A Business Proposal Breaks 10% Ratings in Episode 6 as Adorakable Robot Ahn Hyo Seob Falls for Spirited Kim Se Jung in Earnest

It’s confetti in the air time to celebrate a momentum achievement thanks to the little rom-com that could. SBS Mon-Tues drama A Business Proposal accomplished a new feat this Tuesday as episode 6 hit 10.1% ratings, and a primetime drama doing double digits these days is a rare bird. This week’s episodes 5-6 were so funny, better than last week’s episodes actually and really felt like the drama has its legs under it. Nothing is dragged out and really nothing needs to be, the deceit is mild and fun is in the personality differences in both sets of OTPs. Ahn Hyo Seob remains such a baaaaad actor, but oh sooooo handsome, and here it’s just enough to make it work. Tae Mul is just adorkable with his betrayed rage followed by falling in live realization and his awkward courting dates made me cringe in sympathy for him because of how oblivious Ha Ri is. Kim Se Jung remains the beating spirit of this drama and we see the two girl besties spending more time with their respective men and Young Seo getting to first base finally with Seong Hun had me squeeing on her behalf. It’s already the midway point so jump onboard and enjoy the second half of this light and cheerful ride with us!


A Business Proposal Breaks 10% Ratings in Episode 6 as Adorakable Robot Ahn Hyo Seob Falls for Spirited Kim Se Jung in Earnest — 89 Comments

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  2. KSJ have that Meg Ryan/Julia Roberts charisma in her. She is so natural. Her facial expressions and body language are spot on. I can see her dominating the RomCom genre in SoKor.

    The ML’s acting on the other hand is too stiff and awkward. His face is a mix of Park Seo Joon with a hint of Lee Dong Wook. The 2nd FL and ML are both drop-dead gorgeous.

    • She’s up next opposite Na In Woo. Reeling in all the tall boys for sure… not sure if its simply a workplace comedy or another romcom but its apparently a remake of a very famous j-drama. Then theres also uncanny counters 2 awaiting green light. Its kinda buried due to the productions dilemma in bringing back Jo Byeong Gyu due to his bullying saga. Actually I think D.O could be a good replacement or one of those kids from All of Us Are Dead. Pity really if its not happening cos that was a really good series.

      • NIW turned down the role so it won’t be him anymore but NYS but yes to the tall boys. Uncanny Counter 2 is canned for now until the public is ready to accept JBY again.

      • I read Uncanny Counter II is scheduled to shoot in September. JBG is working and has not been hurt permanently by the malicious gossip. Without him, there isn’t a show, he carried it on his shoulders, with huge accolades for everyone else’s job on the show. Please correct me if I am wrong about the shooting dates.

        Meanwhile I am loving Business Proposal, just such a fun romp, exactly the bit of escape we need occasionally. Loving the story, costumes, acting–everyones– the ridiculously silly mix-ups. Good job everyone.

    • I would love to see her reunite with her other School 2017 costar someday ….Jang Dongyoon! She has great chemistry with Seol In Ah to the point the first two eps had me wishing this was a girls’ love story, I’ve never seen her give a bad performance.

      • Ooooh… nice casting call. I think Jang Dong Yoon will be great for the role NIW din accept 🙂

      • this carries on the tradition of the school series producing next generation’s stars. every single of them without fail have gone on to bigger and better projects and made a name for themselves. i’m curious if the latest school 2021 will produce the same results. so far, only the leading lady seems poised to hit it big due in part to the success of all of us are dead.

  3. Wow. I’m so happy that it achieved double digit with just six episodes. So we can predict that it can cross 15% soon. Great comedic timing and chemistry between leads.but I’m not satisfied with Ahn Hye Seop’s acting. He is so awkward and stiff in most scenes.
    Kudos to Seol in ah!!! She is so lively and charismatic like a main female lead. She totally stole the show for me although first I was attracted by Kim Se Jung. Seol in ah and Kim Min Kyu chemistry is on fire. I thought their last scene increased the rating? I hope between the leads will have also like that chemistry cauz I don’t feel much?

  4. The 2nd leads are on fire in visual, chemistry, and plot-wise! Gorgeous. The main leads are supposed to have slower romance but thats their appeal I guess.

    • AHS is great in there. His acting was great being a rich guy who has never fallen in love before. He acted “green:” haha so cute and sweet

    • I don’t know, I’m not a fan of the second lead couple in bussiness proposal. I don’t care so might be I’m the only one

  5. Congratulations to the whole team. They’re doing a good job.

    To the breaking up team, look how the old, cliche yet entertaining drama can be.

    • Yuup my thought exactly. If you told me between the two SBS dramas that this drama would break double digits and NWBU would flop I wouldn’t have believed it. Again star power alone these days doesn’t cut it.

  6. Oh! Am still loving this drama so much, I keep getting the deja vu feeling from this (everything feels familiar, it’s not new at all) but I don’t care at all, it’s such a fun watch and the fact that it’s so funny makes it even better.

    I can ignore AHS acting here because it doesn’t really matter but I don’t think I can in a more different drama, he is so bad it’s unbelievable. Kim Se Jung and Seol In Ah on the other hand are both so gorgeous and are making a statement here, good for them.

  7. I am impressed with the second female lead Seol In Ah. Her acting is so on point and drop dead gorgeous!
    She and the second male lead make us want to know what happen to the second couple besides the main leads.
    Enjoyable drama especially with the two female leads!

  8. I don’t understand this drama’s popularity, its such a mediocrecopy of WWWSK but without PSJ’s and PMY’s charisma and electric chemistry. The best complement I can give this drama is the lovely sismance.

    • I am one of those who disliked secretary kim when the story kinda fell into dragsville with PSJ’s back story. Its almost dumb cos he knew she was the little girl all along then why the opening scenes of taking her for granted. Falling in love and all that jazz. This one is troupey beyond belief and there lies its charm. There’s also no irritating characters and conflicts are never drawn out. Its also wayyyy funnier … so I guess this is my jam instead

      • Really? All I keep seeing is the FL being clumsy forgetting her stuff, it’s gotta be a mental ilness at this point. Then the male leads line delivery is whack beyond belief. Wwwsk is not perfect by any means I didn’t like the childhood plot too but the brilliance of leads acting makes up for it. No doubt PMY and PSJ are the queen and king of romcom.

      • @Eiza. Dun agree at all to your assessment. But that’s fine. We are allowed to have opposing opinions. I am celebrating the success of the show and the new romcom queen KSJ. At 26 she has a long way to go and I hope she takes on different roles to showcase her versatility and truly become the female equivalent of park hyung sik and im si wan.

      • Yh it’s still early days for Kim seo jeong but she is young and so far has shown some versatility with this role and her previous one, which I think was a thriller.

    • Honestly? It’s clichĂ©d but the writing acknowledges that, it’s fast paced (12 eps only so no room to drag), and the cast is good minus the ML…I mean I realise the male lead being bad at acting is a pretty major minus and creates unnecessary work for a writer to adjust for it, but the female lead makes up for him. Also no draggy corporate politics/succession stuff that is normally compulsory in 16 ep series with a chaebol hero lol.

    • I like Business Proposal Better. Both of the lead are naturally acting funnier and more chemistry. In WWWSK Both of the lead is too self aware. Comedy might be not their forte. It perhaps in Bussiness Proposal, They directed by better director too.

      • both leads in Business Proposal acting funnier than the two in WWSK? You must have very unique perceptions of what counts as good acting, Ahn Hyo Seob is the walking definition of self-conscious onscreen, any time he has to show actual emotion or vulnerability it’s painful to watch.

        It’s not an exaggeration to say this show is resting on the back of Kim Sejung though, she’s acting for two but makes it look really natural. Not everyone has that ability.

        (I don’t understand how so many of the current 20s kdrama It Boys – this guy, Song Kang etc – are so bad at acting or were bad for several years but still kept getting lead roles. 6-8 years ago kdrama male leads used to be a really competitive field, there were It Boys then too but they had to be at least decent actors too and not just a pretty face, any 20something male who couldn’t act wouldn’t last too long in lead roles)

      • @Royal We, lol @msjb thinks SHK in NWABU and Jisoo in Snowdrop showed good acting. So yeah she does have rather interesting take on what is good acting.

      • @royalwe

        Eventhough I disliked psj’s character in wwwsk, I can’t fault his acting. All the funny scenes in wwwsk were delivered by psj and the supporting cast. I like PMY usually in other roles but in wwwsk she was just very bland and overshadowed by everyone, she even looked uncomfortable with all the forced fake smiling. But I agree with you on Kim seo jeong I’m constantly hearing her being compared with Emma stone and I see it. Both are naturally charming with excellent comedic chops.

      • I will respectfully disagree. I am enjoying the show. However, I personally think AHS doesn’t have a funny bone in his body. I love KSJ here and I think she’s hard carrying the scenes she has with him. You can tell he’s trying to be funny and trying to act. He’s not really embodying the role. PSJ embodied the arrogant CEO with so much more personality and actual emotion. AHS is basically a robot. Of course, you’re entitled to your opinion and people have different perspectives. It explains why AHS has a market. He’s been relatively good about his drama selections (minus Abyss, I really hated that despite my love for Park Boyoung). He’s also had some great leading ladies to help him along.

      • @RoyalWe Funnily enough people always say idols are bad at acting and rookie actors deserve more chances and what not but seriously idols these days barring a few are amazing and better than some rookie actors and at par with many other good ones. People need to stop hating on idols for going into acting when actors sing OSTs all the time too. At the end of the day they are both celebrities and entertainers.

      • @Ruve- a three minute OST is not the same as a 16 hour drama. People always give credit when an idol does well at acting but there are enough of them who are godawful to mediocre at acting, that it’s not hard to see why the perception of idol actors is tainted by the ones who are about as “good” at acting as Ahn Hyo Seob but keep jumping into lead roles. For every Kim Sejeong there are like two Cha Eun Woos, who act for years but are still so wooden they can’t even play a wooden character convincingly!

    • I’m enjoying it, but I can’t help but think of 1% of Anything and Park Seo Joon in Secretary Kim whenever I watch it. The female leads are definitely carrying this drama. I’m enjoying Ahn Hyo Seop in this, but it’s definitely hard to get past how much the show styled his character to be almost a redux of Park Seo Joon in Secretary Kim, hairstyle and all. I half expect him to yell out “Aura” at any given moment.

  9. I actually surprised with Ahn Bo Hyun here. the acting might not be perfect. he is still young, but I think he is handling the comedy really well, unlike Seol In Ah who is still self aware and tried too hard to be funny. I think He handle the comedy better than Park Seo Joon with similar style of acting in WWWSK. though I rate PSJ a better actor in a more angsty and serious roles. I think I can picture him as a Li Zi Wei now for some reason!

    • Its Ahn Hyo Seop btw:) Ahn Bo Hyun is on the rival slot in MPD. Dude is very charming in this show. No doubt about it. I think Im finally free from my Ahn Hyo Seop allergy. I might even watch his new drama Someday One day! Surprise even for me.

      • oh yeah.. Ahn Hyeo Sub. I’m sorry forr the typo.. hahha… I always think of Ahn Bo Hyun, my bias, lol

  10. oh Let’s not forget the true star, Kim Seo Jeong who is so natural, subtle and sincere. She reminds me of Jung Eun Ji in terms of talent. Her comedic timing is perfect, so is her on a more subtle and serious scene.

    • i’m surprised jung eun ji hasn’t had a more successful career. she was very charming in reply 1997, even though it’s my least favorite of the series.

      • She appears to have done well by focusing on her career as a singer but she’s doing a good job as an actress considering how extremely looks-focused the acting field is (I think she’s adorable and has an earthy charm but the beauty standard is too rigid and probably limits her offers) . Work Later Drink Now was a sleeper hit and everyone loved it, I hope to see her in more roles in the future.

      • the last time Jung EUn Ji appear on drama is in streaming website TVING “work later drink now”, and I heard it’s going to have season 2.

        They abit have similar acting style for me.

        I think Her choice of acting is the problem after reply 97 series. It’s my fav reply series because It’s the first reply Series I watched LOL.

  11. KSJ has a fresh and unique charm . Congrats to this romcom but let’s not forget that Military prosecutor Do Be Man is doing very well too . Ahn Bo Hyun shows another charismatic side and i’m liking Jo Bo Ah playing a badass girl . I recommend the drama . Crazy love is a failure and i fear for Kim Jae Wook career, i don’t know why he choose this drama . Krystal has always the same facial expression, still don’t understand why she keeps getting roles .

    • At one time Krystal was crazy popular in China. I thought the now somewhat defunct Hallyu Ban had kind of taken some of that away. I know she is considered very pretty but I don’t get the lead role thing either and think she’s like Son NaEun in supporting role category.


      The amnesia definitely killed the drama for me. I was enjoying the dynamic between Krystal’s vengeful character and her horrible boss, but now the show just seems dull now that his character has changed. I’ll continue to watch, but it was far more interesting to watch Kim Jae Wook’s character with Krystal’s pre amnesia. I wanted him in a pairing with a lead closer to his age since he was so solid with Park Min Young in ‘Her Private Life’. I don’t mind Krystal here, but so far I’m not sold on them becoming a pair. Hopefully this drama doesn’t join my list of failed anticipated comebacks. Nana and Lee Minki in Oh! Master and Seo In Guk and Park Bo Young in Doom At Your Service were the anticipated pairings that got saddled to lackluster projects. Hopefully ‘Crazy Love’ picks up since I don’t want this drama to kill Kim Jae Wook’s leading man opportunities.

      • The problem with crazy love is that they are dragging the plot out way too much. They finally revealed that he doesn’t actually have amnesia at the end of ep 4, but to wait until ep 5 to get to the meat of the drama is just way too long. Hopefully it gets better bc Kim Jaewook is usually so careful in picking his scripts/characters, and i was starting to wonder if he picked this one for the disney+ novelty or something.

  12. Producers should select an actress a la Kim Se Jung for the new version of Goong . Very pretty but not a classical beauty, fresh , energetic, …

    • I don’t know how good an idea it is to reboot Goong, but KSJ does have that girl next door feel in a way that’s actually charming and not bland, similar to a young Yoon Eun Hye.

      Maybe if they age the characters up to college students for the reboot, I could buy KSJ as Chaekyung but I think it’s probably best to go with rookies who have chemistry. If they do this at all that is! (I still hope they don’t, no remake of an early 00s kdrama has ever been good)

  13. Kim Se Jung is hard carrying the couple scenes in this one, I’m really happy for her sake that it’s broken 10 percent and hopefully leads to her being considered for roles with a higher profile in the future. She’s got that girl next door charm and prettiness that reminds me of a young Yoon Eun Hye, and clearly she’s not a one trick pony given her role in Uncanny Counter (where she’s also very good).

    Seol In Ah is also doing great, playing accomplished career professionals suits her much better than playing high schoolers!

    As for Ahn Hyo Seob….koala you’re not wrong when you say he’s BAD, it’s not as noticeable when there’s a better actor in the scene for him to play off because they do the heavy lifting then, but his line delivery and expressions in any scene where he’s alone and processing things, is full cringe eg the whole “coming home and processing that Ha-ri is the same as Geum-hee” breakdown, anytime when he has to portray emotion it’s just….bad. This role is obviously based on the ‘What Would Secretary Kim Do’ chaebol template but I can’t help thinking how much better it would be with an actual good actor in the role, I guess the key is to just not give him too many solo scenes? But they do look good together and have chemistry which is a saving grace.

  14. This drama is full of clichè but enjoyable, fun to watch! I’m in love with Seol in ah’s charisma, killing performance, and beauty. She is indeed the main lead material. I expect her breathrough will come out soon. I hope she will get lead role soon. This girl deserves that.
    Actually, I watched her previous dramas. But didn’t impress me very much. However, here her acting is top-notch!She is carrying the OTP so hard while her partner is still like a robot

  15. Agree with the opinion that park seo joon would’ve been good fog this role. He has that verve, just something in which he can uplift a cheesy drama. The man has nearly broke his back from carrying hard all his drama’s except wwwsk where he and PMY were equally amazing.
    Ahn Hyo-seop just like his twin nam joo hyuk are so bland. NHJ is especially lucky to be working with Kim tae Ri, who did this man save in his past life to gave such luck.

    • Btw PSJ and AHS – i pick AHS. I am sick of PSJ in such roles. She Was Pretty. Secretary Kim. Same same. We need new actors and not see the same faces rehash same roles. Boring.

  16. I don’t know, the male lead is supposed to be stiff, so he is stiff. This drama is perfect for me, easy to watch, funny and simple. I’ll take it over some messy, mediocre, try-hard expensive looking, experienced-famous writer. I am enjoying it, and that’s enough.

    • This drama is great but Ahn Hyo Seob isn’t acting stiff because his character is stiff.

      He’s doing stiff robotic acting of a stiff robotic CEO character. He should be doing natural acting of a stiff robotic CEO character. Like, the most apt analogy I can come up with is that he’s a robot pretending to be a robot, rather than a human boy pretending to be a robot lol.

      • Perfectly said ? A perfect example of a good stiff CEO is Hyun Bin in ‘Hyde, Jekyll and Me’ – despite how terrible the drama was, Bin’s acting was on point. Here, I feel like I’m doing a bloody chore by watching AHS on screen trying to pull off a similar role. He’s cute, but he’s not that cute, and as a fan of the original work, he doesn’t live up to the fictional Taemu.

        And please don’t get me started on Sejeong. The less said about her circus clown performance, the better.

      • he is really stiff, and when he attempt to emote something deeper, he sucks. but surprisingly, he has good comedic timing. How can you not laugh with his exaperate and surprise expression? hahaha

  17. Binged this after seeing all the hype, and enjoying it so far. It’s an easy, breezy watch that doesn’t take itself seriously.

    KSJ is great and has such natural romcom chops. Love her relationship with just about everyone.

    Okay AHS’s acting is so bad that it’s coming off as unintentionally comedic. He is a terrible actor yet somehow in the context of this show it’s not annoying but just so bad it’s funny. He really is quite handsome, in a cardboard cutout way.

  18. So am I not the only one who finds his acting awkward? I don’t deny that I found this drama fun and it helped relieve my stress. But sometimes I feel there is something very odd in his acting. But this morning my friend said that he is a top rising star in Korea?! He has 3 dramas in a row, all of which hit double degital with high buzz rankings. Just one more popular work and he will officially enter A lister. I know that his next project is a movie invested by Netflix and received great attention from the public so it will most likely be famous.

    • LOL. He is still very far from being considered an A-lister. His last drama did double digits but still, considered underwhelming coz of it is expected so much more because of the PD.

    • I find his acting horrendous here. I loved him as a second lead in Still 17, but he can’t lead a drama. You can be a cold CEO but still have a personality or some complexity. He’s basically just reading his lines 75% of the time. I love the drama because of how it makes fun of itself, the friendship between KSJ and YIA, and grandpa.

    • Lol. He has a longggg way to go to be A-listers. His dramas are always carried by the female lead. Wait until he can lead a drama on his own.

    • Jin might even have turned out to be a better actor to be honest. Nonetheless this drama works because both the couples have amazing chemistry and the directing is a hoot.

    • is this a wild fan cast or has there been speculations about jin acting? i haven’t heard anything but i think it’d be a fantastic next step for him!

      • Back in the day before BTS broke out in the West, people chatted about Jin acting because that is where visuals tend to end up because acting and CFs are lucrative and, well, some tend not to be in the music ind for the singing/dancing/rapping. However, who knows now. None of those dudes have to lift a finger with the $$ they’ve made and will continue to make.

      • Oh in his previous interviews, he would always say he wanted to be an actor. I think his major in college was to prepare for an acting career, but he was recruited to be an idol first. But yeah, all BTS members are set for life now so who knows if he still wants to pursue acting.

    • If Jin can act, he might have been a good fit for this drama visually. Same with V, I think they get a lot of help from the idol filter so to speak but they do look legitimately handsome even in candid footage with no apparent makeup, both have that ‘walked out of a manhwa’ look that the CEO in the webtoon is supposed to have.

      But yeah I don’t see any BTS member going into acting. I kind of respect them for staying focused on their music stuff and not treating it as a disposable step to an acting career, obviously it’s easier when they’re at the top of their industry but I find it unusual that even when they weren’t as famous, none of them was pushed into acting and they’ve only one one acting job between them in seven years. That’s the opposite of what most groups do!

  19. wahh didn’t expected I get a strong reply. that’s okay if you all disagree.we have different opinion anyway. I rate a kim Seo Jong way more talent than Park Min Young too.

    @Royalwe:I rate PSJ a much better actor than AHS. I only rate AHS comedic acting surprisingly decent. enough to make me laugh. PSJ doesn’t do it for me in WWWSK and in his roles in Kill me heal me.He is definitely self consious and I saw PSJ, not the character. Agree PSJ will outacted AHS completely in other aspect as AHS struggling to find sincere emotion in Business Proposal .

    • @missjb – ah that makes it clearer. I actually think that AHS’s reactions in the comic scenes are pretty decent in ep 6, it’s his saving grace that he plays deadpan and comic reactions ok… but anything involving him emoting or line delivery, is just a big nope for me so far. (and unfortunately, speaking is a big part of his role!). But his language skills are good, his English was perfect in the negotiation scene so I give him points for that too.

  20. I love this show , the Boths principal and second man actor are great. Is so funny and interesting I’m hoping th Monday arrive soon to see the next chapter I love it

  21. Grandpa watching a makjang drama not realizing what is going down right under his nose is hilarious. Making fun of the tropes has never been so enjoyable. A lot of fun and, yeah, the ML actor is misfiring a bit but it isn’t enough to stop my enjoyment. I don’t get it because he was quite good in 30 but 17 and okay in another drama I saw him in.

  22. I think, AHS’s acting is not that bad. I’ve seen worse before. Some supposedly good actors did cringy bad over-acting. He’s not my bias but I enjoyed his stiff character. If he’s a bad actor, why was he good in Still 17? We don’t know the actual behind the scene. Who knows, maybe the director made his acting that way? But well, that’s just my opinion. To each his own.

  23. I’m just enjoying this little gem of a rom-com overlooking minor weaknesses. Beggars can’t be choosy. Had a feeling ratings will shoot up once SH’s locked lips with YS. These two deserved their own spin off drama. Please drama gods line them up as main leads in another drama. I also discovered cute dimples in Kim Min Kyu. Gulped, I’m a goner. I went in with ZERO expectations and came out squeeing to my hearts content. Standouts for me: KSJ’s great comedic timing and Seol In Ah-Kim Min Kyu otp adorableness. AHS is all right, at least he’s handsome to look at but thank god his role doesn’t require much. It’s very much a KSJ drama now. I will cry buckets when this drama ends. I want SIA to play Oh Yeon Seo’s role in Minamdang opposite Seo In Guk. After two bruising years of covid, I need comedy healing from SIG and SIA. I hope OYS will not be the female equivalent of AHS in that drama.

  24. I’m just enjoying this little gem of a rom-com overlooking minor weaknesses. Beggars can’t be choosy. Had a feeling ratings will shoot up once SH’s locked lips with YS. These two deserved their own spin off drama. Please drama gods line them up as main leads in another drama. I also discovered cute dimples in Kim Min Kyu. Gulped, I’m a goner. I went in with ZERO expectations and came out squeeing to my hearts content. Standouts for me: KSJ’s great comedic timing and Seol In Ah-Kim Min Kyu otp adorableness. AHS is all right, at least he’s handsome to look at but thank god his role doesn’t require much. It’s very much a KSJ drama now. I will cry buckets when this drama ends. I want SIA to play Oh Yeon Seo’s role in Minamdang opposite Seo In Guk. After two bruising years of covid, I need comedy healing from SIG and SIA. I hope OYS will not be the female equivalent of AHS in that drama.

  25. Can’t believe it’s already halfway thru. My hub started out liking ksj but now sia is the comedy queen nailing it. Definitely has a rewatch value. It’s in my top 5 rom-coms. The beach scenes are so beautifully shot. I’m practically surrounded by beaches in the land of the long white clouds but the cinematography is perfect and editing is the best. Nothing gets dragged out. I love it when the plot pivots to tm being the fake boyfriend to fool yoo ra and making min woo jealous. I can even see the third otp being ms yeo and mr gye.

  26. The break out star here has to be Seol In Ah. I feel so happy for the cast of School 2017 growing up making it big now. Kim Jung Hyun in CLOY and MQ, Kim Se Jeong in in UC and BP, Jang Do Yoon in TTON. She deserves to be the female lead after this. I can see her being paired with Wi Ha Joon, Park Hyung Sik and Lee Junho.

      • Seol In Ah and Junho or Park Hyung Sik sounds good. What genre what’ll be? Junho already has sageuk, melodrama, comedy, and rom-com under his belt. Maybe its time for horror or crime-themed drama? Slice of life would be good too,

  27. BP is so popular it has entered the top ten in Netflix being placed seventh as on Wednesday. The show was mentioned in Korea Herald, one of SK oldest English news site. All Of Us Are Dead are the third most watched non-English show among all Netflix originals with total of 560.8 million of hours viewing.

      • Wow everyone need to chill a bit.. AHS is honestly not that bad…I was hearing he is q bad actor before starting it and indeed to be honest first 1 -2 episodes he was a bit out of it but the last 4 episodes I thing he is doing a great job. And whether people like it or not he makes a great couple with KSJ. why can’t people just enjoy thsi? The minute something is getting success and hype people find things to nitpick..

  28. Wow this blogger always found something bad to say about Ahn Hyo Seop, an anti fan I think. To be honest I never really saw him act in anything or understand why ppl always praise his looks but now I do. After Business Proposal I became an instant hardcore fan. I found his acting is super enjoyable and he is extremely handsome.

      • Good riddance lol

        It’s always funny when fans of bad actors and I mean really bad actors (idol-actor or otherwise) come here and throw tantrums about their faves being called what they are.

        If this drama had any other female lead it would have fallen flat as a pancake, but of course Kim Sejung’s fans have nothing to be defensive about.

    • @Vivian – How can you call yourself an hardcore fan when you have not even watched his other dramas? It does not take any talent to play a TREE. No one will miss you here. Bye.

  29. Not surprised! It moves at a brisk pace and it’s fun and funny (Kim Se-jeong’s drunk-sympathetic crying had me rewinding and replaying) to watch. The girls are killing it! I really enjoy it when the actresses get to be the spirit and drive of the drama instead of playing supporting to the male leads. And the directing is something else – just adds to the funny!

    The guys – both of them- are a bit stiff, but I think it works in this context since the drama-version of the male characters are more awkward and drama-tropey than the webtoon, which was more webtoon-tropey. For AHS, his line-delivery sounded a lot less robotic in Queen of the Ring and Abyss, so I wonder if the way he sounds now is an acting choice or if he’s stuck in LOTRS mode or maybe he struggles with acting domineering. His comedic ticks and expressions are on-point though and that’s a really important contribution to the drama and what it intends to be for the audience.

    We’re lucky that both guys and their characters have chemistry with the actresses for the female leads and their characters.

    • His comedic expressions during the cinema scene had me in stitches. The one where Hari slapped his face silly and him crawling out of the curtained entrance with butts lifted was so funny. The restaurant proposal scene was funny too. His facial expressions was a myriad of feelings: there was trepidation, expectation, hopefulness and horror when he realized that his carefully laid out proposal plan is getting derailed. The way he shooed away those people carrying flowers and musical instruments was hilarious. Good acting on those parts.

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