Kim Ha Neul Steps into You’re My Pet Opposite Jang Geun Seok

Some news outlets are reporting that the casting for the upcoming K-movie remake of the manga Kimi wa Petto (You’re My Pet) has been finalized. Kim Ha Neul has been cast in the lead opposite Jang Geun Seok, who as we all know has been attached to this movie for nearly a year now. Once Kim Ha Neul wraps her current movie, You’re My Pet will start filming around May. I knew Han Ye Seul was out, regardless of the rumors that were resurrected last month that her casting was still on. Han Ye Seul is slated to do an indie rom-com movie with Song Joong Ki in the Spring, so unless she can replicate herself, she was clearly not doing You’re My Pet anymore.

Kim Ha Neul is one of those actresses that I never have an urge to watch, but whenever I pop in one of her dramas or movies, I end up liking her in it (with the exception of her and everyone else in Road #1). I loved her in On Air (after the initial urge to throttle her character senseless) and 7th Level Civil Servant, but I concede that it’s likely because her co-stars in both projects are actors I love to death, and helped elevate her performance with their charisma and emotional connection with their leading actress. I’m not a fan of the Kimi wa Petto story, but I think the Jang Geuk Seok-Kim Ha Neul pairing could work quite well for this story.

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  1. I am also not a fan of the Kimi wa Petto story.

    For some reason.. I like Kim Ha Neul despite not liking her dramas. I dropped On Air (it was so screeeechy), Road No. 1 (well me and everybody else), 90 Days (the plot is so ridiculously against my beliefs, even if I <3 KJH), Romance is OK. I like her in the movie 7th Level and 6 years in love. But as you said unni, her co-stars are the actors that i love too (KJH and YKS).

    In theory, I will watch this movie because of JGS. ^^

  2. I actually DO like Kim Ha Neul, but I don’t see her as an “elite” (assuming that the movie follows the Kimi wa Petto dorama storyline — never read the manga) nor do I see Jang Geun Seuk as someone you could have around the house for months and be AMAZED when you slept with him “by accident”. However, as a movie it will only be 2 hours spent/mis-spent, not the 20 if they made it into a drama.

  3. Kimi wa Petto was one of my first Jdramas, and the only one I ever watched with my mom, so it has a special place in my heart.

    Kim Ha-neul’s always been kind of meh for me. The only thing I’ve ever genuinely liked her in was Too Beautiful To Lie, and that’s mostly because she kept abusing my Kang Dong-won and I found it hilarious.

    • kimi wa petto is also one of my favorite jdramas and matching it would be a tall order, imo, but i think jgs will do a good job. it would be interesting how his characterization will be different (or not) from the original one.

  4. I want to see this movie because of jgs. from what i read about the manga, i think he will do a wonderful pet (since m3 i saw him as a cat). never saw any of her dramas, but i hope she will be ok. so i’m really looking forward this movie
    thank for the news koala 🙂

  5. Thank you ockoala. this is good news to me. HYS is beautiful but i dont know about her acting. I could really imagine how she will act that role so there was not much excitements looking forward to. I was hoping someone like Son Ye Jin to take this role. Someone plain but beauty both inside and out. (not saying HYS is just outside beauty. her beauty makes ppl forgot to see her inside)
    I like KHN’s plain, and thus changeable images. I think she suits this role.

    • BTW, HYS did have some facial rearrangement.. KHN’s plain beauty is obviously real. Also, she’s quite there in terms of acting..

  6. Hell Yea!!!!!!…i love Kim Ha Neul!!!…..i’ll gladly accept that i’d rather go through hell rather than finish most of her dramas but I love nearly all her films this may be aided by the fact that i think she’s a better comedic actress than a dramatic one (imo) and most of her dramas seem to be the latter and all the films (or the ones i’ve seen her in) seem to be the former…so this makes me infinitely happy that this is a movie and not a drama…plus my boy Sukkie is in it!!!….i’m glad he stuck around without deciding to drop it…also he’s going to be a dancer and not a musician …. so yea for breaking away from typecasting (kind of)…plus this was among my fav Jdoramas…so all in all this works for me in so many levels…thank you for making my day koala

  7. I hated KwP drama with a deep deep passion and actually found the whole concept both disturbing and distasteful beyond belief, so won’t be tuning in to the movie, but I am glad for all the JGS fangirls this movie is still on. I was sure it was dead in the water, its been so long.

      • Dear Estel and Tangee 😉

        Both of you just crack me up!!! 😉
        and i couldn’t agree with you more either…

        whenever i look at how BEAUTIFUL JGS looks…
        YES…you heard me…he is just so BEAUTIFUL to me…
        because HOW else can i express the effect of just staring at his countenance on me, a blissfully-happy-married-for-8-years-40-year-ajumma???!! 😉

        please tell me HOW??? hehe 😉

        you are SOOO right, Estel…
        there must be some kind of conspiracy over at Cupid’s hallowed grounds to make our lives a living h…ll for toying with our feelings sooo…
        because we can only SEE, NOT TOUCH JGS’s swoon-worthy looks…siiiiggghhhh…hehe…

      • ooops, sorry!! i forgot what i wanted to say…because i was soooo lost in thought just thinking and talking abt JGS’s unbelievably good-looks…hehe

        the complete part of my comment should be like this :

        whenever i look at how BEAUTIFUL JGS looks,
        i can’t help but have this feeling of being lost in a dream-like world unlike anything i have experienced before –
        a world consisting of me just STARING wordlessly, ENRAPTURED by the effect of JGS’s looks on my mind and feelings, that cause me to, more often than i like to admit, SMILE and GRIN like a silly teenager admiring her first crush… 😉

        YES…you heard me…he is just so BEAUTIFUL to me…
        because HOW else can i express the effect of just staring at his countenance on me, a blissfully-happy-married-for-8-years-40-year-ajumma?…

        in fact, he is SO beautiful, that it is practically CRIMINAL how ANYONE can be so well-endowed…hehe…

        well, there is a saying : the world is so unfair…

  8. yay! can’t wait for production to start for this. i’m looking to seeing it, especially since jang geun seok is in it 🙂

  9. Guys, as long as JGS is on the project, I’ll watch the movie. Of course, I’d love if one of my favorite actresses was cast, but since I’m shallow, I’d probably surely watch it even if the blandest of actresses landed the role. >_>

  10. Thanks a lot Ockoala. This is good new for me. I like both main leads in this movie.
    I am sure that You Are My Pet will be very good movie because of main casts.

  11. Cool. I loved Kimi wa Petto. I still listen to the songs from the OST and it’s been years since I watched it. It might not be realistic but I always love stories about single middle aged woman finally finding love. Dal Ja’s Spring, He who Can’t Marry, The Woman who Still Wants to Marry It’s a story I can never see too many times. I think I’ll love it as a movie. I just watched her in My Girlfriend is a Secret Agent. Absolutely hilarious so I think she is decent. I’m looking forward to it.

  12. aahhh..i have some good news to my hubby!..he rarely appreciates/likes asian dramas and asian actors, but he saw Kim Ha Neul in (omo..i forgot the title of the drama! She was with Lee Dong Gun..anyone remembers that?)..anyway, my hubby likes her a lot! and so he started asking me to get him copies of her other dramas (which i failed to watch really)..looking forward to this drama, also because JGS is in it. still gotta watch MSOAN though..thanks for the post koala dear! ^^

  13. I found the Kimi ha Petto dorama boring, which was kind of strange because the manga is one of my favorites. I was reading it as it was being released, and I remember waiting really anxiously for every new volume. So I for one am excited about the movie, because I do like the story in and of itself, and I’m sure they’ll do a new and interesting take on it.
    I just know JGS will be adorable as Momo!

  14. I watched the Japanese version a while back only because Jun Matsumoto was in it (he is definitely one of my favourites), the movie itself was ok, but not one of my favourites……I loved Jun soooo much better in “Boys Over Flowers”. But I am really looking forward to see how JGS approaches the character….him being another one of my favs….and I am VERY excited to hear that the dvds for MSOAN will soon be available….wow…I get to watch JGS AND KJW any time I want……YES!

  15. Kim Ha Nul, agree with you for her role in On Air, she can act and I look forward for Sukkie and Kim Ha Nul pairing in this movie…
    Actually, I eager to see Sukkie play in more serious character… I saw him in Itaewon Suicide and his acting was so good. I wish he is taking part not only in drama, so he become more daebak in 20 years of his debut.

  16. Kim Ha Neul is actually a very good actress. Please watch an old movie called “My Tutor Friend”of her and Kwon Sang Woo, it was hilarious. My mom was watching that movie long time ago and it was really funny. I think she will be a good match for JKS. Yes, I agree that JKS is super beautiful, how can a human being be so gorgeous. But he might be a bit too tall for the role, he is taller than KHN (because the Japanese actor is a lot shorter than the female lead). Anyhow, I will still support him !

  17. I like Kim Ha Neul but what worries me is the idea to change the female character into a fashion journalist, Sumire was a journalist but she worked for a major newspaper and was a career woman. She wasn’t the typical silly OL who only cared about her looks and who to date.
    JGS, I can see him as Momo. Just hope this will finally be made.

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