Full 10 Minute Trailer for 49 Days

It’s weird how my excitement for upcoming SBS drama 49 Days has dropped considerably the closer its gets to its premiere date next Wednesday. Don’t get me wrong, my interest is not being lowered by what I’ve seen of the trailers or stills, but more likely fatigue from the promotional deluge.

The production released a full 10-minute trailer for the drama, and it continues to give off a slighty melancholy and moody vibe. Not really whimsical like a fairy tale, but more atmospheric like a Grimm’s tale.

My first impressions – Lee Yo Won goes through both depressed and chirpy depending on whether she’s in her possessed state, and I like what I see (so far); Jung Il Woo might just steal the show, I love his line delivery and cool aura; Bae Soo Bin and Seo Ji Hye are great from what little I see; Jo Hyun Jae is definitely the male lead, and he has more screen presence since his pre-MS days, but his character is a cipher so far so I’m looking forward to seeing more of him; and Nam Gyu Ri seems so placid and doll-like I’m having trouble taking her seriously.


Full 10 Minute Trailer for 49 Days — No Comments

  1. Did you watch the latest 40 sec trailer this week? Has cheerful and cute atmosphere, due to all Lee Yo Won parts in possessed state. I bet you should at least smile watch that. Enjoy it to bits, I am, though at the end get a little sad part.

  2. I’m not going to watch the trailer because while I’m okay watching brief teasers, a 10 mins preview may give too much away and I’m wary of spoilers.

    That said, I’m still excited about 49 days, but, like you, my excitement went down a notch due to all the promo material being released so often. Then again, that always happens to me, so *shrugs* I can’t wait to watch ep 1.

  3. this trailer is a lot like Shining Inheritance’s in terms of tone and since i loved that drama so this excites me very much…nam gyu ri doesnt bother me as much its Lee Yo Won that strikes me as a bit wooden

  4. Jung Il-woo is DEFINITELY going to steal the show. I hope he continues to hang around; I would hate for him to make a first-episode appearance and then jet off somewhere else. But then why would they cast Jung Il-woo? Surely he and his loveliness will be around for the whole drama, right?

  5. Looking really awesome! I can’t wait till this airs.
    Must agree with ockoala it’s got this grimm fairytale vibe but i’m likeing it!

  6. Yupp.. the 40 sec latest trailer was so much fun!!
    Lee Yo Won is su cute and really fits the role.

    hmm.. counting my day to wednesday !!

  7. This drama doesn’t look as dark as I thought it would be. When I frist heard about it I was kind of hestient because I wasn’t sure what kind of tone the drama would be set in. I’m looking forward to this.

  8. Nam Gyuri isn’t the best actress, but god, I love how they make her up in this drama, or at least in the trailer. She literally looks dead and ghostly.

    My pretty boy Jung is so cute. I’m warming up to the perm!

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