Jang Ki Yong Reignites the Spark Under Song Hye Kyo as SBS Romance Now We are Breaking Up is Watchable Solely for the OTP Scenes

Okay, I am ALL CAUGHT UP on SBS Fri-Sat drama Now, We are Breaking Up and boy do I have thoughts! That’s good because a drama that makes me feel an opinion whatever it is makes me remember it in the long run. I still remember Blood just as vividly as I do Goblin in completely different ways haha. I feel like the reception is primarily negative for this drama through 8-episodes, and the falling ratings belie that. I thought I would fall into that camp because the first 2 episodes while not bad for me also didn’t hook me and I went three weeks without catching up until now. To my surprise I actually like it, not the full drama because the fashion stuff and the workplace stuff and even the friendship stuff, that all bores me to tears in this drama, but I actually like the OTP. Yes, I’m surprised at my own reaction too lol. It’s like a different take on Encounter (Boyfriend) and perhaps that why Song Hye Kyo is being criticized because she’s basically playing yet another cold, emotionally closed off, successful career woman.

But here her character is more worldly, more sexually alive and aware, but just not wanting to give a serious relationship another shot. That it’s for a two month long relationship ten years ago makes no sense, but then we don’t really flesh out her character prior to that either. So what we see, as long as we accept the construct, works well as Jang Ki Yong takes on the ardent and amorous young man suitor role we see often in noona-dongsaeng K-drama romances. And he’s really selling it for me here, not for good acting but solely on his physical appeal and charming intensity. He makes her want to emotionally live again and that they are not a prior couple getting back together after breaking up helps, we see a Memento type backwards going forward romance that’s actually intriguing. I just forward through the drama and stop at their scenes and that’s good enough for me to find it worth watching. But overall I think the drama isn’t very good and deserve the low-ish ratings.


Jang Ki Yong Reignites the Spark Under Song Hye Kyo as SBS Romance Now We are Breaking Up is Watchable Solely for the OTP Scenes — 38 Comments

  1. I only just like the OTP – all the other characters are too nonsensical for me. Good old fashion Kdrama steadfast OTP who have to overcome many obstacles together (the likes of Lovers in Paris, Lovers, SeGa…), simple melo/romantic storyline, made for people who enjoy these kind of Kdramas. I also like SHK’s and JKY’s acting here too…very matching in auras and their attractions are believable.

  2. Good for you koala if you like it but I personally don’t feel any chemistry between the two leads and even if am wrong, I don’t think it’s enough for me to stick with the show so I dropped this already. I will however be on the lookout to see if there will be a miraculous improvement in the writing and the drama gets better somehow but am done watching for now.

  3. I find the OTP very unconvincing with their weird forced “destined lovers” storyline and zero chemistry. SHK’s character acts like she is indifferent to/hates JKY, so it’s hard for me to get why she’s sleeping with him constantly.

    • I agree.. its so confucing.. this drama and also the drama NEVERTHELESS are promoting to young viewers that having a one night stand and a pre marital sex is normal now a days? The durectir, writer and actors convincing young viewers it is ok to have sex with a man you just meet by looking at each other eyes?.. maybe a drama like this one is one of the reason why there are lots of unwed mother and illigitimate children now?.. shk is a popular actress and influence i think she need to be careful in choosing and potraying character that may mislead to her young viewers and die hard fans. Just saying..

    • Not sure if FL is sleeping with ML constantly, but at least I can count for two times… Her friend (that rich girl) is worse, she even paid the model to sleep with her. Morality is out the window in K-dramas nowadays. We are watching lots of K-dramas with infidelity and pre-marital sex scenes, but interestingly not too many characters got pregnant. LOL.

  4. The obvious age difference just puts me off. Shk really looks like an aunt or elder sister to jky here. And that just means zero chemistry for me. Plus the hardsell of the couple with the ultra cringey couple name just adds to the ick factor.

  5. I see the story so far as a High Society romance of the elite so that’s how I expected it to develop as it is not even a fantasy type. However I find Encounter more realistic because SHK acted her age. I just don’t see her succeeding in looking and acting 9 years younger. More so if she is with the younger leads.

  6. Koala that’s the most lukewarm positive review I’ve ever read lol

    “I fast forward all scenes except OPT”

    “The acting isn’t great but they look good”

    “The drama isn’t good and deserves its low ratings”.

    Um??? LOL

      • It’s all good. Sometimes we like things even if we can objectively say it’s not good. Like a guilty pleasure. Some people enjoy watching their favorite actors in anything. No shame in that as long as you don’t get butthurt if others dont feel the same.

      • That’s fair and I agree with you. At least Koala isn’t throwing unrelated actors under the bus like that msjb poster is doing to make their favorite look better.

    • Sameeee. The 2nd OTP isn’t that great either. The fashion story, the friend with cancer story, and Sehun’s story are all moving the drama along for me. Think the show would’ve been much better if they actually focused on the story of saving Sonos.

      • But for a drama about the fashion industry, the fashion is very lackluster, even ugly – especially the coat/belt combo the influencer refused to wear in Episode 1 or 2. I dropped this after 2 episodes so don’t know if it gets any better.

  7. While it’s a bit lukewarm It’s possible not to like everything but like something enough to watch. So many of you saying it’s boring at least some of you are honest a stopped watching. What would be the reason for watching what you don’t enjoy? While it may not be your cup of tea people worked hard to make it. For example I hated Space Sweepers I stopped after 3 episodes didn’t find the need to trash it online.

    • Yup! SHK stan trying to be clever and put down SJK’s project by claiming to watch ‘3 episodes’ of a movie ? I’m sorry SJK’s acting actually gets praised and his comeback projects this year were both successful. Guess you can’t relate.

    • You stopped Space Sweepers after 3 episodes, didn’t you? Uhmm… Space sweepers is a film, not a series. What a moral lesson. Go dig more the informations before preaching

  8. I might have agreed with some of you if I have not watched Ep. 8. Episode 8 really changes my view on the male lead. He is mature, patient and truly admires FL’s talent. He is supportive and he is not letting others sway his opinions. I like the OTP. All side characters are annoying so I FF like Koala. I look forward to their story development and am glad that it is moving in a good pace.

  9. Bitter SHK stan spotted. Space Sweepers is a film not drama so what 3 episodes did you watch??? ? Take your own advice and don’t trash SJKs projects because you’re a fan of his ex.

  10. Haven’t commented in awhile but I do find myself enjoying the OTP and am curious what happens to them. I am not a fan of SHK. I have only seen her in FH and the one with HB. I have low expectations of her acting anyways but I think she doing fine in this particular character. I understand those who have seen her in a lot of dramas feeling like they watch the same character over and over. I do find the overall drama not to be great but I am interested enough in the OTP to continue on and I am rooting for them and hope the story gets better.

    I am also watching RS as sageuks are my cup of tea and I loved Yi San back in the day. Of course I love RS too. Whether is this one or that one or both or none, I hope everyone can find something that they enjoy.

  11. this drama is like a textbook of melodrama back in the earlier daysof halyuu . difference is, there is humour between serious matter. I really wish SHK’s char is not warm up to male lead this soon. because as ridiculous as it sound, her past lover give trauma to her that opening up this soon after the male lead appear is abit unbeliavable for me.

    I like the second couple.

    • But her past romance is already 10 years ago, they dated for only 2 months, and in her belief, he dumped her by not showing up for their date not knowing he got into an accident. I would forget a guy for losing contact just like this (ie. not knowing he is dead). What trauma should she retain by being dumped 10 years ago by a guy who she only dated for 2 months? They did not have any marriage promise or anything… I am actually surprised at her even remembering him after 10 years (not realizing he is dead). Only in K-drama would one remember such a short romance… Most girls will move on. No point waiting for a guy who lost contact.

      • she change her life because that incident. she is afraid to start real relationship because of that particular relationship. that’s huge decision for her. and when the ML appear, ML said her ex died after 10 years. i wish the writers treat their growing relationship more nuance. i know the writers wanting them to hooked up fast for hooking viewers. but it make me abit can”t relate to their relationship.

      • It does not make sense to me why she did not go back to Paris to pursue her dreams after her ex “dumped” her. There is no need to change her life while there was no promise from her past relationship. She should have moved on long time ago… With her allowing herself to a one-night stand with a “stranger” indicating this FL is quite a casual soul and who knows how many men she had slept with before sleeping with the ML in episode 1. Trying to paint this FL as a sentimental person does not fly in my books. I do not believe she slept with man the first time after 10 years. This is only my assessment. Nothing personal about your comment.

  12. You know I have a friend who did something not so good,I didn’t like it.still can’t say that coz we’re together for a very long time…… Your attempt to help this drama remind me that.

    Really good things among all negativity.May be in future when some new kdrama fan or old visit your blog for suggestions, they may find it useful and love it.

    For People like me who read tons of story about this before airing (media hyping), 20+ years experienced FL playing her only strong zone(Melo),a tall handsome promising actor become part of it…. It’s solely my fault to accept good things I guess!

  13. Well I watch this drama for the OTP only. Yeah ff until their scene came. So I still enjoy it. Amongst all dramas that air right now this is the only drama that I watch it beside happiness.

  14. I can’t with the fish and chin kisses pretending so hard to be hot. The sex scenes were so amateurish. Just check out those screen caps LMAO.

  15. I find it funny for people who claims not to like the drama but really took the time to write negative comments. Most people will just ignore and forget it something does not interest them so I guess the drama still got your attention huh?! Thanks for supporting our fav drama still.

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