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If you beg me, I will do a YamaPi picspam post. Until then, he and I shall have to keep our love affair under wraps. But my Pi dropped a new single yesterday, One in a Million (or as my Pi so adorakably says it “one in a mirrion”).

The MV is horrific. Like a trainwreck kind of bad, where you can’t look away because you thought this brand of lame music videos had been exterminated a decade ago. Really, please watch for the entertainment value that is all unintentional.

Pi goes to a club and macks on the chick who mans the guest list. The list of atrocities include: the heels on Pi’s boots, Pi’s turn as a beat-boxer, Pi’s oji-san hairdo, the random Eastern European chicks in that club reminding me of his AnAn photoshoot, the Johnny-esque menacing older dude, and the list goes on.

Way to aim high, Pi (or shall I say, Johnny, tsk tsk). Too bad though, I love the song, it’s got a catchy beat. I believe this is the song meant for Pi’s upcoming movie Ashita no Joe.

Pi looks scary lean, like all the baby fat has been suctioned off his cheeks (probably due to him just finishing his turn as the iconic manga boxer Joe). Nevertheless, please eat some cake, Pi. You’re just asking for me to go there and feed you.

Edit: Horrible record company trolls took down the Youtube MV faster than Pi could mack on that chick. Oh wells, attaching MV from tudou (click on link please):

As a palate cleanser, I present the MV for Loveless, Pi’s single released late last year. It’s a gorgeous ballad, and the MV is filmed on location in NYC. My favorite Pi in my favorite city? Win and win!

Pi plays an aspiring dancer looking for his big break in the Big Apple. Pi also looks wonderful, cute and healthy and all melancholy in the city. Need some company, Pi? Just holler and I’ll be right there.

As a bonus, have a Loveless MV (you’ll have to click the link to watch it on Tudou, but it’s lovely so do check it out):


One in a Million MV — 7 Comments

  1. Yamapi!!

    My boy may be all lean and mean, but he still looks like my baby niece’s younger boyfriend. Why is he being let into a club at all, let alone allowed to hang out with the bad boys and make-out with dubious plastic-nosed women, trying painfully hard to look dangerous? It’s clear you’re past your bedtime, boy. Oh, honey, there’s no need to try so hard to grow up. I love you all young and cute. Akira forever!

  2. @ serendipity

    I knew you (of all people) would appreciate this post. 😀 He’s still our Akira 4ever, agree!

    Johnny should be eviscerated for sexifying YamaPi so much when he’s really a giant dork, which we love. Sigh.

  3. Oh no! the MV was removed by the evil music company! I’m googling to watch it right now.

    Nevertheless, your description cracks me up.

    I love your comment that “[Pi] is still our Akira 4ever.” I think that’s true for many, including myself. No matter what he does, like appearing in some AnAn *special issue,* Yamapi would forever have a place in my heart as the happy-go-lucky little Ken in Stand Up! and Akira in Nobuta *fond tears*

  4. Oh, I put up the tudou link for the One in a Million MV. Hopefully it’ll stay up for a bit longer. Evil record company trolls, do they not know that having their MV up only increases sales of YamaPi’s single?

    Anyways, glad you guys got a kick out of my description of this priceless MV. At least Pi is wearing a top in this one.

  5. I had not seen either PV (never was a NEWS/SingerPi fan, weirrrd), so thanks for posting them here!!! XD

    Hahahaha One in a Mirrion was totally LOLtastique! And, um, was he singing in Engrish 100% of the time? Because the lyrics didn’t sound Japanese, but they didn’t sound like English, either (obviously). And as for the ending — so WHAT exactly happened? So the real story is that Pi stops at the entrance to the club, gets a flash forward of him getting hot & heavy with Euro Chick, so he decides not to enter the club at all and so he and E.C. run off into the sunset, leaving the checklist and Pseudo Johnny Mafioso dude on the carpeted steps? Ehhhh? lulz

    Loveless – I had trouble with the above link, kept getting a “file not found.” This link works:

    Pi is much cuter in this one, I’ll say! Same awful color as Naoki’s hair, but at least the cut and style don’t scream ajumma no more.

    And yeah, the songs ARE catchy. As all pop songs are, even J-Pop songs. (Even KAT-TUN songs, which I never in a mirrion years thought I’d ever like even if I paid myself a mirrion dorrars, but — oh looky, guess whose songs I’ve bin playin’ in my head a mirrion times since I re-watched all their 4 concert DVDs a few days ago. tsk tsk)

  6. @ Ender’s Girl

    Hahahaha, I’m glad you got a kick out of the One in a Mirrion MV. I’m having a hard time recollecting anything nearing this level of godawfulness in the last decade. And the pseudo-Euro trash door girl has the deadest dead fish eyes I’ve ever seen. Just….terrifying.

    But the Loveless MV is nice, I liked the feel of it. I’m trying not to get sucked into J-Pop, which I totally concur is almost always very catchy. I’m only keep tabs on my Pi, ’tis all. 😀

    And no, I don’t think he’s speaking Engrish throughout the entire song, I hear snippits of Japanese, but it’s sprinkled throughtout certain verses, then Engrish pops up. I’d say is 60% Japanese, 40% Engrish.

  7. Wow…that is a pretty bad MV…I mean I think Johnny was trying to go for a more “sexy/hot” look and kind of miserably fell flat. And the later half of the video where he tries to look intense and into the chick…boy it was really awkward. Poor Yamapi…

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