The Cast of Prime Minister and I Attend Happy Drama Wrap Party

Being disappointed with the process by which Prime Minister and I wrapped up doesn’t mean I’ve erased all my love for this drama. It probably just downgrades the feeling to like very much, which in the grander scheme of things is pretty hefty praise for it considering the dearth of solid rom-coms in years. I get the tendency to see the glass as half full (they reunited in the end, yay!) but the final lap around the track in PM getting there was both unnecessarily cluttered with artificial considerations along with one huge Na Young-sized rock that was impossible to swallow. It rankles me that this drama devoted so much time in the final stretch to a character no one cared about and frankly everyone loathed with the heat of a thousand suns. If she were a villain that would be understandable, but for her story to get a happy ending achieved by the maturity and sacrifice of everyone else but her own atonement, I simply can’t stomach that rotten logic. With that said, I think PM remains a zippy little romance that I will always rewatch up to episode 13 when Yul took Da Jung’s hand and they admitted to loving each other. The hard working cast and crew attended a well-deserved drama wrap party last night attended by all the main leads and the three cute kids playing Woo Ri, Na Ra, and Man Se.

I think there was too little of the three of them in the last episode and perhaps if there were more cute children it would have been the sugar to better wash down the Na Young bile. If ever a drama called for fanfiction this would be it, and it’s not even rewriting the ending but actually appending an afterword to how the Kwon family found their happiness with Da Jung again. This was a difficult drama for Lee Bum Soo to film since he lost his beloved father at the outset of filming and also broke his pinky. He wrote a handwritten letter to thanking his fans and cast mates for helping him through a difficult time. He was simply amazing as Kwon Yul and nothing more needs to be said that he’s an amazing guy in real life as well. Yoona completely changed my impression of her and she’s now joined my collection of actresses that I keep an eye out for. The supporting leads from Chae Jung Ahn, Yoon Si Yoon, and Ryu Jin were all fantastic and this really was a rip-roaring cast that sadly was let down by a last minute writing fail like so many promising other dramas before. Continue reading

Upcoming K-dramas You From the Stars and Prime Minister and I Start Filming

Two upcoming K-dramas started filming recently and I’ve decided to lump them in the same post because my excitement over both is pretty much at the same level. Excited but cautiously optimistic. Fans of stars in either drama needn’t fret … Continue reading