South Korea Elects Liberal New President Who May Reconsider THAAD Deployment

South Korea really moved fast on what may go down as the biggest political scandal of the modern era. From when now former and impeached President Park Geun Hye was outed as being under the thumb of her best friend and daughter of a cult leader Choi Soon Shil to when Park Geun Hye’s impeachment was upheld by the court, that process took about 6 months and now a mere two months later South Korea has it’s new president thanks to a snap election.

Winning the election is liberal candidate Moon Jae In, who actually ran against Park Geun Hye but lost to her in 2013. What makes Moon Jae In’s election very important to watch is that’s openly announced his intention to revisit the THAAD deployment which has contributed to heightened tensions in the Korean peninsula and for us drama viewers led to K-dramas getting unofficially banned in China. Since this is a drama blog I’ll dispense with any international relations commentary but merely say that THAAD is a hot button issue even within South Korea, with the conservatives backing it as protection against the North and liberals against it for bringing saber rattling to rile up the crazy dude even more. Continue reading