K-drama The Girl Downstairs Adapted From Webtoon Lee Doona Confirms Casting of Suzy, Yang Se Jong, and Lee Yoo Bi

The casting flood continues in K-ent this week and another drama has finalized the main lead roles. Suzy was already confirmed for The Girl Downstairs, the K-drama adaptation of webtoon Lee Doona, and now her male lead is the just returned from military service Yang Se Jong. Also joining is Lee Yoo Bi who will be playing the second female lead. The story is about a top girl group center who quits her entertainment career and moves into a student share house to attend university and the romance that blossoms with her house mate. K-netizens who read the webtoon say the casting of the two leads are spot on so that makes me happy on top of me liking both Suzy and Yang Se Jong. Lee Yoo Bi seems to have put her female lead days behind her and taking memorable turns as second female lead such as in Yumi’s Cells and she’s doing a great job in that niche.

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