Fan Bing Bing, Li Chen, and Kris Headline New C-variety Challenger Alliance Premiering in Mid-September

I’m not sure I’ll like upcoming C-variety show Challenger Alliance quite as much as I love the Chinese version of Running Man (Hurry Up Brother), but it’s totally piquing my interest solely on the behind-the-scenes antics of the cast. The show might as well be called the Fan Bing BingLi Chen lovefest, what with casting the big name real life star couple on the same program. Joining them will be Kris formerly of EXO (Wu Yi Fan), Lin Geng Xin, comedian Da Peng, and variety guru Chen Handian, but let’s not kid ourselves in thinking most of China won’t be tuning in just for Bing Bing and her Big Black Bull.

The goofing around during filming has been a comedic treat, with the cast fan shipping the couple in the midst while crying over having zero chance to win goddess Bing Bing’s heart. There is also a hilarious three way selfie when Lin Geng Xin and Da Peng took a selfie with each other taking a selfie in the background, and then Kris one upped them by posting his own selfie of the other two doing the selfie. It super cute and makes me curious about the antics and cast chemistry, which really is the reason I love C-Running Man so much since it’s all about the chemistry. Continue reading