K-actress Jang Nara Announces June 2022 Wedding to Boyfriend Who is Six Years Younger

OMG, talk about a June surprise! So much congrats to K-actress Jang Nara, one of those eternally beloved stars in K-ent who is entering the third decade of her acting career and still one of the leading actress mainstays. The 41-year old star announced today that she is marrying her boyfriend who is 6-years younger than her, obviously this age stuff matters to Koreans so I’m glad she’s just laying it out there. She mentioned that he works in video production and described him as hardworking, sincere, with a genuine heart, and a beautiful smile. Awwwwwww. She thanked her fans for their support and love and promised to live joyfully together. She also announced a new project she has planned after her wedding so that’s nice she has a career plan that works for her. June is absolutely the start of wedding season and kudos to Jang Nara for both dropping the news so unexpectedly and also making it feel so normal and happy.


K-actress Jang Nara Announces June 2022 Wedding to Boyfriend Who is Six Years Younger — 16 Comments

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  2. Super happy for queen jang nara that she found someone just like her. Her youthful looks probably comes from her sincere heart. Hope she will post her beautiful wedding photos (its ok minus the gloom, understand he may not be comfortable being a non celeb). So happy that she has new project, looking forward to it. Congrats to both of them.

  3. Ecstatically happy for her!! She is one of the hardest working actress… I have a very soft spot for her. Congratulations!!!

  4. With her eternally youthful looks, she might just still end up looking 6 yrs younger than him.

    Love what she said – in keeping with the pure beauty I have come to associate with Jang Nara: “hardworking, sincere with a genuine heart, and a beautiful smile”

    So unlike all the more materialistic moneyed, firmly established US or foreign education/ business/ professional/chaebol etc with a $10 million penthouse expectations

    I am not partial to Jang Nara, nor her ardent fan per se. But what she said is just so simple genuine. Wishing them a life time of happiness and laughter together.

  5. Congratulations to Jang Nara!
    The past two years there were many K-celebrities weddings and baby births annoucements.
    Who is next?!

  6. Jang Nara probably looks 6 years younger so no problem on that. Good for her to find the right one even at this stage in her life (It doesn’t hurt to wait for the right one) and I wish her all the happiness in the world.

    I guess many of us are getting older day by day, these are stars that we’ve come a long way with and many of them are moving on to bigger stages

  7. Happy for her, she looks so young that i forget that her marriage announcement would come someday ! Nice and simple announcement just like her . Andy ( Shinwha ) married a junior of 9 years ! So 6 years is not a problem .

  8. Congratulation to Jang Nara. She is so pretty and always so youthful looking. She’s also a very great actress, love her works.

  9. Truly happy for Nara! Wish her and husband many blessings.

    I have been watching her since Successful Bright Girl in 2002. That was 20 years ago. Time really has flown by so fast.

  10. so happy for her to have found her life partner!! Her announcement was so lovely. I hope people can give the happy couple some space and not dig into the non-celeb husband’s life.

  11. Congratulation to her! I love Jang Nara since I’ve watch her in My Bratty Princess with Alec Su. She is so beautiful and was an amazing actress. Wish her happiness!

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