New Teaser for jTBC Period Drama Snowdrop Elicits Criticism of Female Lead Jisoo’s Dialogue Reading and Schizo Narrative Tonal Shift

Okay, setting aside any individual critiques, this is just an awfully cut trailer for a drama. It makes me actively not want to watch it because it’s just so poorly done. Upcoming jTBC romance period drama Snowdrop got tons of criticism for maybe distorting history and even a petition that it never air, which was absurd to lob a complaint about plot before the drama airs. But watching the teaser the more pressing issue is that it may not be a good drama based on what weirdness is going on here. Jisoo‘s female lead is acting out her own “fall in love at first sight” cheesiness and then BOOM Jung Jae In turns off her cassette recording with ominous music and looks freaked out like a female stalker is coming after him. Just tonally like two different dramas stitched together. In addition, the K-netizens are really not okay with Jisoo’s dialogue reading and I thought it can’t be that bad until I watched the trailer and wow that was rough. She sounds like she has a stuffy nose and also doesn’t enunciate, though Yoon Eun Hye has gotten the same critique her entire career so it needn’t be a acting deal breaker. But that’s because she can act and here Jisoo’s acting also doesn’t look natural. I’ll wait to see if maybe it’s just bad editing and perhaps her character being a wide-eyed innocent doesn’t help because she sounds clueless the way she talks about first love.

Third teaser for Snowdrop:


New Teaser for jTBC Period Drama Snowdrop Elicits Criticism of Female Lead Jisoo’s Dialogue Reading and Schizo Narrative Tonal Shift — 67 Comments

  1. I noticed the bad enunciation since the first teaser.

    Of all the BP’s girls, I only took a liking (though little) on Jisoo. Even then, I have bern skeptical over her casting as FL right from the get go.

    In here, she was trying to act and sound cute and naive, instead she appears stupid and seems like having few loose screws (based on the teasers so far), widening her eyes at every chances. And she does not appear to be that pretty as how shes being glorified as the visual of BP.

    Well, it wpuld be interesting to see how this drama fare given how blinks been busy defending her casting and the hype around BP which I find so over the top.

    • yeah, i’ve seen similar comments about her visual. this is what happens when fans overate their biases. she definitely benefits from the blackpink styling and makeup. although suzy’s acting is polarizing and leaves much to be desired lol, she is able to pull off the more natural look onscreen and live up to the name as “visual” of her group.

    • Such a crap article with crap hateful comments.jisoo is beautiful as main visual of group and her voice is awesome .About acting I saw the teaser it was good nothing like hateful comments said.crap article full of crap comments even saying they r jisoo fan .take a rest u liers disgusting peoples

    • Pls, netizens are too harsh she barely said anything and y’all are creating a issue out of it, isn’t it obvious she’s doing what she’s being told too y’all are too much!

  2. I don’t think she did anything that looks that horrid. I mean she barely says any lines and yes, I do find her voice a bit off but hey, it may just be weirdly done teaser. I’d rather watch it first, see a few episodes before commenting on her acting. Its not enough to critic her yet. I can tell that Jung Hae In is being primed to do some of the acting heavy lifting already which makes sense. I don’t think the team would give Jisoo anything she can’t carry. At least I hope not.

  3. please netizen, don’t be so brutal. let this aired. they are just fickle for no reason and ridiculous. especially what happen to joseon exorcist.

  4. her tone and diction are worse than hyeri to be honest. her speaking voice is already nasally and congested, so if she is serious about her acting career, yg should send her to a speech therapist. however, i won’t comment on her acting since it’s just a teaser.

  5. Jesus Christ.. This blogger is too judgemental and she attract equally judgemental and bitter people like her. I have never seen this type of blog before.. It is like a bunch of haters and bitter people team up to open a blog where they will let out their vile vomits on celebrities.

    I am starting to get confused if we all watched different kind of teaser bcos what I watch was awesome.

      • If this is “astounding” I’m assuming you haven’t heard of Twitter in your life? Lol, check it out sometime. You’ll not find anything here nearly as “astounding”.


      • To show this is just pure hate.. The clowns are even attacking her visual which is laughable bcos say anything about jisoo.. She is one of the greatest visuals to come out of Korea full stop.. She is actually well known for it outside the blackpink fandom .. And I can bet you that the clowns attacking her look like dog poo.. That I am sure off

      • @butterfly sorry but that’s a dumb parallel. What’s the relationship between what I said and twitter. So because twitter is toxic, every other source of media should be too. Give me a break.
        Funnily,I’m pretty sure I’m more versed with twitter than you aare ?

      • @Dandelion

        The fact that you can’t see the parallel? Yup. Shows how smart you are ?

        And yep. I’m way more versed at Twitter than you are. That’s my initial assumption so you just proved me right. Check it out and oriented yourself tho. Might make you look less “dumb” around these grounds. Or not. No cure for stupidity lol

    • Weren’t you the one who said GHJ is ugly and that the eternal chaebol deserves a gorgeous female lead? And you talking about people here being bitter? lmao

    • Me too!!!I was literally SHOCKED when I see so many comments saying her voice and acting. Her acting I personally can’t feel any bad in these teasers. The voice I like it compare to those cute voice

  6. Contrary to popular belief, I have always found BP’s visuals to be quite average. It’s their styling and make up which makes their over all appearance outstanding.
    I am not that active in kpop but if I have to mention someone from the current grps who never fails to surprise me with her visuals ,that person is Irene. Can’t believe she’s 30 year old.
    In some pics, she can easily be passed off as song hye kyo’s sister.

  7. Poor Jung Hae-In and other great actors like Kim Hye-Yoon, Jang Seung-Jo, Yoo In-Na and Yoon Se-Ah…

    The focus of this drama is only about Ji-Soo and for now it doesn’t look promising…

      • This is her first time acting though. Give her a chance maybe. Then if she’s not so great, we can expect some improvements. But people are acting like Jisoo should be perfect right off the bat. One strike and she’ll be trolled forever.

        K-drama followers behave such harshly sometimes.

    • Acting like they were held at gunpoint to act alongside an untested idol with a cult-like following lmao she’s the most popular by far in the cast of course they’re going to take advantage of that? Just like Zendaya with less than 5 minutes screen time in Dune was all over the promo circuit of the movie… And the FL character’s a college freshman, YIN would not fit at all lol should’ve just said KHY but alas, she’s not even 3rd billed in this

      • Lol, Zendaya, you are comparing Jisoo to the emmy winner, fashion trend setter, MJ of spider man Zendaya who worked her but off to get her success in Hollywood? Really!

      • Was talking about the way she was utilized for the promotion of the movie with that screen time, can you read? I didn’t compare Jisoo and Zendaya as actresses and all that you said lmfao

      • Zendaya will be a key character in the next movie and it was well known prior to the promotional events to at least North Americans…this was a Denise Villenueve film. Completely different things at play here. Even minus Jisoo, this show has heavy hitters. I can only hope Jisoo was cast on merit, not clout. Because Koreans will tear her apart even if her fanbase abroad laps it up.

      • I was merely commenting on how they are using their popularity reach to promote their respective projects, that’s literally it… not everyone knows who’s the people behind every movie or series lol I don’t care how Jisoo will be received when the drama airs I am checking it out for the writer and PD and frankly, the non-romance part of it lmao

  8. Honestly the drama looks like a good love story set in a different era. But my god, does she stand out as cringeworthy from the get go. It’s not about her visuals, which is meh frankly, but the diction and simply the wide-eyed stare is kinda… creepy? There wasn’t a feeling of first love to me. Then it kinda ends that way, so maaaybe that was purposely done?

    This drama is so odd with the promos. I can’t tell what the tone is.

    • The promos have been totally weird and have put the entire drama into a sort of blackbox. There should be footage ready for a substantial teaser, but they’re going with these dumb, vague teasers about love. When you mentioned if it was purposely done, I wonder if the teasers are some misdirect. Like maybe it will turn out that the FL is actually a cold-hearted, serial killer arsonist and she’s out to seduce the ML so she can kill him?

  9. To everyone sending hate to the drama and the actors, just stop! The drama haven’t even aired yet and your judging it. Haven’t you heard the saying dont judge a book by its cover.
    And for those claiming to be blinks and talking bad about jisoo. Do you even deserve to be a blink,we are all here to support her, even if the drama is bad.That’s what a real blink would do, even if she is not your bias.(i dont think anything is wrong with the teaser and i know its going to be a great drama series.) who cares if her voice sounds weird or she’s acting innocent. Its a drama and what do people do in drama, they ACT!!. SO why dont you just watch the teaser and if you have nothing good to say keep it to yourself and stop bringing down the movie ratings before its even aired.

    • Can u stop praising ur idol? Are u blind?? Didn’t u see her weird acting?? Before getting the lead role easily, she should begin with small roles to practise her acting. Plus, she isn’t the same level as other korean actresses in terms of visuals. Why are all of her fans exaggarating her typical face? Kinda boring

      • The sad thing is that there’s so many better actors/actresses in the industry who are just waiting for their big break but I don’t understand as to why the production team always cast new idols as leads. Is it for the hype? Knowing that all the side characters in this drama had already proved theirselves in the acting industry. I really hope Jisoo would deliver. *fingers crossed*

    • Just because you think she “acts weird” doesn’t mean we all do. This is bullying at its finest and you’re trying to cancel her because of a teaser. And why are you bringing up her visuals and comparing her to other idols. Lmao she is in a drama not in a visual competition. And honestly Jisoo is much more beautiful than majority of the actresses today tf are you talking about. Your comment just justified how retarded you are stfu.

      • I don’t understand why her fans are so toxic that even they cannot see her weird acting! U can defend ur fav but if it should make sense. She robbed the lead role because of her fame. If this casting had been honest, she would nevee been chosen. She doesn’t have acting chops at all. She could begin with small roles. I don’t know her expression is always so stiff and weird. Eveb in their MV she cannot express emotions. BTW, I am not anti or something. I just state the facts

  10. I thought koala was exaggerating about the ‘stuffy nose’ voice until I actually clicked and realised no, you were not. I hope the drama is much better than this frankly cringeworthy teaser at any rate.

    And I see the kpop fans are here and throwing tantrums already, as expected.

  11. @Butterfly – yeah, her expressions and diction are just weird and stiff. Is it supposed to be that way, I wonder.

    this is going to air on Disney+ and all that makes me think of is that even Baby Yoda is more expressive than her despite being a literal puppet who can’t speak words.

  12. If only the production and PR team chose other scene to be a teaser. But I have to agree that she should starts with small parts in a drama before turns into a female lead. About the visual, i guess there are differences about idol stages and drama scenes.
    For newcomers who just step in this blog, do remember that this is her blog, it is her choice to write anything. You have choices too, you may stay or go. That’s it.

    • The only normal comment out here?thank you! I was a like ok, let’s here it and then I looked at the comments and was confused so listened to it again. It seems like a regular teaser to me, why is everyone being so over the top with it? Like chill. Lmao, why yall care so much when you don’t even like her

      • Well thats what people love doing these days, if you dont like something then dont!why hurl hurtful comments..words can kill, people…

  13. Lol in a 50 secs teaser , her acting was less than 15 secs. Yall are judging her based on that. Pathetic. Yall are just criticising her for the sake of it. This is extremely stupid. Beauty is subjective. Her visuals are just the same. She is the one member who always had simple makeup even as an idol with less styling. So there’s no difference in her beauty. Lol judging her from a 15 secs acting part and calling her fans blind.. y’all are ridiculous

  14. You koreaboos complaining about her pronunciation and diction as if you can understand korean lmao. And she was whispering but you wanted her voice to be clear? Also notice how those comment are in the 400+, no one gives a fck except trolls i assure you. Haven’t even aired and you’re all here complaining already

    • Sorry to deliver the reality check but drama fans are more likely than you to understand Korean because guess what….dramas involve long stretches of subtitled dialogue.

      And the irony of a kpop fan ie the biggest koreaboos of all, calling us koreaboos for failing to call your idol’s cringe line readings ‘good’….

  15. What is the genre for this drama? Is it thriller? Because the end of the teaser gives me that vibe. Star present is not strong from Ji Soo. As if she is just a memory or something. JHI is a really good actor. If JS’s partner is a mediocre actor she won’t look so lacking lol.Reading comments on YT feels like I’m watching different thing. The amount of praise is scary.Aigoo.some fans are delusional.

  16. Honestly, this drama and the lead female knows that criticism is going to be around this drama. She is a rookie,get lead role when the secondary characters play by much more experience actress, does she went into audition?
    This isn’t just about this drama but in real world, many people can see this is feels of foul play and undeserved role. Which is why she has to prove everyone wrong. People who think like this isn’t entirely a hater but this just a special treatment that will proven to be wrong if she is good. It’s not that her fame disqualified her but imagine if a rookie was added to have a new comeback with blankpink and promote with them with this 1 song. This rookie is new, never been in any song but said that she sure is a talented actress/comedian, never heard her sing or dance before. That’s what it feels like.

  17. Why not wait until the first full episode roll out before giving a verdict.

    Because honestly I don’t expect much from her. But I am curious as to how she nabbed the lead role when she was merely a cameo in Arthadal.

    If Suzy who everyone criticized for her robotic acting in the very popular Dream High. I wonder if Jisoo would fare even worse.

    I am not a fan of her so called visual actually. I don’t find her that appealing. Really overhyped.

    • That’s totally different story, Dream High is a high school campus drama about the students who want to become idols, Suzy’s role requires many good singing and dancing skills, her age, skills and performance were actually quite fit for her role, that’s why her character was very charming while Jisoo’s role is total different story.

  18. Such a crap article with crap hateful comments.jisoo is beautiful as main visual of group and her voice is awesome .About acting I saw the teaser it was good nothing like hateful comments said.crap article full of crap comment

  19. Rather than Ji-soo’s bad line reading of lines that seemed like they were pulled from a story written by a teen on Wattpadd, I’m more worried about the overall drama – how is it that they’ve finished filming months ago and will be airing in a few weeks – but there are no substantive teasers? The casting of some big names in supporting roles had me thinking this would be something more epic and more of an ensemble drama.

    Showing bland teasers featuring mostly Ji-soo whose casting was not well-received seems like it’s setting the drama up for failure. Why aren’t we seeing any clips with Yoo Inna, Kim Hye-yoon, Yoon Se-ah, or Jang Seung-jo in it? Was there an issue with the writing and now they’re trying to salvage it with editing and don’t have anything ready for airing.

    • @prettyautumn: Agree. I’m really baffled why the only promo for the drama are cringe scenes of the two leads making googly eyes at each other. There is a whole talented ensemble cast that might persuade sceptical people to tune in despite the presence of the questionably cast female lead. They must have more footage than this! There isn’t even the slightest clue what the tone or storyline is apart from there is going to be a sappy romance with Jung Hae In and an idol from BlackPink.

  20. Wowww I am SHOKED of the comments. Really!!! I don’t think she has bad acting. And the voice Anything wrong? She is just whispering, that’s why she sounds like that.

  21. Y’all are kinda stupid
    She didn’t even appeared in that teaser that much and didn’t even say Anything
    Her visuals with or without makeup are like a TOTAL GODDESS which is true(No agruments)so blame the stylist not her she’s doing what she’s being told too calling her fans(or basically BLINKS)blind and toxic is stupid use ur mind this article itself is weird

  22. Jeez I’ve never seen such a bitter and hateful blog with comments equally as toxic. Criticizing her acting is okay but so many comments are dragging her visuals into this. It’s so disgusting. These people love posting hateful comments while hiding behind an anonymous account on the internet.Truly pathetic.

  23. I honestly thought she was trying to sound like she had a cold, being wrapped up in a blanket and all? You mean it wasn’t intentional? LOL

    But yes, I agree it’s a bizarre trailer. I thought this drama might be cutely retro but it’s just giving weird vibes.

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