……means this place is memorable to him.

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