Ethan Ruan and Rainie Yang for the Adidas Winter Collection

I noticed recently that I’ve had quite a lot of change of hearts about certain TW- actors and actresses I wasn’t very keen on in the past, once I got past my initial apprehension about their acting and actually picked a good drama of theirs to watch. The list is pretty endless – Mike He in Sunny Happiness, Cheryl Yang in Zhong Wu Yen, Rainie Yang in ToGetHer, Ethan Ruan in My Queen, et. al. At this rate, my roster of beloved stars will grow so big I can scarcely handle it. One only has a limited amount of time per day to fangirl, you know.

Now that I’ve added so many stars to my like portfolio, I get super excited when I see upcoming collaborations, or even ad campaigns. Rainie and Ethan, along with other stars, are part of the Adidas athletic gear campaign, and for some reason I’m really amused by these stills. I can’t tell if Ethan and Rainie are photoshopped into the snowy background, and how the heck they struck their poses. Tres chic in a snerky way, which I like. And I’m eyeing Rainie’s white parka for my Winter 2011 wardrobe.

I don’t know why, but Rainie totally reminds me of Bambi prancing through the wooded glen in that shot.

Ethan is so pretty, but by jove is that an awkward position to hold for a picture.


Is Ethan looking back to see if the big bad wolf is chasing him? Hee. Run, Ethan, run!

Up next for Rainie is the TW-drama Drunken to Love You, while Ethan is in martial arts training to prepare himself for his upcoming C/HK-movie The Flying Guillotine.


Ethan Ruan and Rainie Yang for the Adidas Winter Collection — 5 Comments

  1. Hehe Photoshop Elements and CS4 hmmm well….they will always be edited as to get the perfect effect, at some cases the lighting and the shade of the skin, and the hair are the most edited ….but if it has been dragged and cut well the trim was good on the yellow and pink Ethan and Rainie together,I guess….because the hair is perfect no hair misplaced…yup definitely Photoshop thank you!!!!

  2. LMAO!…the Bambi part cracked me up so bad!….but u’re so right…..what is with all the unintentionally hilarious poses

  3. Definitely Photoshopped – the lighting is all wrong. I guess they tried, but they’re too strongly lit to be outside in the winter. And their poses are all weird. This shoot would be a fail (in my opinion) if Ethan and Rainie weren’t so darn attractive.

  4. First of all… Love ur site! It’s so informative! Hahaha.
    But I disagree with you on this one, the photoshop looks quite terrible actually.
    And what’s up with Ethan skin tone? Was it on purpose? If so, maybe they should’ve made him more pink so there’s no confusion as if he’s supposed to look pink or it was just badly photoshopped.
    Nevertheless, I like Ethan’s better. At least he’s got more variety on facial expression. 😛

    I can’t believe I’ve been missing out this site till now!

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