Part Three of the Happy Trilogy Confirms its Two Leads Cheryl Yang and Blue Lan

Anhui Television announced today that the third drama in its Happy Trilogy (the first being Happy and Love Forever, and the second being Sunny Happiness) has finally cast its two leads. All I know is that my rumor sources are dead on this time, the leads for the tentatively titled Happy Michelin Kitchen (幸福三顆星) is in fact Cheryl Yang and Blue Lan. While I’m slightly apprehensive because Blue isn’t one of my favorite TW-leading men, though he really does have screen presence by the buckets and has improved tremendously, I could not be happier that Cheryl accepted the role.

I think Cheryl is a brilliant actress, and I have her to thank for coaxing that amazingly nuanced performance out of Ethan Ruan in My Queen. Both Blue and Cheryl are currently filming separate movies, so don’t expect the drama to commence filming until the latter part of the year, aiming for a 2012 broadcast date. Blue will be playing a rich heir to a two-star Michelin restaurant, and Cheryl will be an ordinary female line chef.

It’s also been confirmed that both sets of OTP from the first two dramas will make guest appearances, so expect me to squeal like a stuck Kaola when I see my precious Yun Jie and Yong Yong again (that would be Mike He and Janine Chang). I’m not caring as much whether Ming Dao and Annie Chen reprise their roles, but they will show up as well.

All I ask is, for the sake of my sanity, oh drama gods, don’t let my beloved Li Yi Feng be the second male lead for the THIRD time in Happy Three Stars. Pick any guy but him, because much as I’d love to see him back onscreen, I need him to get the girl this time.

The more I look at Cheryl and Blue together (up top), the more I am warming up to this upcoming pairing. The picture above is when Cheryl, Ethan, and James Wen showed up after My Queen wrapped to help promote it’s successor drama, which happened to be Blue and Roy Qiu‘s Easy Fortune, Happy Life.

[Credit: Showbiz Chinatimes news]


Part Three of the Happy Trilogy Confirms its Two Leads Cheryl Yang and Blue Lan — 7 Comments

  1. Yes I like Roy Q. and Blue….but man did Cheryl forget to wear her tube inside the dress….please would somebody help me close my dropped jaw 😮 I’m just not used to this on Asian women, JLO yah what’s new….

  2. It’s confirmed now, cheryl is the female lead. I was hoping it wasn’t her not a big follower of her, never seen any of her workd. There is something about her face that bother me that I could not stand watching her dramas. But, I like blue, I think he matured a lot, you could not tell now that he was once played the fake cousin of Dao Ming Si in MG and I love his acting in happy life happy fortune. What I’m more excited is the Cameo appearance of Janine and Mike so I’m going to watch the pilot Ep just to see them, they might show them with their baby. They might have food related scene coz both of them have food business now. Thanks Ms. K for the heads up about Janine & Mike.

  3. Haha yes please drama gods do NOT make Li Yi Feng as the 2nd male lead for the 3rd time.. as much as I’d like to see him act again, I don’t want him to not get the girl again. As for this new pairing, I can’t say I’m too excited but I’d love to see the cameo’s for both pairings.

  4. WHY? WHY do they do that!! I agree with you koala on ALL counts! DONT MAKE HIM SECOND LEAD AGAIN. And I gotta agree with you that I’m also not a fan of Blue Lan. Didn’t enjoy his acting in Easy Fortune. But I guess, he and Cheryl may look good together. Will wait for the drama to commence before commenting on anything.

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