SBS Readies Defendant with Ji Sung and Yuri for Next Mon-Tues Drama

SBS is currently slaying the ratings on Mon-Tues with Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim, the second hit medical drama of the year for the network after Doctors. After the drama ends in early January 2017, the network will next switch to the ever popular legal genre with Defendant starring Ji Sung, Yuri of SNSD, Eom Ki Joon, Oh Chang Seok, and Uhm Hyung Kyun. Defendant is like a legal centric version of Two Weeks where the main out is out to prove his innocence from behind bars rather than being on the run.

Ji Sung plays a top prosecutor who wakes up one day suffering from amnesia and finding himself locked up in jail. He’s accused of murder and sentenced to death, a deep hole he’s going to have to climb out of made all the harder when he can’t remember what happened. I’m thrilled Ji Sung is back so soon with another drama after the misfire with Entertainer earlier this year. Defendant comes from the screenwriter of City Hunter and the PD who directed Hyde, Jekyll, Me. Continue reading