SBS Readies Defendant with Ji Sung and Yuri for Next Mon-Tues Drama

SBS is currently slaying the ratings on Mon-Tues with Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim, the second hit medical drama of the year for the network after Doctors. After the drama ends in early January 2017, the network will next switch to the ever popular legal genre with Defendant starring Ji Sung, Yuri of SNSD, Eom Ki Joon, Oh Chang Seok, and Uhm Hyung Kyun. Defendant is like a legal centric version of Two Weeks where the main out is out to prove his innocence from behind bars rather than being on the run.

Ji Sung plays a top prosecutor who wakes up one day suffering from amnesia and finding himself locked up in jail. He’s accused of murder and sentenced to death, a deep hole he’s going to have to climb out of made all the harder when he can’t remember what happened. I’m thrilled Ji Sung is back so soon with another drama after the misfire with Entertainer earlier this year. Defendant comes from the screenwriter of City Hunter and the PD who directed Hyde, Jekyll, Me.


SBS Readies Defendant with Ji Sung and Yuri for Next Mon-Tues Drama — 19 Comments

  1. Idk what to make of this news.
    Yay for Ji Sung but Yuri? Seriously? He had Hyeri early of the year and now Yuri? Why? Why? Why they need to pair him up with another idol?
    And the production team? It’s a yay for the writer but the PD is questionable.
    I don’t have a good feeling about this. And I don’t understand why Ji Sung even agree to do this drama based on the lineup.

    • What kind of actor would Ji Sung be if he picks his projects thinking about who will be his co-stars rather than wanting to act out a character he’s interested in? He accepted the role after Yuri was confirmed, which means he doesn’t care about line-ups, it must mean the script is compelling enough for him to want to accept regardless if it was a project with a less experienced actress.

      • Just to be clear, I never once questioned the credibility of Ji Sung as an actor and I also know that he has genuine passion for his craft. But we all know it does not take only one actor to float the boat. And my view is taking into the account of his interest, of how this project with Yuri, a sadly awful actress may swallow the possibility for a good project to become a medium for thrashing and Ji Sung’s talent and effort would be wasted away. Sure, the script may be good but if the actress can’t act, I would be very sad to see him having to shoulder the responsibility and burden to save the drama.

  2. If this is more action drama than legal drama, I’m in. I liked but didn’t love City Hunter and the ending was ugh but I did like the action scenario. Also, the issue with HJ&M was purely with the writing as best I can remember. I don’t blame Hyun Bin for it and this director also did 49 Days, one of my all time favorite melos. Now if the PD from Moon Lovers pops up on my radar in the next year, I might take a pass.

  3. So The male leads are basically going to hard carry this drama? I wonder if Jisung’s company forces him into these dramas or what? Gutu sucks and so does the PD sucks. Yuri is like Suzy with less presence. I’ll pass.

  4. I thought he would be careful with the leads in the future… I was so excited when I remembered about this drama but Yuri?? She is not really stellar but pretty unforgettable in all dramas because I know I’ve seen her but I can’t remember which drama lol

    Why Ji Sung?? Is it some kind of jinx? He had good leading ladies before and now he’s cursed or something?!?

    • If Ji Sung cared so much about who his leading lady will be, he wouldn’t have accepted this role since Yuri was confirmed for the role before he made his decision. I’m glad because that means he’s an amazing actor who only judges his project based on if a script/character is compelling enough to make him want to act it out. It would be pretty dumb if Ji Sung drops a seemingly compelling drama just because one of his co-stars is a less experienced actress.

      Since he accepted it even though he knew an idol actress has been confirmed, I have faith that the plot/story is solid enough, and that’s what should be an actor’s priority in deciding what story they’d like to tell through their acting.

  5. why yuri?? no other available idol I guest and girl generation is probably dying… idol now need to branch out as actress. too bad they are not trained as actress as a result their acting sucks.

  6. So many dramas I already have or will not watch because of bad pairings. These included:
    Uncontrollably fond – Suzy
    Entertainer – Hyeri
    While you were sleeping – Suzy again!
    Defendant – Yuri
    Neighbourhood hero – Yuri again!
    Legend of blue sea – sorry,I know she can act, but dont get the appeal of jun Ji-hyun.
    Hiring these idol actors is a real slap in the face to people who actually study acting/theatre. I would prefer to watch people who are average looking and could emote on screen than these beautiful talentless people. Why are the masses so shallow!?

  7. Hurray! Ji sung! Ji sung! I’d watched his ‘kill me heal me’ many times and I still marvel at his acting. And the storyline was great too. It was superb and heart rending touching !
    I can’t wait to watch his new drama !!

  8. LMAO people complaining all over the place before ya’ll shit over this whole comment section with idol-actress prejudice, I’m here watching the newly released first teaser and mediocre acting or not, I’m sure this drama will suck me in sheerly because of how intense it is and I’m a sucker for legal thriller + Ji Sung’s/Uhm Ki Joon stellar acting it’s an all out war between these two. I have a feeling Yuri will do well. Her character seems much more clearer in the direction it’s going compared to Hyeri’s in Entertainer she wasn’t really needed to further the main character’s development but Seo Eun Hye (Yuri) is probably going to be Park Jung Woo’s (Ji Sung) defense lawyer. I mean he will probably depend on her and I love that we’re getting a female lead that will be a lot of support to the hero but not necessarily in the romantic sense.

    Uhm Ki Joon’s character is also fascinating I had chills when I saw him in the trailer pretty sure he’s nuts.

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