Hilarious Meta-teasers Featuring the Three Leads of Falling for Innocence

Regardless of how the actual end product turns out, the promos for upcoming jTBC drama Falling for Innocence (Falling for Soon Jung) deserves accolades all its own. I like splitting my critique of drama promos versus what actually airs because the two aren’t necessarily aligned in quality and makes sense viewed separately. Promos are spliced together by conceptual and editing teams while the screenwriter has a much bigger part to play in the story proper. I’m not a fan of the heart transplant dramas, not when it was Summer Scent over a decade ago and still not now when it was a refresh with last year’s My Spring Days. With that said, this one looks unexpectedly uproarious based on the teasers. How else to do something potentially maudlin then to make the heck fun out of it. Continue reading

Cruel City Bromance Jung Kyung Ho and Yoon Hyun Min as Rivals for Kim So Yeon in New Drama

While it might seem like every K-drama wants to shove romance in even if it’s not romance-based, sometimes the love aspect ends up delivering in spades not necessarily in the male lead-female lead department. The Cruel City (Heartless City) bromance … Continue reading