PIE + Other Guys in Urban Military Ad Campaign

PIE, along with three other K-actors (Lee Seon Kyun, Lee Jung Jin, and Jang Geun Seok), participated in a photoshoot modeling urban military gear. Beats me if it’s a metrosexual ad campaign on behalf of the Korean military establishment, or for a clothing company. Me no read Korean.

I like everything about these pictures, but it’s practically begging the viewer to do one thing and one thing only. Play a game of “one of these things is not like the others”. Thank you, Sesame Street!

Spot the outlier? If you guess Jang Geun Seok, ding ding ding, you get a treat. Man, I love all four of these guys, butbutbut, I’m kind of scratching my head here. This ad campaign, albeit looking good, strikes me as rather arbitrary. See, I get why scruffy PIE, smirky The Voice, and smoldery Lee Jung Jin, are all in it. But unless that military jacket Jang Geun Seok is wearing is secretly encrusted with sequins on the inside of it…

Jang Geun Seok is probably the least military, scruffy, and well, manly is not a word I naturally associate with him. I’ll just accept that he’s doing this to off-set his image in Mary Stayed Out All Night. Yes, now that makes sense. He’s so pretty – I especially love the incongruity of his divine features with that rich baritone voice. Hhhmm, he and The Voice need to play brothers in a project together.

These are four really busy guys. PIE is currently filming the movie Blue Salt, The Voice has the movie Petty Romance coming out, Lee Jung Jin is chasing Rain in the drama Fugitive on KBS, and I am very much looking forward to the upcoming drama Mary Stayed Out All Night with Jang Geun Seok and Moon Geun Young (with the added super bonus of Kim Jae Wook).


PIE + Other Guys in Urban Military Ad Campaign — 21 Comments

  1. Oh Pie, why so adorable? <3

    I like this shoot, but I agree that JGS is so..random. He looks good, though, and it makes me wish he'd dress to his gender more often. XD

  2. “he and The Voice need to play brothers in a project together.”
    i’ve been saying that for a while now…lol….glad to kow i’m not the only one that spotted the similarity in their voices

  3. lolz but they may wanna streeetttcchhh they market share? to the femtastics?

    I welcome JGS looking like a normal boy, and he does…somewhat, but that last pic can be Lee JiAh if I didn’t look carefully. Nevertheless, it’s a good palette cleanser for my eyes.

  4. manly is not a word I naturally associate with him.
    Same here. Also? Is it only me or he JGS looks like Pi in the first pic. I swear I had a moment of “wut? wut? *scratches head” Man, cognitive dissonance is weird

    • I actually thought he looked exactly like Jin feature-wise in that pic. I think GeunSukbabe would be happy we linked him to Pi and Jin…o wait, how come now I see a bit of Kame too?!

    • I also thought he looked like Pi in the first pic! And it took me a moment to recognize him even once I knew it was him. I think it’s the camera angle.

      Sorry for butting in to your conversation. *runs away*

  5. @ Sere and twinnie

    One of you says he looks like Pi, the other says he can pass for Lee Ji Ah. That boy just can’t win here, can he? Actually, I agree on both counts. JGS is actually quite a poser (no surprise) and can be an awesome photographic model. I recall some of his high fashion spreads, albeit a tad too androgynous for my taste, was nonetheless very FIERCE.

    With Edge, JGS, With Edge!

    @ Kender

    Why you so cute, dongsaeng? I like seeing JGS look like a real BOY for once as well.

    • @ockoala
      I swear I saw a pic of PI EXACTLY like the first one of JGS. I’m looking for photographic evidence now, but I may have to postpone that in order to watch SKKS (I have to go to bed early today so it’s one or the other). IDK, maybe it’s the camera angle or the cheekbones…IDK. I still think he looks like pi. XD

      • i think i saw that pic too,, ones from code blue 2 maybe,,coz the same hair ??^^
        but i love both of them soo much….

  6. Since some 16yo is still at school at this moment, I will thank her fav OT Auntie for posting her I Lub u(JGS)..it will start a wonderful weekend for her…
    As for her mother…none of the pix did anything for me…perhaps I need some chocoabs to whet my senses..What…I’m just giving a honest comment…
    At least I was grateful that for once JGS has less guyliner or just plain o’ makeup than my kid…

  7. I’ve missed my doses of PIE, Crazy Hair, and The Voice. I’m so glad that I can see all three in this. Yippeee! Okay, even Lee Jung Jin looks pretty hot in this too. I like the scruffy looks on everybody. If they ever need someone to clean ’em up, I’ll gladly volunteer.

  8. I agree… I can’t incorporate the word manly to Jang Geun Seuk. He’s too pretty to be a man especially when he smiles. XD

    I’m looking forward for his new project. 🙂 Now that Playful Kiss is done, I need another drama I could follow. XD

  9. *thud*
    Help, I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up… 😀

    “one of these things is not like the others”.
    Buahahahaha, sis you so funny! 😆
    I totally agree – the other three (each with their own individual aura of hotness) look like they’re about to embark on a wilderness trek, where they will engage in who-knows-what (but I’m sure we’re all imagining plenty ;)) during those long, cold nights under the stars….
    but JGS looks like he’s modeling for the brand’s women’s wear line for the “Urban Chic” campaign. 😛

    Anywhoo, thanks for this bit of yumminess after the exhausting day I just had! 😀

  10. I want to see Kim Hyun Joong dressed like these guys ! Really ! Perhaps this is to prepare my heart when its time for him to go do his military service . Well,I must banish this thought for a while I might get stoned , but HJ should also carry the urban military look as well .Seriously now.

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