Lovers of Music Leads Showcase Their Glamorous and Fun Chemistry in Official Character Posters

I tend to have good luck with music-themed K-dramas. Of course now that I’ve mentioned it means some sort of reverse karma will strike and Lovers of Music (Trot Lovers) will fall flat on its face now that I’m so looking forward to it. I like to laugh at drama fate so neener neener on this one, I’m going to believe it’ll be good. The ones I fall for right off the bat have all stayed consistently solid, nothing to write odes to but enjoyable the whole way through. Recent such dramas include Monstar, Dream High, and even tangentially music-related like You’re Beautiful. The ones I didn’t immediately connect with like Dream High 2, The Musical, and What’s Up, reviews indicate I didn’t miss out on anything. Probably a hurty brain from the bad but otherwise my music drama radar is so far so good. Lovers in Music released its first teaser posters at the end of this week and continues to look adorable. I love how everyone is styled, glamorous and fashionable which suits their identities as singers and music producer and music agency president.

Jung Eun Ji looks fabulous in the gold sequin body hugging dress with a bit of flapper in the skirt area, a look that doesn’t scream 70’s to me since her hair is in a tousled up-sweep evoking the appropriate stage glamour-puss in her. I can already see her trotting around the stage belting out trot songs in that outfit with her million watt smile. Ji Hyun Woo cannot look any more different than his last drama character of the perfect time-traveling Joseon warrior gentleman in Queen In Hyun’s Man. A good actor is a chameleon and he’s morphed into a trendy confident music man with a penchant for embroidered suits and sandy hair color. I think he looks good in the ensemble even if it’s not something any guy can pull off. Both Jung Eun Ji and Ji Hyun Woo’s more over-the-top dressing contrasts with the other two leads Shin Sung Rok and Lee Se Young‘s mostly black look. I hope neither are playing antagonist characters and maybe there’s a love line in the works for them as well. This drama continues to entice me the more I see goodies from it. Continue reading