Jeon Ji Hyun and Suzy Maintain the One-Two Spot in Poll of Fan Favorite Korean CF Stars

The ranking of fan favorite Korea CF stars are out for 2015 as polled by the Korean Advertising Association, and the one-two spots from last year in 2014 remain unchanged. Come hell or high water, at this point Jeon Ji Hyun and Suzy are the champions of the domestic Korean CF world, not only ranking high in raking in the most money from endorsements, but also winning the hearts of consumers in how much each remain well liked by the public.

It was a top three of women last year with retired champion figure skater Kim Yuna placing third, but this year the smexiest of all smexy ahjusshi’s Cha Seung Won squeezed in between and took the third spot of fave CF stars. Chajumma rules! And rounding out the top five is also a perennial fan favorite in Kim Soo Hyun. The second half of the top 10 list is also pretty consistent from years before with the only exception being a certain pair of triplets making a wild leap onto the list. Hyun Bin takes the sixth spot followed by the Song triplets, then Yoo Jae Suk and Lee Young Ae in the 8th spot, and finally IU and Kim Tae Hee tie for tenth. This is certainly a nice mix of young and old. Continue reading