Ratings Tighten as Episode 3 of SBS Romance Now, We are Breaking Up Gets 7.3% With MBC Sageuk The Red Sleeve Cuff Going Up to 7.0%

This is such a great time to be a K-drama viewer with so many actually decent to good dramas out there to watch across various genres. The Fri-Sat battle between same day premiered dramas Now, We are Breaking Up on SBS and The Red Sleeve Cuff on MBC tightened in the second week and one went down and the other went up enough to hit the same starting ratings number of 7. Breaking Up got 7.3% in episode 3, a small drop from episode 2 with 8.0% but still better than the premiere number of 6.4%. The Red Sleeve Cuff was basically the same in its premiere weekend with 5.7% and 5.6% but make a breakout move in today’s episode 3 to reach 7.0%. I feel like MBC is doing well in slow and steady promoting of The Red Sleeve Cuff and consistent positive word of mouth helps. Breaking Up is more polarizing, some like it others don’t and there is more online chatter for this trendy drama. Kinda off on its own is the other Fri-Sat drama Happiness which premiered two weeks earlier and has stayed steading in ratings of 3% range with the most recent episode 5 getting 3.542%.


Ratings Tighten as Episode 3 of SBS Romance Now, We are Breaking Up Gets 7.3% With MBC Sageuk The Red Sleeve Cuff Going Up to 7.0% — 42 Comments

  1. Koala u got it wrong.
    Now we are breaking up ratings are 7.3 pc for episode 3 . So the gap is really small. I personally just love Red Sleeve. Junho is such a charismatic actor.

  2. Happiness last episode was the best so far. I was at the edge of my seat during the last few minutes.

    Never got the hype around park hung sik. But yesterday I was sold when his outburst scene happened. He can act and just love his chemistry with han hyo joo
    The whole zombie theme may seme like overdone, but I really like the approach they are taking. We can clearly see the inspiration they took from the whole COVID fiasco and this makes the drama even more relatable. I think the ratings will stay in this range and the finale will cross 4pc. Definitely not bad.

  3. I am enjoying Happiness and piecing together all the clues, but does anyone else feel like the FL could be written better? For a special ops person who is trained to follow orders and be methodical, she is sure impulsive and hot-headed.

    I will pass on NWBU after seeing the continued bad reviews. Not sure what knetz think of it, but inetz are absolutely roasting it. Apparently not only is the acting bad, but the story is giving Melancholia a run for its money in the gross factor. Yech.

    • I don’t have much problem with the way fl character is written. Yeah that scene when she tried to barge inside that truck filled with zombies annoyed me. But in this episode she redeemed herself and sounded lot more rational when she tried stopping her husband from going out.
      She’s from the anti-terrorism branch so they require to act on impulse . So I can understand her temper

  4. The Red Sleeves rating is 7% with 1.308 million audiences while NWRBU is 7.3%, not 7.7%, with 1.285 million audiences.

    The Red Sleeve is the most enjoyable drama amongst the Fri-Sat & Sat-Sunday drama. I am happy it’s rating is on upward trend.

      • I think audience tuning into tv during winter time is the highest as compared to any other season. The competition is stiff too.
        I was checking the viewership stats of cable dramas and surprised to see that CLOY had a higher audience peak than World of married despite having a 6pc gap in its rating.

    • I am confused. Both are in the same time slot but how come nwabu have higher ratings when it has lower audience compared to Red Sleeve. Does nwabu has a lower peak?

  5. Red Sleeve is winning everyone’s heart. Hope the writer doesn’t ruin it. I really loved it how they cleared the misunderstanding of the fl who mistook the crown prince to be a the writer, by 3rd episode itself. I was worried thinking they are going drag this for too long .

    Would like to point out one more thing, has anyone noticed that how the adult version of the supporting casts, be it the maid friends or Hong Dok ro, resemble their younger counterparts so much. The casting is great.
    Lee junho ‘s eyes can be so expressive. I loved that scene between him and the king. His granpa sure loves him a lot.

  6. NWABU is beyond boring and convoluted in its premise. Someone on Dramabeans commented that the show was just like Song Hye Kyo in essence: beautiful, but soulless. Also, that woman’s face just does not move!! Twitch an eye, your lips, your nose, SOMETHING! It’s like looking at a fresh Botox face try to emote. Add in a charmless supporting cast and sleep inducing plot and I’m seriously wondering why the hell anyone agreed to this mess.

  7. So happy for Red Sleeves. The higher the ratings means more viewers would be watching.

    It might not be the buzziest but good worth of mouth is so much better. People who loves this will rewatch and recommend to friends.

    And yes please stop this Noona romance trend. TVN is probably regretting doing one.

    If Seo Hyun Jin could get away unscathed from the one she’s making now she should consider that her last Noona romance.

  8. I wanna know who wrote NWABU because the writer has a few marbles loose. The romance is nasty (and I don’t mean that kind of nasty). What kind of person would hook up with their dead sibling’s ex-partner right after finding out they’re related???? Instead of being turned off the male lead is turned on?????

    • Exactly. No wonder soo ae turned this off. I dont know why shk agree to do this mess of a drama? I honestly thought Jirisan was bad but compared to nwabu it’s still way way better. So dissapointing!

      • Shk originally passed on this project and then it went to another actress who also passed. That should have been a red flag. Don’t know why she circled back to it. It’s a MESS.

    • Literally omg I was almost nauseous when jky’s character kissed shk’s character after finding out how she was related to his brother like boy what???? She apparently does not believe in love and only wants casual fuck sessions ON TOP OF being forced by her employer to get jky’s character to get together with her rich friend. Some next level messed up shit right here.

    • Its the Misty writer. Ikr such a weird plot . It really is very icky . This drama is high on fashion but acting and plotline are really bad. SHK used to be serviceable before but shes bad here . I dont have much hopes for glory seeing this

      • I dunno why the writer thought this kind of story would be romantic. Or who it would be romantic to. If you find out that someone is your sibling’s (alive or not) partner, the sane reaction is to back off, not get your hots on and wanna hook up with them even more.

      • Sorry, I meant if the sibling is alive or not, not if the partner is alive or not. Don’t wanna endorse necrophilia here.

      • don’t get it what’s wrong with that? It’s not like they were married before. THere is nothing wrong with it. More over, the two leads met after her boyfriend pass away. And they haven’t get to know each other when Yeong Eun and his brother in a relationship. I just don’t get this human habit prohibit something lawful, and make lawful turn into something prohibit.

    • I agree, it’s unrealistic to hear or read a story wherein one will get involved with a brother of an ex. How high is the percentage it can happen, 1 in a million. The realistic situation is they’re close friends, classmates, friend of a friend, etc. I understand why SHK turned it down before, I’m just wondering she accepted it when offered again. I’m looking forward to the Glory instead.

  9. Welp, looks like I was right in my decision to drop NWABU after those dismal first 2 episodes. Also dropped Jirisan and cleared the slate to binge Hellbound this weekend.

    I might pick up Happiness given how everyone is giving it nothing but positive reviews.

  10. Lol NWBU currently being the lowest rated Friday/Saturday SBS drama of this year is hilarious. Jirisan, despite all the criticism, is definitely doing better overall.

  11. After watching eps 1-3, I wonder if the NWABU team/cast high fives each other and say, “we did a good job”. Because, you know, it’s the opposite. The appropriate reaction is to cringe. Hard.

  12. I dropped NWABU after the first episode. The plot is honestly very stupid. I used to like SHK’s acting but she either picks the same character over and over again or she has no versatility whatsoever.
    I really like RSC and anticipating new episodes without being too obsessed about it, my best kind of drama.
    I haven’t watched Happiness yet, I like both leads and hear the positive reviews but not in the mood for this genre atm.

  13. The lines in nwbu are absolute cringe. Add in shk’s subpar acting and it’s such a train wreck. I wonder if the ep tonight will follow a downward trajectory again seeing as the previews offer even more cringe ahead.

  14. I think Koala made a mistake. On Soompi it said NWABU rated 7.3% so gap The Red Sleeve Cuff ratings is even closer.

    Very good news for The Red Sleeve Cuff! I haven’t seen such a high quality production sageuk in along time. It’s so enjoyable and immersive to watch and beautiful to look at. loving the whole cast but special mention to Junho. I was unsure of his casting but he is one of the first idol turned actors to impress me. He really brings a warmth and gravitas to the role of the Crown Prince that I wasn’t expecting.

  15. I drop red sleeve at episode 2 because it was annoying for me how the girl doesn’t know who the prince is and how like every kdrama girl acting childish. This kind of character is too repetitive in Kdrama that I don’t enjoy. 17yr old me might enjoy but not now.

    I love Now, we are breaking up. This might not be the taste of many netizens who love dramatic drama. I love this drama ao far because eveything seems to be realistic like making out, kissing etc and telling the truth of his brother or ex bf eveything made it clear between the lead actors which made me feel good because that’s what reality is. Usually kdrama will take 8 to 9 episodes to kiss or to know the truth.

    • That is fine, to each their own but definitely you are missing alot with The Red Sleeves. It’s the best drama currently airing. Meanwhile, I dropped NWABU at episode 4.

  16. Congrats to both dramas! Weird to think of them as rival dramas since they’re wildly different and cater to different demographics and the actors aren’t considered rivals of each other. Nice to see that they have similar ratings since it makes me feel sort of bad when one drama gets crushed by another in the ratings.

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